In keeping with the spirit of iconic modules, I decided to pick up Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. It is designed for 8th level characters and takes them through to level While the world has changed and evolved over the years, the foundation stays the same. In Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk, the party travels to the Free City of Greyhawk on the eve of a ceremony that has attracted all sorts of people from around the continent. The Ceremony is a funeral for a cleric named Riggby, who recently died in the dungeons of the ruined Castle of Greyhawk. Riggby was a hero in the Free City, and an icon around the world.

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Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is an adventure book for the 3. The adventure is set in the game's World of Greyhawk campaign setting , specifically in and around Castle Greyhawk and its dungeons.

The adventure also provides updates on a number of important Greyhawk personages as well as encounters in the Free City of Greyhawk itself. The Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk adventure puts the adventuring party on a quest into the depths of the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk to save the Free City from the forces of the foul demigod Iuz the Evil - the half-fiend son of the demon lord Graz'zt and the evil archmage Iggwilv. Iuz built a sinister empire that once held the northern lands of the Flanaess in fear and constantly threatened the surrounding kingdoms in an attempt to rule the entire world of Oerth.

Iuz's empire fell apart years earlier after Iuz was captured by the Free City's founding wizard, the mad Zagig Yragerne, who imprisoned Iuz in a device called the "godtrap" as part of a bizarre experiment to achieve divinity for himself.

Decades after Zagig now the Archmage Demigod called Zagyg achieved his godhood, a powerful mage from the Free City named Mordenkainen led an expedition into the depths of Castle Greyhawk.

There, two of Mordenkainen's allies, the warrior Lord Robilar , and Boccobite cleric Riggby , found the imprisoned Iuz and through Mordenkainen's manipulation, released the half-demon believing they could just kill him outright once and for all. Iuz, however, managed to escape the battle and fled back to his kingdom where he could recover his power and plot his revenge against his enemies.

Afterward, Robilar, along with the archmage Rary , betrayed Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight a committee of wizards , by killing the great wizards Tenser and Otiluke , and leaving Bigby clinging to life.

Mordenkainen had expected Rary to betray him sooner or later, but not Robilar, who was his trusted ally for decades. Forty years later, in the Greyhawk realm's Common Year of , the player characters take on the role of adventurers who arrive at the Free City to explore the Ruins of Greyhawk looking for riches and glory.

Under an oath with Zagig, Mordenkainen vowed never to enter the depths of Castle Greyhawk, but through researching Zagig's tomes, Mordenkainen only recently found a possible clue to Robliar's betrayal hidden deep inside the ruins. Mordenkainen, barred by oath from entering the dungeons, recruits the band of adventurers to go into the chambers for him and find the secret behind Robilar's treachery.

Little do they realize they have stumbled upon an epic situation where failure could mean the destruction of the world. This late Greyhawk adventure was set late enough in the timeline to accommodate events from Living Greyhawk.

Unlike most published adventure modules, the Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is technically an incomplete "open ended" adventure. Rather than detailing every single room of the dungeons below the ruins, only key areas that affect the main plot of the adventure are detailed.

In fact, entire dungeon levels are left unmapped and the DM is encouraged to improvise their own encounters to fill in areas not covered by the game with their own content. The game provides a list of random encounters for each dungeon level, generic dungeon maps left clear of content, and numerous side quests to help the DM along the way and keep the adventure flowing.

Shannon Appelcline notes that Greyhawk Ruins was remade into the 3E-compatible Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk , and while the book was published by Wizards, it was written by Paizo staffers such as Erik Mona and James Jacobs. Tim Janson of mania. Shannon Appelcline called this book "a long-awaited return to the most famous dungeon in roleplaying", noting that it was published as part of a series of nostalgic adventures which suggested that Wizards of the Coast 's original series of 3.

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Castle Greyhawk

Twenty-seven years ago, a band of adventurers led by the great wizard Mordenkainen entered the dungeon below Castle Greyhawk and released the evil demigod Iuz, intending to slay him. Betrayal led to failure, Iuz escaped, and many lives were lost. Today evil has returned to Castle Greyhawk, and Mordenkainen must place his trust in the hands of a new generation of heroes. Those who fail will be lost, and those who triumph will be legend.


Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

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The Free City of Greyhawk is located centrally in the Flanaess, the eastern portion of the continent of Oerik, the greatest of Oerth's four continents. Surface ruins. The surface ruins are mostly abandoned. They include a temple to Boccob, barracks, storerooms, mess halls, and guest quarters.

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