Quick Links. Download this manual. Owner's Operator and Maintenance Manual. Maneuverable Vehicle. Invacare products, parts, and services,. Table of Contents.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Owner's Operator and Maintenance Manual. Maneuverable Vehicle. Invacare products, parts, and services,. Table of Contents. Invacare mobility scooter instruction booklet taurus 23 pages. For more information regarding Invacare products, parts, and services, please visit www. NOTE: Updated versions of this manual are available on www.

Zoom Part No. Page 6: Register Your Product 3. Receive updates with product information, maintenance tips, and industry news. Invacare can contact you or your provider, if servicing is needed on your product. It will enable Invacare to improve product designs based on your input and needs. Page 7 Part No. The final adjustments of the controller may affect other activities of the powered scooter. Damage to the equipment could occur under these circumstances.

If non-certified individuals perform any work on these units, the warranty is void. Page 13 For individuals with balance problems, DO NOT attempt to transfer into or out of the powered scooter without assistance.

Practice transferring activities with an assistant in the presence of a qualified healthcare professional. Page Electrical Code. If you must use an extension cord, use ONLY a three-wire extension cord having the same or higher electrical rating as the device being connected.

DO NOT remove these tags. Page Batteries Batteries The warranty and performance specifications contained in this manual are based on the use of deep cycle gel cell batteries. Invacare strongly recommends their use as the power source for this unit. Modification of any kind to the electronics of this wheelchair as manufactured by Invacare may adversely affect the RFI immunity levels.

Invacare recommends disassembling the scooter and transporting the components independently up or down the stairs.

ONLY use secure, non- detachable parts on each component for hand-hold supports. The front wheel should come to a gradual stop. The caster should come to a gradual stop.

Page Section 5-Maintenance And Troubleshooting 5. Clean dirt, dust and grease from exposed components. Periodically have the bearings of the front wheel checked to make sure they are clean and free from moisture. Page Troubleshooting Soft stop engaged. If key is turned With key in the off position, wait for 30 sec- off while driving, the scooter onds and turn key to the on position. Throttle Control Lever - The throttle control lever is located behind the handles on the tiller assembly.

Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the on position. The powered scooter cannot be driven with the brake in the disengaged position. To reset - press the circuit breaker button located on the battery box.

Unfold the seat back. NOTE: Tiller not shown for clarity. Lift up on seat assembly to ensure the seat is secure. Otherwise, damage to the scooter may occur. Install the arm on to the seat hinge and secure with the two 2 mounting screws. Slide the armrest pad from arm tube and discard. Slide new armrest pad on to the arm tube. Page Section 8-Tiller Adjustment 3. Rotate the tiller adjustment knob clockwise away from the user to secure the tiller in the new position.

Page Section 9-Wheels And Casters 5. Install the rear shroud. Install the seat. Align the front wheel with the fork mounting hole. Using the mounting screw, locknut and two 2 spacers, secure the front wheel to the fork.

Securely tighten the front wheel mounting hardware. Reinstall the seat. Reinstall the dust cap not shown. Battery NOTE: Recommended battery type is spill proof and requires no maintenance except routine charging. Reinstall the battery box on to the scooter frame. Page Charging The Batteries The range per battery charge using recommended batteries should be approximately five 5 to nine 9 hours of typical operation. Extensive use on inclines may substantially reduce per charge mileage.

Page 44 1. Slide the charger port cap located on the battery box to one side. Plug the charger power cord into volt wall outlet. Page Section Transporting 2. Flip up the frame lock pin. Hold the tiller in one hand and the front frame assembly in the other hand and align the front frame assembly with the alignment pins on the rear frame assembly. Page 46 Tiller Angle on page Scooter with Padded Seat option disassembles in the same way.

Page Section Scooter Accessories 3. Removing 1. Remove the mounting knob that secures the bracket in place. Seat 3. Remove the bracket from the accessory tube located on the back of the seat.

Hook 2. Hang folded walker on walker holder Hook and hooks. Loop Strap 3. Secure walker with hook and loop straps.

Loosen the mounting knob. Remove the basket bracket from the accessory tube. Tighten the mounting knob. Page Limited Warranty In the event you do not receive satisfactory warranty service, please write directly to Invacare at the address on the bottom of the back cover.

Provide dealer's name address, date of purchase, indicate nature of the defect and, if the product is serialized, indicate the serial number. Print page 1 Print document 52 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Invacare Zoom 220 Owner's Operator And Maintenance Manual

Thank you and congratulations on purchasing your new Invacare Mobility Scooter. We are certain that you will enjoy your Invacare. It can also. EMI up to a certain intensity.


588-589-00a [Converted] - Invacare



Invacare Zoom 220 Manuals


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