The Ford AX4S automatic transmission is a four-speed electronic overdrive transmission used in to Ford Windstar minivan. The transmission also has a bolt pan on the bottom, which is different from the bolt pan used on the newer AX4N transmission that replaced the AX4S in on the Windstar. According to the Center for Auto Safety , the failure rate for these transmissions has been significantly higher than that for most other automatic transmissions. The AX4S transmission in my Windstar failed at 60, miles, the transmission in my Windstar failed at 86, miles. I should also mention that I have also owned two Chrysler minivans, and the transmissions in both of those also failed at relatively low mileage.

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The AXOD transaxle has 17 bolts. This had a data plate code of "T" for models. In addition to the name change, improvements in the lubrication of the gearset and capacity upgrades were made. A centrifugal piston assembly was implemented in the intermediate clutch position to improve 1st—2nd and 2nd—1st shift quality and an increase in the clutch's durability was made on some models. High energy friction materials were introduced.

The data plate code for this transmission is "L. This transaxle shifting is non-synchronous and has improved shift quality over the previous AX4S. It was used in the —99 Taurus SHO models, was standard on Duratec-powered models, it appears in some — Vulcan-powered models. It became standard with both engines in It was renamed the 4F50N in ; the data plate code is "X. These were remedied by ; these transaxles require filter changes every 30, miles to maximize service life.

Intermediate clutch failures resulting in poor 1—2 shifts or slipping are common on all AX family members. Failure of the "Neutral to Drive Accumulator " causes hard shifts into a drive gear from "N" or "P"; this can become quite violent. Reasons for this part's failure: Piston stuck, or seals or springs damaged or missing. Correction for this problem: Check these parts for damage.

Replace as required. If the vehicle is allowed to "roll back" onto the pawl with heavy force, the pawl may break off or seize the gears so that either the vehicle rolls away, or when the owner starts the vehicle and attempts to put the vehicle in gear, they are unable to move the shift lever from Park; this creates a compound issue in which the shifter cable can break due to excess force.

The vehicle's owner guide states the appropriate procedure is to engage the parking brake before shifting to Park, rather than relying on the pawl, as the pawl is a last line of defense to prevent the vehicle from moving unintentionally. If the parking pawl breaks off or bends, serious transaxle damage can occur. Although the investigation is centered on the Torque Converter , these failures require that the entire transaxle be rebuilt or replaced.

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Ford AXOD transmission

The AXOD transaxle has 17 bolts to retain its fluid pan. The electronic shifting and torque converter controls were integrated with the Taurus's electronic control module for smoother shifts. In addition to the name change, improvements in the lubrication of the gearset and capacity upgrades were made. A centrifugal piston assembly was implemented in the intermediate clutch position to improve 1st—2nd and 2nd—1st shift quality and an increase in the clutch's durability was made on some models. High energy friction materials were also introduced. The data plate code for this transmission is "L. Although similar in design and dimensions, it is a different transaxle than previous AXOD transmissions.


Ford Automatic 4 speed

One or another of these transmissions are used in many vehicles including the Taurus, Sable, Windstar, and Continental. Geartrain meltdown due to an inadequate supply of pressurized lubricating oil is one of the primary causes of transmission failure in vehicles built prior to Independent transmission shops typically address the inherent design defect in the AXO, AXOD-E transmission by enlarging the orifice which feeds the lube oil and making sure that the bushings, which help control the oil flow, are replaced if the least bit worn. In mid, Ford redesigned the tubes above the oil filter and sent its dealers a service bulletin that attributed geartrain meltdown in all vehicles built in to a faulty gasket TSB A

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