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Forgot Password? Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Hey Pilots! I had to experience the ordeal of buying frustration machines instead of flying machines aka chinnes But I guess that is how one learns, hour's and hour's of setting up and almost no flying time, absolute frustration. So I had to improvise. Not even bother to find a training kit I turn it on and lift off!

Two suggestions and one question: 1. Most definitively laminate your blades, this way they will stand trough ligth crashes so you keep flying and not going to the shop buying blades, balancing and then doing it again specially if you are a beginner like me.

The one piece blade is a little tricky unlike the main blades but do it patching together small pieces of tape, be sure to folow the curve so it keeps it's pitch and it flys like magic.

The battery holder is a little unsteady don't want to say cheap but it does not compare to the rest of the parts in mine the battery slided a little fwd and back, so I tape a little square of female Velcro and now the battery is firmly in one position see photo.

I will write to Hirobo about the blade balancer, it seems that is the same as the one for the XRB, but the new blades ring is to small and the blade mount wont go trough it. Any Suggestions anyone? I also have a Hirobo XRB Shuttle, that actually is the reason that keept me in the hobby after my bad chinuas experiences.

I learn to fly square 0 with this magnificent little heli and it still flys like new! Attached Thumbnails. View Public Profile. Send a private message to HeliYogi. Find More Posts by HeliYogi. View iTrader Profile. Dave ESPI. I'm waiting on them to become available in bigger quantity. The vendor wants to know what channel my radio is on - I have no idea. Where can I find this info? Thanks for your attention.

Send a private message to kwarner. Find More Posts by kwarner. Ask the vendor if they have your channel frequency 72 Mhz, This way you can operate the helicopter with your JR transmitter.

I've flown quite a few different Helis. I stress out about flying the big expensive machines, and am not challenged enough by the Dual rotor ones. I found the E-flite and Axe CPs to be too touchy for my likes.

I oohhh and ahhhhhed and went oooowwwwww! At three times the price of anything in its size and capability range other than some of the smaller companies specialty helis I was hessitant to get one worying it would just be an overpriced P. If ever I can be quoted as saying "You get what you pay for", here and now is the example.

Stable flight, responsive, and built strong as a tank and really fine quality components. But there needs to be more of us to get this thing into the after markets guys minds for parts and hop ups. Ive seen there is people swapping out for larger mAh batteries and a company makes Carbon Fiber blades for it already, but I'm sure there is far more that can be done.

Perhaps even a CCMP version? THAT would kick as s! Seriously this heli is so nice, I sold my other brands and am only flying the Quark. Definately looking forward to tryig to find scale bodies for this bird! Hey Dave! Agree on all you wrote, here are some more points in favor of the Quark and to understand what the price really represents when it comes to actual flying time. Flying is expensive, if you consider the time actually spend on the air as a result of the cost of machine, parts, time spent in repairs, set up Triple the fun of a coaxial.

I hope, as Dave, that this rationale helps other pilots decide to go for one, and yes maybe get Hirobo or the aftermarket to design more stuff for it, perhaps a scale fuselage? See lots of Quarks and mine flying at youtube. I strongly agree with you guys.

In fact, The Quark is the first heli I was able to fly and land not crash. When I decided to quit this hobby 2 years ago out of frustration , my total flight time for the 4 previous helis I've owned was no more than 10 minutes. OK, it's my fault I was a beginner and still a beginner. But I could have bought at least 3 Quarks for the money I've spent there that includes parts and accessories.

My total flight time with the Quark is more than an hour already since I got it last week. I've crashed it several times but the only parts I had to replace so far were the rotor blades. And since those parts came with the Quark, I never had to order them and wait for days before I could fix it. Can you guys name any other beginner helis as cost-effective and fun to fly as the Quark? Send a private message to mediclavina.

Find More Posts by mediclavina. The T. I just came in from doing my 15th flight on my Quark. It was an awesome flight Lots of nose in turns and kick turns using the pendullum nature that theis heli has with its "stops" as it changes speeds, it almost WANTS to fly "nose down in FF" all the time. I think now that I have a good handle on how it responds in stock form, I'm going to up the ante and order a set of the aftermarket Carbon Fiber Blades I found, or I'm going to adjust the settings to "Arvanced" and really wake this bird up.

I got mine for Remove the hatch, and afix velcro, and you can use other batteries. I have a mAh lipo that is aftermarket, and works great with it. It actualy is lighter in weight than the stock battery and has longer run time. I have a crimping tool to make servo wire ends and it also worked on this project, which made the job very easy. WMND connector for charging cable. WMND male contacts for the charging cable connector.

Cheers Blik You can also get them with all the connectors on them from Greg Mitchel. I believe I paid There is 2 settings for "responsiveness". Out of the box, it is stable and still flies great, but once you mess with the settings Hirobo instructions are good at explaining how its a new animal altogether.

Also there are carbonfiber blades available from www. Considering the only thing I have even had to buy for this heli is replacement foam blades at 8 blades for Its far cheaper than my CP ever was.

The Quark sure its propietary but ask yourself this: With foam blades what can you break in a crash? It only weighs 6oz's for God sakes. Not enough weight to even destroy itself on impact. Hirob quality bar none. Better than any other FP on the market by far nothing even comes close. Charge fly Send a private message to douglas4.

Find More Posts by douglas4. DOug, I'm 32 years old and was way into RC at the age of 8. Same as with a heli. I just got my Quark lastmonth, and can already say I have surpassed the 11 hours of flights mark, and have only I just like crashing and not seeing an entire paycheck dissapear aswell as 3 weeks DOWN-TIME worth of rebuilding, measuring, and ballancing everything to get back to a "flyable"state.

A super stable micro-platform and consisent flights every time. All beginners and less skilled flyers should know how good the Quark is. Its price tag is actually a bargain for what you get compared to any other helis out there. The brotherhood of the Quark it is! Ok, here is my flying review.


Hirobo SRB Quark Forum: Photos Q&A

Thank you so much for any help. Apr 29, It was bound to my DX7 and is a very nice heli to fly. Hirobo S. Quark Manuals New in the Box. However, the settings can be changed to advanced for the intermediate or expert flier references to page numbers in the manual below. Does it have to do with the combination of switches on the Receivers selector switches? I just used Birobo Receiver Mode 4.




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