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This Pragmatic guide takes you through the tools and APIs, the same ones Apple uses for its applications, that you can use to create your own software for the iPhone and iPod touch. I have selected this title to be the textbook for our new iPhone Development Certificate at my college. This is already one of the most popular courses we have ever offered. Thanks, once again, for creating such high-quality books from the top people. Packing the power of desktop applications into a small mobile device, the iPhone SDK offers developers the ability to create dynamic, visually-appealing, and highly-capable mobile applications.

However, harnessing that power means learning new tools, new APIs, and even a whole new programming language. With more than 50 sample programs updated for iPhone SDK 3.

Bill Dudney is a software developer and entrepreneur currently building software for the Mac. Over the years Bill migrated into the Java world where he worked for years on building cool enterprise software. But he never forgot his roots and how much fun it was to write software that did cool things for normal people. Bill is back to AppKit to stay. Chris Adamson is a writer, editor, developer and consultant specializing in media software development.

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I agree. Be sure to also check out our iPhone Screencast Series for 3 hours of guided instruction! Customer Reviews I have selected this title to be the textbook for our new iPhone Development Certificate at my college. Even in beta, this book is a must-have resource for any iPhone developer. Develop your user interface the visual, code-free way, and then wire it to your code with Interface Builder.

Connect your iPhone to the outside world with networking and to other phones with Bonjour and Game Kit. Distinguish your application from others by taking advantage of the first-class support for images, animation, audio, and video. You Might Also Like. Source code Errata Releases.


iPhone SDK Development

All in on Swift! Core frameworks have been redesigned to work better with Swift, and the language itself continues to evolve quickly. This completely revised and updated edition of the bestselling iOS guide shows you how to pull in the SDK's enormous feature set and deliver powerful, real-world apps for iPhone and iPad using modern Swift programming techniques. Swift is the language of the future for iOS development, and this completely revised and updated book is your guide. From the community-driven changes in Swift 3 to the overhaul of iOS' Foundation framework to make it more "Swifty," iOS 10 and Xcode 8 mark an "all in" commitment to Swift, and this new edition matches that commitment. Learn not just the syntax of the Swift language but also stylish Swift, the idiomatic uses of the language, and best practices you'll find in the wild.


IOS SDK Development

With this book you'll accelerate your development for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You will learn the new tools like Storyboards, practice on new APIs like the Twitter framework and use the latest features of the Objective-C 2. Since the iPhone's launch in , the iOS platform has added two new device families, thousands of new APIs, new tools and programming practices, and hundreds of thousands of new apps. You'll get hands-on experience working with Objective-C and Xcode 4 as you work through this tutorial-style book with two experienced iOS developers by your side.

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