Are you in need of uninstalling Halliburton eRedbook to fix some problems? Are you looking for an effective solution to completely uninstall it and thoroughly delete all of its files out of your PC? No worry! This page provides detailed instructions on how to completely uninstall Halliburton eRedbook.

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The software consists of a lot of useful calculators such as cement calculation , Interactive wellbore schematics, and data from the American Petroleum Institute API.

I am really love with this program because it makes my life a lot easier when I work in the office or in the field. Once the set up is completed, you will see the icon like this on the desktop. Please how can i download this e-Redbook. Most bitly URLs are characters, and only include letters and numbers and are case sensitive.

Eng i want to learn more and more, so if u have any tutorials I will be more appreciate. Dear friend tank you very much for your useful note and software. I have a problem with this software. I downloaded and installed this program but unfortunately there is not any icon on the screen like wellbore geometry and etc. I will be grateful if explain how can I resolve it. Dear friend I left for you a request and a question for two times.

Dear friend I use windows 7, 64bit I will be grateful if help me thanks reza. Would you mind capturing the screen and send to drillingformulas gmail. If I can help you, I will let you know. Apreicaited …. So, if you send or give it to me, it will be great help for me. Thanks for this. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Com Working in the oil field and loving to share knowledge. View all posts by DrillingFormulas. January 11, at pm. Com says:. January 21, at pm. Batyr says:. January 15, at pm. Edward H. Tikoalu says:. Wishing U helping me with another link. Mouhanad Habbal says:. January 18, at pm. Mouhanad Habbal.

March 2, at pm. March 9, at pm. March 15, at am. What is operating system you are using? It works well with Windows7. March 19, at pm. March 20, at am. July 9, at pm. July 13, at am. October 14, at pm. Wahid Mia says:. November 12, at pm. Jorge Contreras Padilla says:. July 30, at am.

Existe version del libro rojo para Mac, de ser afirmativo favor de enviarle el link. Existe version del libro rojo para Mac, si existe favor de enviarme el Link. Gracias y Saludos. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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