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Both of these test sets provide measurements of level versus frequency, noise with various selectable filters, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Noise with Tone, Three-level Impulse Nose and 4-wire single frequency return loss. The A performs the required tests to qualify the local loop for Digital Dataphone Service up to 56 kbps. Both instruments include standard dial and hold capabilities, independent transmit and receive impedances, level zero function, SF skip and complete unit annunciation. This lightweight instrument is ideal for field applications. The A Bit Error Rate Test Set sits on the digital interface see network diagram and measures the integrity of the data link to properly transmit and receive error free data. The A was designed to isolate and identify problems encountered in a data communications environment up to 72 kbps.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note that Hewlett-. Packard's former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical analysis. We have made no changes to this. We've added this manual to the Agilent website in an effort to help you support your. This manual provides the best information we could find. It may be incomplete. If we find a better. Agilent no longer sells or supports this product.

You will find any other available. Search for the model number of this product, and the resulting product page will guide. Our service centers may be able to perform calibration. Table of Contents. Dc vacuum tube voltmeter, serials prefixed: , , , 40 pages. We have made no changes to this manual copy. Warnings, cautions and notes. All Warmngs and caut! Output Level and Transmit Monitor l-l. Receiver Adjustments Charge Acceptance at Various Hold Circuit Adjustments Page 10 Receiver Board Schematic Transmit Monitor Test Output Al Front Panel Schematic Diagram Page 11 50 kBit Filter Test Notch Filter Test Model A f ransnhdon Impairment Measuring set Page 15 Model EA Table l-l.

These provide typically 2. Normal recharge time is about 17 hours. If the unit is mechanically damaged or fails electrical tests, notify the carrier and the nearest HP officbe listed at the rear of this manual. Hewlett-Packard will arrange for repair or replacement of the instrument without waiting for claim settlement. Page Power Cable Hewlett-Packard sales and service offices listed at the rear of this manual. If the instrument. Include return address, model number, option number if applicable and complete serial number.

Page 22 Installation Table This section contains information on front and re jr panel features, self check procedures, and error c-odes Err-c,otlrs.

Also covered are the principles of operation for all measurements. Page 25 Model A Figure Accepts power cord supplied with instrument. Contains line fuse and PC board for selecting line voltage see Section II, paragraph for procedure to select line voltage. Do not connect more than VDC signal to terminals. Lighted cursor indicates one-of-two digit positions. Digit value is inc. Output level is Adjusts the transmitter output level continuou;ly displayed on left display.

Permits adjustable volume for listening to the cirl:uit under test or to the Test Set Transmitter. Page Operating Instructions of Installation section for procedure to select line voltages. Always connect power cord to a properly grounded 3-wire power outlet. The A will automatically do a self check of the transmitter, the filters, and the LEDs. I,rvel can be read in the left display and frequency in the right. TRMT light will be on. There will be no values displayed because in this configuration the transmitter is turned off and a quiet termination is supplied to the TRMT jack.

Although the RCV light will be on. This disengages the dial circuitry and allows testing. Includrd arc explanations of the measurcmcnts and the effects of certain parameters on data transmissicjn. A :; The C-message filter measures noise signals that annoy the typical telephone service subscriber. I,ike the : 3 kHz flat filt. Figure l illustrates the combination of the :-message weighting and notch filter characteristics. The A combines th s notch with any of the five filters.

Single frequency interference refers to unwanted steady tones which may appear in lines. Single frequency tones may interfere with certain data signals, particularly narrowband signals which are multiplexed onto a voiceband channel.

The transmitting A provides a quiet termination at one end of the voice channel. The basic measurement technique used for the noise-to-ground measurement is very similar to the message circuit noise measurement; Tests in this section verify instrument specifications. If the instrument fails the tests, refer to the Service Section. OdB20Hz i 0. Cheek the A transmitter at the frcqucncics given in Table Table Setup the A as follows Test the A at each frequency given in Table Check the response at each frequency in Table The A should be within the range given Table The A display should be within the range given.

Cheek the rcsponsc at each frcclucncy in Table The A should bc within the range given. Set the A : Ldibrator to 0. Set the A : Calibrator to 0.

XEA display should indicate lf counts. Page Termination Impedance Test Figure Connect equipment as shown in Figure F i r s t use a 9OOIl rrsistor, second a ! It should be dHm -t:! The DC currcn Measure distortion at the following points.

Disconnect AC power from the instrument before opening the case or removing any assemblies. Power SuppI xl iurlmcnts shoulcl bc done p r i o r t o m a k i n g a n y inlcrn:ll adjtlslmcnls.

Output Level and Transmit Page Hold Circuit Adjustments Page Replaceable Parts List When ordering a non-listed part include the instrument model number, serial number and a description and function of the part. Address the order to the nearest Hewlett Page 90 Table Page 91 Keplaceahlc Parts Table MTG Screw No.

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