As the third member of the successful new generation of Mercedes-Benz compact cars, the CLA has achieved the best possible rating of five stars in the demanding Euro NCAP assessment scheme. Top ranking in the academic industry analysis by "WirtschaftsWoche" magazineA recent academic survey commissioned by "WirtschaftsWoche" magazine proves that Porsche Consulting GmbH, based in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, has by far the best reputation among consultancy firms, as rated by the major German commercial enterprises. MINI is extending its program of exterior paint finishes for current models to include an exclusive new variant. Honda Motor Co.

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The Saab is due to low quantities, no more attention. In contrast, the Saab , Sweden's best-selling model, is still present in German statistics. Here the DEKRA comment: The classic Saab driver is usually faithful to his vehicle for many years and attaches importance to regular maintenance. The below-average defect rate in almost all areas shows that the owners are not so bad on the way. The vehicles over We have it in black and white again!

A Saab is just a long-term car. Do not be afraid of high mileage. The detailed report can be found here. Interesting is the direct comparison with the colleagues from Gothenburg, the view over the fence so. While the Saab is in the middle of the class in almost all criteria or better, the Gothenburg is significantly worse. The Volvo no quality from Swedish steel anymore? Or do Saab drivers just care for their cars better?

The situation around Saab is a bit quieter, at least for the moment. Much depends on the assessment of the current situation by the administrator Guy Lofalk. The Chinese partners have today tried to revise some statements, and stand by the closed contracts. The Swedish government is holding back after yesterday's positive decision by GM and national debt administration.

He thinks the Swedish government should decide quickly, of course, pro. The travel season has just started, and we continue with our Saab holiday pictures. After part 1 of the readers pictures come today from Austria, Germany, Italy and of course from Sweden. Because the Saab community is everywhere on the. I would tap on the latter SAAB drivers are probably just more attached to their cars. At least for me personally, but I can also transfer the quote to the Regrettably, the quality of the Volvo with the introduction of the has always decreased.

The is also represented in the report. And under volume classic. Has received very good reviews there. I can sign that way. Shock absorbers are still OK, and with stainless steel exhaust, the rust there is no problem. Only the pipe between the catalytic converter and the silencer looks quite oxidized That's something you like to do. Unfortunately, it is true, with the typical breakage of the suspension spring.

This was with me on both sides before 2 weeks. But there are worse and the repair went fast and was not too expensive. This fits the brand satisfaction survey great word of Motor-Talk. Saab is listed as "only" informative because they did not build any cars for , but the percentages put them on 1.

Only the flexible tube after the cat is still normal material and every few years. I'm usually always a friend of original parts, but in some cases it can be really worthwhile taking a look around the O-parts market.

After all, there are other well-known manufacturers who may not have such weaknesses. Greetings to all; where do you get this stainless steel plant, who produces it?

Thanks in advance for the feedback! At that time, my SAAB car dealership was responsible for me, because unfortunately I can not deliver any more data. Skip to content Saab news. February 4. Saab - Swede with long-term quality Here the DEKRA comment: The classic Saab driver is usually faithful to his vehicle for many years and attaches importance to regular maintenance.

Text: tom saabblog. October Tom Office Series. Saab News: Suppliers and why the government is waiting with the decision? April Tom Office Series. He thinks the Swedish government should decide quickly, of course, pro Share:.

July July Tom Office Series. Because the Saab community is everywhere on the Share:. This website uses cookies. If you continue to use the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Accept Learn more.


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