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Skip to main content Jayha Leigh. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Two pens A kickazz tag-team bound together by the pen, Jeanie the shagalicious wordslinger and Jayha the literary badazz are forces of nature that will either leave you begging for mercy or begging for more. We are women who have brains we aren't afraid to use; feelings we aren't afraid to express; and, middle fingers that we aren't afraid to extend.

We pen stories that push all kinds of boundaries and we don't apologize for it. Our heroines are feisty; our heroes are hot, and our stories are one-of-a-kind adventures.

Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Jayha Leigh. However, when Carolina arrives, she is greeted by the one man…the one who has taken it upon himself to invade her damned fantasies for the past month and a half.

If anything it had inflamed it! Events at the wedding had prevented the two volatile personalities from getting together and… …cuss that fine MF out her …drag that tempting woman in my arms and drink from those luscious lips him but now their worlds are about to collide and the North American continent is going to hear all about it! See purchase options. NB: This book is nothing like the original.

Characters have been added, deleted, re-named, and some were given whole new backgrounds like they were in the Jeanie and Jayha witness protection program.

To say that the Austins of Atlanta are rich is an understatement. Their jet, submarine, helicopter and super yacht are always on standby to take them to the next great adventure or to the chain of private islands they own when they want a respite. To the outside eye, heir apparent, Yonder Austin, is the luckiest girl in the world. At ten years of age, the walking search engine is finished with school, can handle a manual transmission and has visited a slew of exotic locales.

She may have an estate overflowing with toys, but she enjoys them alone as her parents are more concerned with planning adventures than raising a child. What do you get when you have a wild party in the Pacific Ocean, a storm to end all storms, a rift in time, and a crew who would move Heaven and Earth for justice?

The adventure to end all adventures. Waking to a new life in the Enchanted Islands, Yonder learns there is more to the world than she knew.

Under the protection of the ruler and her mate, Yonder discovers what it means to be part of a family and what it is to be loved without condition. Fast forward a decade. Having given up on her fantastical dream, her faith in anything, and even life itself, she is overwhelmed when she is taken in by a host of people who give her love and kindness rather than servitude and sterile professionalism.

Suddenly, she not only has a family who values and loves her; she has three of them. Along with the courage to be bold, Yonder discovers her own femininity. Aonghus Fulgencio Din Eidyn is the youngest son of a mother who rules a Queendom, a father who rules everything in the ocean and when Yonder Austin washes up on his beach, he becomes the protector of his future mate.

When he was younger, Yonder was simply the bane of his existence who kept a running commentary of insults aimed at him. When he enters his first prime, along with his own strength and the first of his powers, he discovers his love for the contrary woman, who is a human, b human, and c human.

The grown up version of Yonder needs a bail bondsman, a parole officer, a priest and her own contingent of the Royal Guard to keep the world safe from her. So of course, Fate has stuck him with the surly woman.

And thanks to a snowstorm he was stuck with her…in the midst of a BDSM conference that was attended by beings just as crazy as she was. At the end of the day, he had two choices: strangle the woman or simply sex her silent. Bear Necessities Alaska Book 1 Nov 5, Some people could cook; some could cook well; Chef Nevena Nolan could flat out burn. She minded her own business, stayed out of shit, and kept her opinions to herself as she worked her way up through the French brigade system.

Her station was spotless, her dishes had the southern grandmomma seal of approval. She never mixed business with pleasure. Down, but not out, Nevena kept her head up, took her apprentice chef, and kept it moving. Knowing she had to spread her wings, they sent samples of her food to the owners of an upscale resort in Alaska.

Once in Alaska, she discovered another group of people who considered her family, her complete ignorance about wildlife, and a man who made her heart beat in triple time.

She knew she could love him. Her daughter did love him and her best friend encouraged her to jump on him and ride him into another Ice Age. Sheriff Dominic Kenai was an Alaskan grizzly shifter. He was also the law in Arcticus, Alaska. Despite the new resort going up and the increasing number of tourists coming in, he was determined to keep that record intact.

An alpha male with simple tastes, all he wanted was good coffee, peace and quiet, and a willing woman every now and then. And then he met Nevena and his bear went crazy. Determined to win her over, he took his time so that she could heal. Libations Book 3 Mar 16, Armacalypse, Inc.

Too bad her momma is the law. With a new invention to be showcased at the first annual ass-off competition, Serenata needs two things: a way to get the wrist monitor off without it exploding and world class international rugby player Tai Napier to model it. In her presence, he discovered himself. In her eyes, he saw his future. Now all he had to do was get her to see the same thing.

A spitfire, Tai was sure she would be contrary. After all, one felony kidnapping charge deserves another. Love is the Honey Vytautas Book 3 Jun 24, There was a reason that Dragoste Vytautas, aka Mr. A wizard with numbers and predictions, no one would accuse him of being exciting. Of course, no one would accuse him of anything considering the power his family wielded. Full of ex spec-ops type members, the most dangerous weapon in his arsenal was his mind, followed closely by his custom fountain pen.

Asali Acies was the type of woman who was the life of any place she went. Dragoste might be a reserved man, however all bets are off when it comes to Asali. Her second mistake was underestimating him. Samson Ahiga Madeira is the American Dream. But for everything he does have, he doesn't have a woman that would tempt him to give it all up…the one whom would complete his whole life. While vacationing at a South Pacific resort, he literally stumbles across the path of his destiny.

Mariana may have been the type of woman that Gaugin's canvases were made for, but to him she was simply the woman that he'd spent the last thirty odd years breathing for. Mariana Alofe Semisi is an inferno waiting to happen. Vacationing at the exotic resort as a treat for not making her ex the subject of a forensics show, she hopes to make peace with the woman she is and say good riddance to the woman she'll never be.

In the process she finds the one man that sees right through her serene disposition and her carefully-constructed don't-give-a-damns. Regardless of swearing off of men, Mariana is drawn to Samson…then again Samson is not simply a man.

He is the only man. It's obvious that Samson and Mariana belong with each other regardless of the men that want her back and her own denials. It's also obvious that Samson plans on winning this battle of wills. And it's just as obvious that for once, Mariana has found a contest that she doesn't mind losing.

If You Must Wake the Tiger One of the most storied establishments in existence, Ius Gyms has turned out more title holders than European royalty. A family business, the gym has provided jobs for Ius males since the doors first opened. For decades Ius Gyms was a male-dominated bastion…and then Jaden Ius was born. She might have different genitalia, but she had the recognizable Ius size, drive, and technique. Her drive made her excel in school and in her role as CFO; her technique made her one of the best trainers in the field.

Too much time, according to her father. Preferring to prowl the dense forest in tiger form, he only took human form when absolutely necessary. And being that no one liked him, it was rarely necessary. Though Jaden Ius made him want to take human form, the six foot two inch, two hundred pound beauty brought out the beast in him.


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