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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Manogna Sastry. Megh Kalyanasundaram. The Society promotes the study of Archaeology, Anthropology, Art, Architecture, Ethnology, Folklore, History, Mythology, Religion and other allied subjects, more particularly those that relate to Karnataka and stimulates research in the above subjects. Article contributions are accepted from scholars to the Journal on subjects connected with the objectives of the Society.

They should be type-written on one side of the paper only. A softcopy of the same may be emailed to : themythicsociety gmail. Further details can be had from : Sri V. Nagaraj The Hon. Kasinathan 18 3. Vasantha Madhava 25 4. Jeyapriya-Rajarajan 41 5. Dharmo-Cracy - D. Gangappa 62 7.

Raju Kalidos 75 9. Chandrakumar 79 When Did The Infinite. Gautama Buddha, hailed as Buddha Live? The Controversy on the the Light of Asia,2 is not only one of Dating of the Historical Buddha the most resplendent suns to have edited by Heinz Bechert is today the shone, but also one whose tellurian singular and most capacious volume journey left a trail that changed the of scholarship on the subject,3 hailed complexion of the land for centuries as a tectonic shift in Revolutions in thereafter.

Since the time of Buddha's Indology 4 by Dominik Wujastyk, 5 passing, Buddha, Damma, Sangha-the influencing the present and future of three refuges of the Triple Gem-have the discourse regarding the dating of acquired distinct traits as the message Buddha. Therefore, the authors in Indian history, being a structure so studying the subject matter as well as immensely wide and grand and the volume have brought in methods E-mail: manognashastry gmail.

By a starting point. Any date accepting the shorter chronology as a between these two means that the Buddha historical date. In a preliminary paper passed away about years before submitted to this symposium I suggested the reign of Emperor Ashoka. After the symposium, I still subscribe to this supposition. I would think that somewhat later date is not unconceivable, but I still consider Alexander's Indian campaign to be a terminus ante quem. In my view, the symposium and relevant publications which appeared after the conference have not provided unambiguous evidence which would allow us to make a more exact statement.

However, Until recently, the date of the Buddha as one hundred years A. However, Indic languages, etc. Alexander's Indian campaign i. Kota Venkatachelam, V. Not only is of Buddha, with four of these this an indication of the lack of inter luminaries arriving at B.

To use matter but also one that characterizes astronomical markers for computing Western attempts of not considering the dates, the primary data required Indian civilization in its entirety.

It is consists of any astronomical unfortunate indeed that even as observations made during the life of scientific history recognizes Indian Buddha that have been recorded in contributions to the knowledge system the Buddhist canons.

In spite of there occurrence i. Hence, astronomical basis works carry little astronomical should be used in conjunction with references. P accurate triangulation. Bigandet acknowledges date Bigandet Upon Buddha's death, Bigandet's data to narrow it down to this calendar too was replaced with a his result of 1 April, B. Pillai begins with a a significant role in Buddha's life to data set consisting of five dates, be able to perform further ranging from Prinsep's B.

C to astronomical calculations: Cunningham's B. Buddha spent Buddha's life are also found in Ancient about three months of his life at Indian Chronology by P. Sengupta's source is world. Sengupta's work that leads him to his Having approached, shocked and terrified, date.

There is a reference to the Having come as if in shock, occasion when a lunar eclipse and a Why do you stand there frightened? Now on that occasion the I had not let go of Candima. Now on that occasion the on that occasion recited this verse: young deva Suriya had been seized by Rahu, lord of the asuras. Then, recollecting ""Let homage be to you, the Buddha! Then, referring to the young deva Candima, the Blessed One addressed Rahu, lord of I have fallen into captivity, the asuras, in verse: So please be my refuge.

All these are spoken off as world. These events are interpreted by Dr. Now the Devas according to Hindu Sengupta as indicating the eclipses tradition are 33 in number. They that have taken place at Savatthi. It viz. So far as we fortnight later by one of the sun, is can understand "of the allegory not quite adequate for settling our underling these suttas, the winter problem.

We want one more solstice day marking the advent of circumstance of the eclipses, viz, Kassapa or Prajapati came first, the lunar month in which these two then came the full-moon ending eclipses were visible at Sravasti. The Devaputtas of the respectively, Dr. Sengupta's work is section are probably some other also important for the additional gods either of the Hindu or of the constraints it provides us i.

C as the one where all three 1 Kassapa or the winter solstice day markers occurred. As B. C is the came first. Studying lunar and solar observable from Sravasti where eclipses that have occurred within the the Buddha was staying at the span of a fortnight, after the winter time C to are the occurrences of the winter B.

While Suriyo and to two dates - B. C, the dates of B. C and B. C, visible from Sravasti, using two ways: which are the most accepted ones i stellarium software ii NASA's today, post colonization. Sengupta's the charts based on the work by Fred identification of Kassapa with winter Espenak and Jean Meeus, 13 for a solstice, Professor Achar has analyzed range of dates selected from across the sutta further to narrow down the most prominent voices of the between the two dates.

The lunar various schools of Buddhism. These eclipse of B. The NASA catalogue verify the same. C to B. Thus, eclipse, p - partial eclipse, n - all positive integers represent CE years and 1 penumbral eclipse th BCE has been normalized as 0 astronomical year. Table 1: Sl. Sengupta so that they cover less than a period i. This triangulation would that requires the lunar eclipse to have need further verification from any occurred at the start of the month and other domain to pinpoint as the exact the solar eclipse at the middle, giving date.

The dates that 90 days to the Winter Solstice. This are highlighted are the ones which leads to further elimination and correspond with Dr. Sengupta's unsurprisingly, corroborates the criteria as well, whereas the other results from tables we saw in the dates don't -ensuring these could not previous section.

Equinox in B. Eclipse and Phase Duration between B. Bill Mak studies in his table that none of these dates meet paper16 a few of the features of the the criteria we had set earlier, thereby works that have been built upon such dismissing them as viable candidates Buddhist literature.

Sengupta's of the earth and the 26, year cycle interpretation of the sutta. This leaves is captured in these texts, along with us only with the solution we had the change in the order of the arrived at in the previous section i. C - B. C, then with useful methods to study key data from auxiliary sources such as historical milestones, one can widen the material of Chinese Buddhists, with the horizon and increase the field of particular attention to the astronomical view to include auxiliary sources of exchange, assumes new significance references as well.

Kausambi 8. Vaisali 9. We later scientific evidence, his conclusion have searched for years which satisfy may need to be at least proportionately all the above constraints for the period reconsidered. We studythe tenability during B.

Only recently, from Buddha's life 85, as far as the reports are printed, the Directorate of Archaeology and Some of the places where Buddha Museums, Government of Bihar, carried lived and visited include 1. Lumbini out excavations under A. Prasad at the 2. Bodh Gaya 3.

Sravasti 4.


Heinz Bechert Ed








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