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Quick Links. Download this manual. Operator's manual. Table of Contents. The Aerial Work Platform is a mechanical device primarily designed and manufactured with the intent to position people with the necessary tools and material to overhead elevated temporary workplaces. All malfunctions and problems identified during the inspection shall be corrected before the aerial work platform is returned to service. Section B 4. Page Safety Inquiries Each inquiry or request should include all relevant information; including contact name, telephone number, mailing address, email address, plus the machine model and serial number.

Page Owner Information Update Form Company stamp is mandatory : Tick here if the machine has been permanently removed from service scrapped. Reason for removal : If necessary, support personnel will be required to operate the emergency functions of the machine and in rescuing the operator.

The following safety symbols are used throughout this manual to indicate specific hazards and the hazard severity level when operating or maintaining the Aerial Work Platform. Refer to the following table to familiarize yourself with these symbols.

If engine quipped with Particulate Filter Regeneration 3. If engine quipped with Particulate Filter Regeneration 4. Maximum working height 31,80 m Clean or replace if necessary. Presence, cleanliness and visibility of the dataplate Presence, cleanliness and legibility of operator's and maintenance These safety systems when activated immobilize the machine and prevent further movement. The movement speed depends on the user's choices and the environment. An auxiliary device overriding system is available on ground control box to assist in the rescue of people in emergency.

Refer to Section D 4. Even at low movement speeds, use the controls with caution. Platform leveling Move the platform leveling switch 13 to the left to lower the platform.

Platform rotation Move the platform rotation selector 38 to the left for a clockwise CW rotation. Locate the 3 control boxes on the machine as illustrated below Set the control box energizer selector switch to the center position to activate the axle con- trol box.

If the two outrigger cylinders are extended, the axle retraction controls are de-activated. Lower lever E1. The sticker 44 placed on the link piece is a second source used in checks. The telescope must be retracted to re-activate driving. If the rear radius limit is reached, the boom must be lowered slightly to re-activate driving. All safety functions are shut down and several hazards can occur.

Improper use of the equipment will result in death or serious injuries. Loosen and remove the 2 fastening screws 1. Remove the clutch stop 2. Always stay clear of overhead obstructions. It is recommended to use the hydraulic oil according to weather condition.

Refer to the table below. Overall length of machine 11,40 m Overall length of machine Refer to the spare parts catalog. It should be noted that this device doesn't release the operator from the responsibilities of learning and practicing the principles of safe machine operations provided by the manufacturer's instructions, employer's safety rules and worksite regulations.

Alarm and flashing light are activated. Only safeguard functional movements lowering, retracting or reverse movement of the function that created the situation are available from the platform control box.

For maximum service life and safe operation, ensure that all the necessary inspections and maintenance have been completed. Inspections must be carried out by a competent company or person whose selection is under the responsibility of the manager. Page Daily Inspection This evaluation must take place after 10 years of operation and then repeated every 5 years.

Harsh operating conditions will require an increased frequency of inspections. This manual is also suitable for: Ha41px-nt Hajrt Hajrt-nt. Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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