The present study is a compilation of the literature about vegetation of mangrove forest of the north coast of Brazil. It synthesizes the knowledge about this important ecosystem and lists the currently available literature. The mangrove flora comprises six mangrove tree species and several associated species. Mangrove tree height and stem diameter vary as a function of abiotic local stand parameters. Seasonal variation in rainfall and salinity affect the species' phenology and litter fall. Local population use products derived from mangrove plants for different purposes e.

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Google Scholar. Profesor Investigador T. Esto se ha documentado principalmente para especies de la familia Rhizophoraceae y Acanthaceae; sin embargo, son limitados los estudios accesibles para la familia Combretaceae, p. Laguncularia racemosa. Alongi, M. The dynamics of benthic nutrient pools and fluxes in tropical mangrove forests. Journal of Marine Research 54 1 : Analuddin, K. Sharma, R. Suwa y A. Journal of Oceanography 65 1 : Asaeda, T.

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Tropical Native Species Reforestation Information Clearinghouse (TRIC)

Laurie L. Richardson, DeEtta K. Mills, Elizabeth R. Remily, Joshua D. Segnini de Bravo, J. Medina, S. Marcano, H.


Flora vascular de los manglares de Marismas Nacionales, estado de Nayarit

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Resumen del Autor: Abstract: Mangroves are tropical species established along topographic gradients in coastal areas, where variations in salinity and flooding periods influence the composition and characteristics of primary productivity. In this paper the structural attributes and litter production of mangroves of the Mecoacan lagoon, Gulf of Mexico were evaluated. In six monitoring sites the floristic composition, diameter at breast height DBH , height, density mature mangrove trees, juveniles, recruits and seedlings, extraction and mortality were determined. Besides, basal area, importance value index IVI , coverage and Holdridge complexity index, were calculated. Productivity litter of different mangrove species was quantified by trapping capture, while the physico-chemical parameters in surface, interstitial and groundwater were determined by installing piezometers. The study sites in Mecoacan lagoon were classified into two physiographic types: fringe Boca, Aspoquero, Arrastradero and Pajaral and basin Cerros and Mojarrero. The average density was 2 mature mangrove trees ha

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