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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Lo siniestro del enigma. El dios Apolo, de naturaleza ilimitada, insondable, caprichosa, plantea al hombre enigmas que lo enfrentan con el sufrimiento y con la muerte. Enigma Version Shores, David; Goza, Sharon P. Enigma Version 12 software combines model building, animation, and engineering visualization into one concise software package. Enigma employs a versatile user interface to allow average users access to even the most complex pieces of the application.

Using Enigma eliminates the need to buy and learn several software packages to create an engineering visualization. Textures and materials can be applied for additional realism. Within Enigma , these models can be combined to create systems of models that have a hierarchical relationship to one another, such as a robotic arm.

Then these systems can be animated within the program or controlled by an external application programming interface API. In addition, Enigma provides the ability to use plug-ins. Plugins allow the user to create custom code for a specific application and access the Enigma model and system data, but still use the Enigma drawing functionality.

CAD files can be imported into Enigma and combined to create systems of computer graphics models that can be manipulated with constraints. An API is available so that an engineer can write a simulation and drive the computer graphics models with no knowledge of computer graphics. An animation editor allows an engineer to set up sequences of animations generated by simulations or by conceptual trajectories in order to record these to highquality media for presentation.

Enigma Version 12 Lyndon B. It also contains numerous. Feminilidade: enigma e semblante. Con la frase "La mujer no existe", dice que no hay un significante que nombre el sexo femenino. Time: the enigma of space. In this article we have based on the laws of physics to illustrate the enigma time as creating our physical space i.

We have shown that without time there would be no physical substances, no space and no life. In reference to Einstein's energy equation, we see that energy and mass can be traded, and every mass can be treated as an Energy Reservoir.

We have further shown that physical space cannot be embedded in absolute empty space and cannot have any absolute empty subspace in it.

Since all physical substances existed with time, our cosmos is created by time and every substance including our universe is coexisted with time.

Although time initiates the creation, it is the physical substances which presented to us the existence of time. We are not alone with almost absolute certainty. Someday we may find a right planet, once upon a time, had harbored a civilization for a short period of light years. This article presents a discussion about the process of facing problems experienced by future teachers of physics in the period of supervised probation, from models found among a group of teachers in continuing training.

The action group was also in method most used by the trainees to face problems related to didactic planning and conceptual order. Teachers when confronted with conceptual problems are more persistent when trying to solve them than the trainees; this is linked to the context itself. The engagement of trainees in facing genuine problems related to planning, as it occurred in the group of teachers, represented an important process for the construction of professional knowledge, individually and collectively.

The contributions of this work strengthen the disciplines of teaching practices in initial education and suggest activities for the continuing training of teachers. Speculative Considerations about Some Cardiology Enigmas. Enigmas often lead to hypotheses and speculations. For this reason, especially for the sake of the reader's motivation, we opted for the plain discussion of some cardiology enigmas. The present text was aimed to discuss speculatively some cardiology enigmas.

Text was freely designed in the context of coronary artery and heart valve diseases. The discussed topics associated with their respective speculative hypothesis remain as enigmas , but would become motivations for investigations.

El enigma de Walter Benjamin. The enigma of dyslexic musicians. Musicians are known to have exceptional sensitivity to sounds, whereas poor phonological representations or access to these representations are considered a main characteristic of dyslexic individuals.

Though these two characteristics refer to different abilities that are related to non-verbal and verbal skills respectively, the recent literature suggests that they are tightly related. However, there are informal reports of dyslexic musicians.

To better understand this enigma , two groups of musicians were recruited, with and without a history of reading difficulties. The pattern of reading difficulties found among musicians was similar to that reported for non-musician dyslexics, though its magnitude was less severe.

In contrast to non-musician dyslexics, their performance in pitch and interval discrimination, synchronous tapping and speech perception tasks, did not differ from the performance of their musician peers, and was superior to that of the general population.

However, the auditory working memory scores of dyslexic musicians were consistently poor, including memory for rhythm, melody and speech sounds. Moreover, these abilities were inter-correlated, and highly correlated with their reading accuracy. These results point to a discrepancy between their perceptual and working memory skills rather than between sensitivity to speech and non-speech sounds.

The results further suggest that in spite of intensive musical training, auditory working memory remains a bottleneck to the reading accuracy of dyslexic musicians. All rights reserved. The big bang cosmology - enigmas and nostrums. Some outstanding problems in connection with the big bang cosmology and relativity theory are reviewed under the headings: enigmas ; nostrums and elixirs the universe as Phoenix an oscillating universe , the anthropomorphic universe existence of observers in the present universe , reproducing universes could a mini big bang bounce, perhaps adding entropy and matter and eventually developing into a suitable home for observers , variable strength of the gravitational interaction and oscillating universes possible bounce models that have led eventually to the present hospitable environment.

Basal ganglia - thalamus and the crowning enigma. Recently, three changes have made the crowning enigma less of an impossible mission: the clear presence of neurons in layer 1 L1, the active conduction of voltage along apical dendrites and optogenetic methods that might allow us to look at one source of input at a time. For all of those reasons alone, it seems it is time to take seriously the function of L1.

The functional properties of this layer will need to wait for more experiments but already L1 cells are GAD67 positive, i. They could reverse the sign of the thalamic glutamate GLU input for the entire cortex. It is at least possible that in the near future normal activity of individual sources of L1 could be detected using genetic tools. We are at the outset of important times in the exploration of thalamic functions and perhaps the solution to the crowning enigma is within sight.

Our review looks forward to that solution from the solid basis of the anatomy of the basal ganglia output to motor thalamus.

Since L1 is present in the whole cortex we will provide a general overview considering evidence mainly from the somatosensory cortex before focusing on motor cortex. Internal development has been on-going since then. Several individual internal reports detail the changes made and the individual model assessments done during the years.

Resolution of the 15N balance enigma? The enigma of soil nitrogen balance sheets has been discussed for over 40 years. Many reasons have been considered for the incomplete recovery of 15 N applied to soils, including sampling uncertainty, gaseous N losses from plants, and entrapment of soil gases.

The entrapment of soil gases has been well documented for rice paddy and marshy soils but little or no work appears to have been done to determine entrapment in drained pasture soils. In this study 15 N-labelled nitrate was applied to a soil core in a gas-tight glovebox. Water was applied, inducing drainage, which was immediately collected.

Dinitrogen and N -2 were determined in the flux through the soil surface, and in the gases released into the glovebox as a result of irrigation or physical destruction of the core.

Other components of the N balance were also measured, including soil inorganic-N and organic-N. Quantitative recovery of the applied 15 N was achieved when the experiment was terminated h after the 15 N-labelled material was applied. This 15 N would normally be unaccounted for using the sampling methodology typically employed in 15 N recovery experiments. Feline infectious peritonitis: still an enigma?

Feline infectious peritonitis FIP is one of the most important fatal infectious diseases of cats, the pathogenesis of which has not yet been fully revealed. The present review focuses on the biology of feline coronavirus FCoV infection and the pathogenesis and pathological features of FIP. Thus, key events in the pathogenesis of FIP are systemic infection with FIPV, effective and sustainable viral replication in monocytes, and activation of infected monocytes.

The host's genetics and immune system also play important roles. It is the activation of monocytes and macrophages that directly leads to the pathologic features of FIP, including vasculitis, body cavity effusions, and fibrinous and granulomatous inflammatory lesions. Advances have been made in the clinical diagnosis of FIP, based on the clinical pathologic findings, serologic testing, and detection of virus using molecular polymerase chain reaction or antibody-based methods.

Nevertheless, the clinical diagnosis remains challenging in particular in the dry form of FIP, which is partly due to the incomplete understanding of infection biology and pathogenesis in FIP. So, while much progress has been made, many aspects of FIP pathogenesis still remain an enigma. The interaction between the adaptor protein APS and Enigma is involved in actin organisation. These results identify Enigma as a novel APS-binding protein and suggest The enigma of energy: A philosophical inquiry.

A philosophical inquiry was undertaken to examine the enigma of energy in an attempt to clarify and further illuminate the basic ideas of energy. Beginning with the origin of the concept-Aristotle's conceptualization of energeia-and continuing through to the present day with an overview of the historical conceptual development of energy in Western science, an analysis and interpretation of the scientific and philosophic literature was performed.

Literature regarding aspects of human sentience was also examined for underlying ideas of energy. And, finally, selected medical and nursing science theoretical frameworks were analyzed with the hope of further grasping the philosophical underpinnings related to the phenomenon of human energy.

Certain ideas of energy became evident. Energy can be viewed as a process and this view works well within the physical science domain. When energy is viewed as a process it falls within the mechanistic tradition: things are viewed as particulate, and cause and effect related. However, energy can also be viewed as a phenomenon, a thing. As a phenomenon, energy is continually transforming and actualizing inherent potentials in a communal process.

When energy is recognized as the sole phenomenon responsible for everything in existence, it becomes evident that all is essentially one. In addition, when energy is viewed in this manner it becomes increasingly difficult to deny the purposive character underlying all nature.


Learning with Adults

What is revelation all about? How does divine revelation Offenbarung relate to Being Sein , beings Seienden and human existence Dasein? Both the Hebrew Bible Tanakh and the Bible in Christian theology OT and NT support a concept of divine revelation in history that is inseparable from the personal attributes of God and the correlation between the human person, the world, and the Wholly-Other, parallel to a correlation between revelation, creation and redemption to evoke Rosenzweig's star-of-David triads. We can thus establish an interesting hermeneutic correlation between theological, biblical revelation and existential self-understanding of ourselves, our communities and our traditions. According to Judeo-Christian theologians we may speak of a general or natural revelation e. More or less orthodox positions of Judaism and Christianity must inevitably deal with the problem of revelation in their assumptions miracles, the supernatural, the divine nature and implications historicity, the reception of sacred writings, the interplay between reason and faith.


Manchester: Mattering Press. ISBN Abbas, Syeda , Rees, Gregory J. Nanoscale, 10 BMC Bioinformatics, 19 1. Abbaszadeh, Mahmoud , Thomas, P.

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