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Torch on Transit of Planets Dr. This has been further stimulated primarily by Astrological Magazine and books of Dr. Raman; secondly, by the weekend classes run by numerous Chapters oflndian Council of Astrological Sciences, now over 18, and thirdly, by the computerised horoscopes.

The highly educated students and lovers of astrology, no doubt, are influenced by "Chamatkaars" of astrology but they are also keen to know the niceties, nuances and rationale behind these "Chamatkaars". Correct astrological predictions falling in the cat- egory of "Chamatkaars" are based on correct astrological data pa- tiently verified by the learned astrologer, his deep knowledge of the subject, his "Vaaksiddhi" and "Vaakshuddhi".

In order to know the niceties and nuances and rationale behind such "Chamatkaars" one has to study Parashar Horashastra, Sarwarth Chintamani, Uttarkalamril and some good books on transit. I read articles of Sh. Pulippani in the Astrological Maga- zine on transits of Jupiter and Saturn. The first reading created a vivid interest and the second reading prompted me to get the articles photo-copied for circulation to students in my lecture on "Planetary Transits" in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi way back in When Sh.

Pulippani met me for the flfSt time I requested him that he should write an appropriate book covering all the principles given in Phal Deepika and other astrological literature specifically in Tamil, relating to transit in corelation with dasa. The reason was Paryaya cycle of Jupiter and Saturn in addition to Moortinimaya, transit through "Nakshatras" and other usual and known features of planetary transits.

What is Paryaya? One cycle of transit of Jupiter or Saturn is one Paryaya cycle. Results arc thus bound to vary. For this reason the Paryayas cycles introduced a nicety in the transit results. These Paryayas cycles of transit of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu make a world of difference in different ages. Every Astrologer knows that transit of Sun is bad in first, sec- ond, fourth, fifth, eighth and nineth from the natal Moon.

But the author on the authority of a Tamil text, informs the reader that transit of the Sun in the fifth house may be the worst. Nor such books clarify, what shall be the effect of transits on eclipse points in lagna or in other houses and how their adverse impacts would be moderated oraggravated by the aspect of benefic or malafic transitory aspects.

He has already written two unusual books on "Panchpakshi" relating to "Prashna Shastra" and "! The learned author has also illustrated the principles mentioned in the book by giving illustrations. I am happy to hear fium Sh. Pulippani that in next edition Foreword I ix he will also include "Sarvatobhadra Chakra" and other Chakras which may throw more light on planetary transits and their impact on individuals. This book is meant for "Guna Grahnk' lovers and students of astrology as well as learned Aacharys in Hindu Jyotish and all will benefit and feel obliged to Sh.

Pulippani for this work focussing on fine points of planetary transits and thus, providing a precision instrument in the hands of astrology lovers. I have been contributing articles on "Transit of Jupiter", and "Transit of Saturn" in the Astrological Magazine since Astrological Magnzmcpublishes my articles whenever Jupiter and Saturn enter new signs of Zodiac. As it occurred to me, I had established specific pattern on transit result through various tables quantifying both separate and cumulative quantum of transit re- sults for Jupiter and Saturn.

This includes conventional and special aspects of results of transit of main planets, received wide recognition among the readers of the Astrological Magazine. More or less this is considered as a standardised way of knowing transit results which included, among other things, Moorthi Nirnaya, Stellar Occupational Effects of Planets, Cyclic Effects of Jupiter first time introduced to the English readers by me.

After ten years of my articles of transit of Jupiter and Saturn having been popularised among the readers by providential force, I have drawn into the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences as National Secretary in April I Kapoor who surprised me by saying that he took Xerox copies of my articles and distributed them among the students of Astrology in his Lecture on "Transit of ii I fufacc Planets", since there was no such informative literature on the subject in English though many books were available.

Since then, he has been persuading me to write a book un "Transit of Planets" running to about three hundred pages? Last time when I was in Delhi, Shri M. But this second proposal will not give full picture of transits and, hence, 1 thought it is the right time to produce this independent book on "Transit" which is the English form of my original Tamil version, which I have now completed.

This version includes among other things all basic principles of Astrology including features of Lagna, bad and good. Planets of each Lagna, difference between Badaka and Maraka, scientific way of delineation of Dasa bhukthis, formula for deciding longevity approximately etc. I think that this will also serve as a standard textbook especially for the student of Astrology on the subject "Transit. After early five decades of learning in the field of Astrology I am convinced that: l.

The permanent features of various aspects of life are reflected in the Natal Chart of an individual. These features are distributed by Dasa Bhukthis and Transit results both of which are based on Natal Moon signs 1l1e former on the birth Star and the later on Moon sign.

In a way, the present trend of life of an individual indicated by the Natal Chart is projected by Dasa Bhukthi results, but, through the window of transit results which modify final pattern of trend of life enjoyed by the native from time to time.

Hence Transit results is the final focus point on which prediction is to be based, of course, with the background of basic horoscopes and Dasa Bhukthi. Preface I xiii All the above contemplations have gone in shaping this book.

Now 1 remember with great regard and reverence Dr. His "Hindu Predictive Astrology" was the starting point of my learning in Astrology and remains even now my guiding star, since it includes all features.

Next 1 thank Sri R. Jagannathan, my wife's cousine who cor- rected the technical part of the book, and who initiated me into the science of Astrology. Next 1 thank Shri A. He still remains to be a safety valve for my sensitive pattern of nature and guides me now and then. Last but not the least, 1 want to thank Shri S. Kapoor, who is one of my well wishers and who gave me inspiration and Foreword of this book providing a nutshell review. Kedar who is one of my dearest friends and well wishers who has arranged for publication of this book through Alpha Publication.

I first read earlier edition of this book, the contents of the book looked quite impressive. The treatise not only contains well known principles of Astrology and transit of planets but also the wisdom and experience of thinkers of Astrology from south not available to English readers. The reaction then was that the book could be revised to make it lucid and concise. The third edition of "Gochar Phaladcepika" has been thoroughly revised keeping soul of the original intact.

The text has been rewritten at places, the material has been rearranged and some information has been presented in tabular from. It is hoped that this book in its present from will be linked by learned readers. Kastwar Faculty Dellri Chapter-! Chapter One General 2. Chapter F! Chapter Six 42 Benefic and Malefic Planets 7. Chapter Seven 51 Longevity 8. Chapter Nine 61 Effect of Mrityubhag, f.

Chapter Eleven 77 Transit Results of Sun Chapter Twelve 90 Transit Results of Moon Chapter Fourteen Transit Results of Mercury Chapter Fifteen Transit Results of Jupiter Chapter Seventeen Transit Results of Saturn Chapter Eighteen Transit Results of Rahu Chapter Nineteen Transit Results of Ketu Chapter Twenty Transit Results at a Glance Chapter Twenty One Aspects in Transit Chapter Twenty Five Moorthy Nlmaya Chapter Twenty Seven Gochar and Ashtakvarga Chapter Thirty Two Example Horoscopes Chapter Thirty Three Thrlpatha Chakra The position of the planets incorporated in relation to this point in various Zodiacal signs is generally called as 'J athaka' or horoscope.

While the Lagna can be considered as 'soul', the Rasi occupied by Moon can be understood as body. Moon sign of the chart is generally called as Janma Rasi Chandra Rasi and the birth star is called 'janma Nakshatra'. The day-to-day effects caused by transitory motion of the planets with reference to Janma Rasi and Janma Nakshahatra is called 'Gochara Phala' or transit results of planets.

The results are also co-related to 12 Bhavas in relation to Janma Rasi for day-to- day life trends. Since the commencement of actual life is denoted by Lagna, it is called Soul. But the planets travel each of the 12 Rasis and 27 stars and produce effects in relation to Lagna and Janma Rasi.

The permanent position of planets at the time of birth in relation to Lagna signifies the strength and inherent features of various aspects of life that are in store for native. This cannot be changed. But the effects produced thereafter in relation to Janma Rasi by the planetary positions at various times in day-to-day affairs of life is called Gochara, which keeps on changing every moment.

Both while dealing with the permanent features of Horoscope and the effect of planets for day-to-day affairs, the 12 Bhavas, reckoned from lagna for the former and from J anma Rasi in reference to the latter give the result of various aspects of life. We have to note a significant difference between planet and stars. Planets are bodies in constant motion having definite cycles of time during which these appear to revolve through the Zodiac.

But stars are fixed, which emit a particular pattern of cosmic rays 2 from their permanent positions. The cumulative cyclic effect of movement of planets over that of Rasis and the Nakshatras fixed Stars produce the change in day-to-day affairs. In a way we can conclude that the effect of planets on human life can be judged in 3 ways.

Thus both are reckoned from Moon's position. Hence Moon's position is given prime importance in Gochara Phala or transit. The result of Dasha Bukthi and Gochara or Transit have to be weighed and given proper importance in deciding the results of the trend of the life during particular period. Any action of a human being is prompted by the mind.


Gochar Phaladeepika: Torch on Transit of Planets

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Book. Gochar Phaladeepika - Dr. U.S. Pulippani

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Gochar Phaladeepika : Torch on Transit of Planets

The learned author in this book has taken into consideration folowing niceties and nuances of planetary transits. Table of Tripataka Chakra to identify three planets who rule each year in the life cycle of years. Identification of the worst transits; and Modification of worst "Dasa Phal" and "Dina Phal" results by the counter-balancing effects of planetary transits. The learned author has also illustrated the principles mentioned in the book by giving illustrations.

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