To truly transform your body you need to have a strong muscle building component to your plan. This is true for men and women. Remember that every ounce of muscle you build you will increase your resting metabolic rate and thus greatly aid the fat loss process. Weight training is the catalyst for the muscle building component of your plan and there is no better weight training approach for encouraging muscle building than Max-OT. Pictured to above is Stuart MacDonald and he underwent an amazing body transformation in a 6 month period of time and one of the keys to that transformation was Max-OT training. Don't have the mindset that you have to lose weight before you focus on building muscle.

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And you also end up with less body-fat. Dial Food and Drug Administration. Send check load up on fat producing, high sugar or U. Fax All major credit cards accepted. Call for foreign prices.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or dextrose to drive the creatine into cure or prevent any disease. Results using this product vary from individual to individual. For optimal results consult your physician and follow a balanced diet and exercise program. Not enough time to get to the gym? Prob- lem solved with the new All-Dumbbell Workout. Now you can build muscle fast in the privacy of your own home.

Available at Home-gym. Up your mass! You want to wreck your pecs, not your shoulders! Go mental on the metal! It hurts, but it works. This month: negatives. Hair and makeup by Alex Almond. The New Frontier of Muscle Growth. Free download from imbodybuilding.

Picture-perfect panache. Plus, the Reg Park memorial. Plus, old-guy gusto and NO to grow. Then Jerry Brainum continues his low-carb lowdown with the details on getting the most out of the pudge-purging plan without harming your health. Look and blogs from the stars of the with fit, Build your for the May issue on newsstands the the biggest muscle world. At Home! Never pay for another gym membership or wait for a piece of equipment again. The Pow- ertec Power Rack with cable setup is an investment in a lifetime of muscle building.

Visit us at Home-Gym. Perry, Caryne Brown. America and Mr. Bob took the empty rooms and put together a gym Randall Strossen, Ph. Jake Jones Bob was the undisputed cheerleader, but they also included the newly Contributing Photographers: arrived from Cuba Sergio Oliva.

Now his fertile mind was fueled by not only his enthusiasm Okabe, Rob Sims, Ian Sitren, Leo Stern but also a budget, which had to bring his ideas to life. I sort of tolerated the conversation, since I was only Advertising Coordinator: interested in strength and development. Ah, but now the world has Jonathan Lawson, , ext. We reserve the right to reject any advertising at our discretion without explanation. All manuscripts, art All of these memories have surfaced because of two things: 1 nu- or other submissions must be accompanied by a self- merous articles that have appeared in the popular press about athletes, addressed, stamped envelope.

We are not responsible for unsolicited material. Writers and cline of those attributes with age. These days my workouts contain not photographers should send for our Guidelines outlining only strength and cardio but also stretching and balance work. We also reserve the right to edit any letter or I had starting doing them back then.

Please consult a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. Use the up—after I have worked the bodypart. Web Site: www. Those short routines have given my Ruth Silverman, Senior Editor: ironwman aol. Bratcher, Art Director: ironartz aol. Helen Yu, Director of Marketing: irongrrrl aol. Picture this And from the rear, lower lumbars that look like two thick steel girders supporting your muscle-studded back. Imagine looking like a Greek god The Ab Bench takes the physiology of your spine into consideration with its design like nothing else on the market.

The contraction takes place all the way into the pelvis where the abdominals actually rotate the spine, forcing the abdominals to completely contract From full stretch to complete con- traction—in total comfort. The Ab Bench is the most complete midsec- tion exercise in existence. The Elite PowerBlock pounds base set adjusts in 5- or pound increments.

Power of the Pump The importance of engorgement. O, Dorian Yates. By in the big numbers I could claim on various exercises. Yet it was always obvious that those pumps compared to your better bodyparts. If you answer, guys looked like superhuman comic-book heroes, while I not very well at all, try doing higher reps, multiple sets with looked, well, all too human.

Be sure As the years went by, I began incorporating fascial to eat carbs and drink plenty of water before training and stretching into my workouts between sets on the advice of perhaps even throw in a nitric oxide precursor supple- Cincinnati-based training and nutrition expert John Parrillo. The theory is it a priority to not only get stronger on basic exercises but that fascia, the very tough connective tissue that sheaths also make sure you always get a hellacious pump.

He was big. He was pissed. And he wanted to kick my butt. There was no way out, so I extended my arm for the opening hand shake— and then I crushed his hand like a Dorito. Fight over thanks to the Super Gripper. If not now, then at one time or an- other? Now, how many of you have done barbell or dumbbell presses with so much weight that you got only four or five reps?

My hand was up too. I talk to an awful lot of top amateur and pro bodybuild- ers, and shoulder problems are as common as tribal tattoos and fake designer sunglasses. But I noticed that I never hear female bodybuilders com- plain about shoulder pain or injuries.

Not long ago I had the chance to ask four-time Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle about the phenomenon, and she answered in a flash. Are your spotter—and your ego— costing you muscle gains? Whenever you hear someone shouting that phrase, you of her own and works them in the rep can be One false move, one slip out squats percent on his own strength, even when of the groove, and your shoulders are the bar is bending under a pound load.

Once someone is helping, a girl who happens to be the best fe- there is no way to know exactly how much he did male bodybuilder today , you would be for you. For many years I foolishly www.

At one time I used to load up the squat bar with more than pounds and do half-reps with a spotter behind and under me like a shadow. Now I do the reps with no help, and my physique is infinitely better than it was in the old days. How would you like a surge in upper-body power and a bigger bench press—say, 20 extra pounds on the bar—after only a couple of workouts?

Sure, adding 20 pounds to your bench in two or three training sessions may sound crazy, especially if your bench press poundage has been stuck in neutral for a while.

But nine times out of 10 this stall is due to an easily correctible muscle weakness—not in the pecs, delts or triceps but in a group of muscles known as the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff muscles stabilize the shoulder joint. During the bench press and almost all other upper- body movements these muscles protect the shoulder joint and prevent ball-and-socket slippage. If these muscles are underdeveloped, they become the weak link in the action and your pressing strength suffers, or worse, you injure your shoulder.

One of the best ways to strengthen this area and create an upper-body power surge is with direct rotator cuff exercise. Once you start using the ShoulderHorn for two or three sets twice a week, your pressing poundages will skyrocket. This device allows you to train your rotator cuff muscles in complete comfort and with precise strengthening action.

There have been reports of topound increases in a matter of days. A big, impressive bench press can be yours. Seated Row Push Ups Handle. Now breasts—no red meat at all and no protein when I squat, my knees hurt; but shakes.

Is that from green vegetables and low-glycemic true? His chances of ever getting squatting or doing a leg press.


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Nutrient Density Maximized - A quality meal replacement typically maximizes nutrient density better than a whole food meal. This keeps protein and nutrients high with total calories low. Convenience - Shaking up a meal replacement can happen pretty much anywhere and any time. It is not always as easy to break open the Tupperware and start eating your chicken and green beans.


Jeff Willet’s Lost Logs Review

The diet logs are useful in that they detail how Willet shaves off calories week to week in order to ellicit small but constant changes without rocking the boat with risky manouvers and sudden large caloric drops. A mistake I made early on in my own prep The approach outlined in this logbook is definitely used by someone who has walked the contest prep journey before and is confident that their body will respond to the slight adjustments made. Jeff is also big on regular, timed feedings which is O. F setup is superior.


Lost Logs: The Ultimate Guide for Getting Totally Shredded

This plan was designed to maximize drug free performance and I would say the plan accomplished that goal. The daily execution of this plan enabled me to win the overall Team Universe Championship which awarded me an IFBB pro card and etched my name in stone as one of the greatest drug free bodybuilders in history. After achieving my ultimate bodybuilding goal of winning an IFBB pro card, my focus shifted towards the next phase of my life. In the chaos of moving and starting a new business, I lost a few items. Unfortunately one of the items that I lost was very dear to my heart, my nutrition logs from


Iron Man - USA №4 2008

And you also end up with less body-fat. Dial Food and Drug Administration. Send check load up on fat producing, high sugar or U.

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