Emergent drugs III : hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms. Burillo-Putze 1,2 , E. Nogue Xarau 5 , M. Pinillos 6 , R. Hoffman 7. Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud.

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No se puede vivir en el futuro, ni en el pasado. A manera de ejemplo mencionaremos a Scovopsis sp. Se ha Cualquier cosa es un camino entre cantidades de caminos. Para tener esa claridad debes llevar una vida disciplinada. Si tiene, el camino es bueno; si no, de nada sirve. Todos los caminos son lo mismo, no llevan a ninguna parte.

Son caminos que van por el matorral. Uno te hace fuerte; el otro te debilita. En ese punto pocas personas pueden parar a pensar y dejar el camino Elijo yo aquello que puede o no cruzar esa frontera. Pie: Hueco y carnoso, con manchas blancas que al cortarlo da un color azul. Un impulso nervioso cualquiera, para poder llegar a su destino no tan solo utiliza una neurona, sino una cadena o camino de neuronas.

El punt Mientras tu cuerpo reposa en un saco de dormir, tu alma es libre, pierde todo sen Wasson, Pharmacotheon, Jonathan Ott. Nadie, excepto el ignorante". Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. You can't live in the future, or in the past. The only place we can live is the present. This moment is the only thing that exists, if our mind is not here, we are not living ".

Among them, there is a small inhabitant of rain forests who for millions of years have perfected their own mushroom growing technique, the leaf-cutting ant of the genus Atta and Acromyrmex.

Ant armies of about The leaf harvest is distributed by numerous passages of an extensive maze that fertilize the mushrooms that are grown there, the fungus extends everywhere and the residence of ants seems cotton-lined, these social insects are completely self-sufficient, underground plantations of mushrooms are the grass in which they feed regularly, their source of nutrition.

They use pieces of mushroom tissue as construction material, gradually they lift a complex mushroom structure totally according to what the cutting ants had planned, as if it were a technical procedure used by fungal growers in laboratory called cloning or mycelium isolation that reproduces in different media. Various studies suggest symbiotic interactions are more complex than thought.

It has been found that in mushroom crops maintained by these ants in their nests, a large number of associated micro-organisms, such as filamentary fungi, yeast and bacteria exploit the energy resources of mutualist interaction. By way of example we will mention Scovopsis sp. Hypocreales anamorphic, Ascomycota a fungus mycoparasite fungus that serves as ant food and a filamentose bacteria producing antibiotics of the genus Streptomyces that ants carry in their bodies; antibiotics produced by these bacteria help ants control the growth of Scovopsis sp.

Interactions like this show us that there is still a lot to discover and understand about insects and fungi. Transcribed and complemented by Fungidellic.

I'll just eat some of your ego. I love you so much Translated. Continue Reading. I love you so much Microdoses are very low doses of some psychedelic in this case the microdoses of psilocybin and LSD microdoses will be treated , and below the threshold of perception. The effects are subtle and not hallucinogenic. Today there are people who use them in weekly routines and often comment that they achieve higher levels of creativity, more energy, more ability to concentration and social skills improvement.

It has become one of the new "biohacking" fashion in Silicon Valley. Others take it to deal with depression or anxiety, with often positive and remarkable results.

Microdose preparation with mushrooms involves a few steps more than for LSD, although both forms are equally simple. Keep in mind that mushrooms will have a different proportion to weight and psilocybin content if they are fresh or dry, the most powerful in relation to their weight. This translates that if fresh mushrooms are used, the dose will be greater than if they were dry, as most of its weight comes from its water content. And we shouldn't just keep this in mind! Different strains of mushrooms also have different powers.

Even different parts of the mushroom have different amounts of psilocybin. So it's best to crush them all so that the mixture is homogeneous and always start with the lowest dose and get to know what we have. The most correct thing would be to dry an entire batch, grind it, and divide it into 0,1 g doses as a start. A microdose round 0,2 g and 0,3 g of dry mushrooms and you can take it by filling gel capsules easily obtained online , mixing in some juice or yogurt, or just alone, just like.

Both with psilocybin or LSD, so should be a weekly microdose routine. The first day takes the psychedelic, then on the second and on the third day DO NOT take, and take it again on the 4.

Weekly microdose routine with psilocybin: Watch the effects throughout this process and try to score everything you notice and what happens daily. Continue microdoses twice a week for several weeks. Take note throughout the process of short-term changes and those that occur in the long term about your mood, your energy and social behavior.

Follow your usual routine while you take the microdoses. You mustn't stop doing things you do, unless they're toxic! The purpose is to improve your daily existence by helping these substances offer us.

When you take it for the first time take a day off at work and free from commitments. It will give you the opportunity to know what it feels like and notice or identify any unusual effect before doing so in your public life. Pay attention to the days when you don't take doses. Surely you perceive more energy, more encouragement, or more creativity. Taking microdoses daily is not recommended.

The psychedelics we talk about here produce tolerance even at such low doses, so you would stop noticing the effects after a few days. For this reason two days of rest are left between each shot. Also as the benefit extends until days after dose, it's a good reason not to do it daily. It's very simple! You have to learn to laugh! Do you want me to tell you about the laughter of the Nagual? He must laugh at his own flaws in such a way that they burst like soap bubbles along with the inflated feeling of one's own importance!

But it's not like that! It's laughter that makes a man strong! Nagual's laughter transforms the "me" wrap into nothing. It takes just to add tranquility and love, and then there will be only infinite, fluid and free consciousness. One of the great lessons that psychedelics leave us and for what they are known, is to reveal how deeply connected we are with the natural world, but nature is not just the sum of all living beings, it is the dynamic process of life , death and rebirth.

The realm of mushrooms, plays a critical role in the decomposition process, turning plants, animals and even humans into a fertile and nutrient-rich soil that results in a new life.

Is it a coincidence that these decomposing masters have something incredibly valuable to teach us about death, not only in ecosystems, but also in the minds of curious humans who consume them?

The Dennis brothers and Terence McKenna were the first modern promoters of psychedelic mushrooms, and did a lot to bring them to the general cultural with their classic book on mushroom cultivation: Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Producer's Guide. While Terence extended the legendary psychedelic meme of the "heroic dose": 5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms taken in complete darkness; his brother Dennis, was a founding member of the Heffter Research Institute.

Which has published research on the strange ability of psilocybin to treat depression and anxiety in terminal cancer patients. We talked to Dennis recently about what mushrooms have to teach us about dying with dignity, and how much more that could be than fighting and fearing death until the end. Thanks again for talking to us Dennis.

What do you think is wrong with the way we currently treat death and death in the medical world? Biomedicine has all kinds of problems, but one of the main ones is that we don't do death right.

We just don't. The fact that a doctor says his patient has died is to say he failed, and that's not always the case. Sometimes the most merciful thing is to let a person die with dignity. No one lives forever, and eventually medicine will fail, unless immortality is solved, but I don't think that's a frankly good thing.

Medicine needs to go beyond this idea of survival at all costs to sacrifice quality of life and dignity, that's not the point of medicine. The goal of medicine is to do what it can within limits and when the time comes, and let it go. Substances like psilocybin can be integrated in a compassionate and useful way if we can come to terms with the idea that people deserve a beautiful death, if we can accept that concept.

What makes psilocybin particularly good at treating death?



No se puede vivir en el futuro, ni en el pasado. A manera de ejemplo mencionaremos a Scovopsis sp. Se ha Cualquier cosa es un camino entre cantidades de caminos. Para tener esa claridad debes llevar una vida disciplinada. Si tiene, el camino es bueno; si no, de nada sirve.



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