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Explore a preview version of JavaScript Patterns right now. What's the best approach for developing an application with JavaScript? This book helps you answer that question with numerous JavaScript coding patterns and best practices. If you're an experienced developer looking to solve problems related to objects, functions, inheritance, and other language-specific categories, the abstractions and code templates in this guide are ideal—whether you're using JavaScript to write a client-side, server-side, or desktop application.

Technical and architect of YSlow 2. You'll also learn about anti-patterns: common programming approaches that cause more problems than they solve. Skip to main content. Start your free trial. JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov. Book Description What's the best approach for developing an application with JavaScript? Explore useful habits for writing high-quality JavaScript code, such as avoiding globals, using single var declarations, and more Learn why literal notation patterns are simpler alternatives to constructor functions Discover different ways to define a function in JavaScript Create objects that go beyond the basic patterns of using object literals and constructor functions Learn the options available for code reuse and inheritance in JavaScript Study sample JavaScript approaches to common design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, Decorator, and more Examine patterns that apply specifically to the client-side browser environment.

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JavaScript Patterns

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Javascript Patterns By Stoyan Stefanov

Handy when you design sites, apps, etc. All three offer SVGs so they scale up nicely in modern screens with ridiculous resolutions. It just occurred to me that if I'm stranded on a desert island with my laptop computer, I'll be set for life. Provided, of course, that somehow miraculously I never run out of power and the hard drive never fails. I'll have entertainment, I'll be able to express and create and improve and enjoy I can look at family photos and videos and music that is laying about unorganized and poorly backed up. As you can guess, I have terrible organizational habits when it comes to files and things.


This book aggregates a large number of problem solving techniques that have been developed both by Stoyan Stefanov and the web development community as a whole. Unlike older "design pattern" books, Javascript Patterns explores solutions in the context of Javascript and the special nuances that it entails. While the book is advanced in nature, I would recommend it to everyone as it provides a great overview of what the language can do while including critical points of insight into how the language actually works. I've been wanting to read this book for a few weeks, but the final impetus to buy the book came from Rebecca Murphey.

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