Estudio clinico micologico de onimicosis en ancianos Clinico -mycological study of onychomycosis in elderly patients. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Physical examination of nails was carried out in elderly patients and nail scrapings were obtained from onychomycosis suggested lesions in order to determine their causative agents, incidence and clinical characteristics. Diagnostic was confirmed by the isolation of the agents from 74 patients, mainly from toe-nails incidence 35,2.

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Estudio clinico micologico de onimicosis en ancianos Clinico -mycological study of onychomycosis in elderly patients. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Physical examination of nails was carried out in elderly patients and nail scrapings were obtained from onychomycosis suggested lesions in order to determine their causative agents, incidence and clinical characteristics. Diagnostic was confirmed by the isolation of the agents from 74 patients, mainly from toe-nails incidence 35,2.

It was compared the results obtained by microscopic examination and by culture. Trichophyton ru-brum was the most common dermatophyte isolated; Candida parapsilosis was dominant among Candida species. Full Text Available A clinico - pathological study of 28 cases of ichthyosis vulgaris appeared with in the age of 5 years.

The presence of the disease since birth was also found. While most 24 patients showed a diminution of severity in summer with an aggravation during winter, 4 patients followed the opposite seasonal pattern. Only in 4 patients, fine scales in the scalp were detected. One patient showed an affection of flexures. There was also a low occurrence of palmo- planter hyperkeratosis, follicular keratosis, fissuring of hands and feet and atopy.

There are presented the main clinico -roentgenological signs of the chest damage in the injured persons, suffering polytrauma, according to the data from the specialized department of traumatic shock and polytrauma.

Clinico -lymphographic diagnosis of post-traumatic edema. Clinico -lymphographic comparisons in various manifestations of posttraumatic edema are presented. Early and delayed stages of chronic lymph flow violations are singled out. Data on distal non-progressing edema above foot edema following bone fractures in the low third of shank, in case of chronic edema of various limb segments occuring on the back-ground of muscle tissue atrophy are given. A clinico -lymphographic classification of posttraumatic edema is developed.

Some new information on the value of lymphography in assessment of lymphographic lumen in bone defects, its substitution and elongation is reported. Hepatocellular carcinoma: a clinico pathological study.

To describe the clinico -pathological and radiological profile of hepatocellular carcinoma. All consecutive patients suspected of having hepatocellular carcinoma HCC , were admitted and included in this study. Diagnosis of HCC was established by clinical, biochemical, ultrasonographic and histopathologic findings.

Patients with primary carcinoma elsewhere in the body, metastatic in the liver, fibrolamellar carcinoma and benign tumours were excluded from the study. At ultrasonography, the details of tumour size and number, portal vein thrombosis and presence of ascites were recorded. Patients were staged according to Okuda staging system.

Results were described in mean and percentage values. There were 82 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma including 58 males and 24 females, with male to female ratio of 2.

The mean age of patients was Right hypochondrial pain was the main symptom in 52 The duration of symptoms varied from 1 month to 2 years. Anti HCV was positive in 44 Ten patients According to Okuda staging system 18 patients had stage 1, 50 had stage 2 and 14 had stage 3 hepatocellular carcinoma.

The mean age of presentation of hepatocellular carcinoma was younger as compared to western countries with potentially large non-resectable lesions. Chronic hepatitis C and B was found to be the major known factors. To know the most common group of lymph nodes enlarged. To assess the response to management. There was no case of sarcoidosis in this series. There is comparatively an increased incidence of tuberculous cervical lymphadenopathy in females than males.

The average age of presentation was Surgical intervention is definitely required in many cases, though most of the cases are medically curable. Clinico -Electroencephalography Pattern and Determinant of 2-year Ability to predict seizure control on first diagnosis can be very useful in the management of patients with CPS.

Clinico -epidemiologic features of oculocutaneous albinism in Background: Oculocutaneous albinism OCA is a genetically heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by the absence or reduced pigmentation of the skin, hair and eyes.

To assess the clinico -epidemiologic features of different forms of OCA among Egyptian patients, we performed a retrospective study to determine Clinico -histopathologic types of maxillofacial malignancies with Clinico -histopathologic types of maxillofacial malignancies with emphasis on sarcomas: A year review.

The patients on average. Intraocular osseous metaplasia. A clinico -pathological study. Purpose: To evaluate the clinico -pathologic features of intraocular osseous metaplasia. Methods: Pathology specimens of enucleated eyes submitted to the ophthalmic pathology service at a tertiary eye-care referral center between January and June were studied for intraocular osseous metaplasia.

Specific histopathologic features noted in specimens with osseous metaplasia were the presence of retinal detachment, gliosis, retinal pigment epithelial hyperplasia, drusen, epiretinal membra Abnormal neuronal migration: radiologic-clinic study. Alteraciones en la migracion neural: estudio clinico -radiologico. Martinez Fernandez, M. We present our experience in 18 pediatric patients with abnormal neuronal migration.

Seven cases of heterotopia of the gray matter, 7 agyria-pachygyria complexes, 1 case of polymicrogyria, 2 cases of schizencephaly and 1 case of hemimegalencephaly were diagnosed by means of ultrasonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance.

The clinical picture was reviewed in each case, with special attention to the occurrence of convulsions, psycho motor development and visual changes. In general, the greater the morphological change, the greater the neurological involvement in these patients. However, the two cases of schizencephaly presented mild clinical expression. Magnetic resonance increases the diagnostic yield in neuronal migration disorders.

Nevertheless, either ultrasonography or, especially, computed tomography is useful as a first diagnostic approach in these malformative disorders. Varied clinico -radiological presentations of transmigrated canines. Full Text Available Canine is one of the most commonly impacted teeth in the dental arch. An unerupted permanent canine crossing the midline is called transmigration and is an unusual event.

We report nine cases of impacted canine transmigration. Maxillary canine transmigration, bilateral transmigration, and transmigration associated with odontoma are rare presentations. This article discusses the varied clinico -radiologic presentations, etiology, and treatment options of transmigration.

It also emphasizes the importance of panoramic radiographs for evaluation of over-retained deciduous canines or missing permanent canines. Clinico -pathological features of kidney disease in diabetic cases. Diabetic kidney disease is the major cause of end-stage kidney disease in developed countries.

However, the onset of kidney disorder and the progression pattern of kidney dysfunction and proteinuria greatly vary cases by cases. Therefore, risk classification with clinical data and pathological findings is important.

Recent clinico -pathological study with kidney biopsy samples from diabetic patients revealed that pathological changes of diabetic nephropathy are characteristic and have special impacts on prognosis in each clinical stage.

Moreover, comparison of the clinico -pathological findings of diabetic nephropathy with hypertensive nephrosclerosis revealed that there are few differences in their pathological findings in cases with low albuminuria and preserved estimated glomerular filtration rate eGFR.

Because it is so difficult to clearly distinguish pure kidney lesions caused by diabetes and kidney lesions due to effects other than diabetes, it is vital that these overlapped pathological findings be confirmed on kidney biopsy in cases of early stage diabetes.

Further research is warranted regarding the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy and indication of kidney biopsy in diabetic cases. Aplastic anemia: clinico haematological features, treatment and outcome analysis. To determine the clinico haematological features, treatment and outcome of children diagnosed with aplastic anemia at a single institution. Study Design: Observational study. Methodology: Medical records of children aged less than 15 years of age diagnosed with aplastic anemia were reviewed.

Clinico haematological features, treatment and its response to therapy and outcome were recorded. Results were described in percentages. Results: Ninety patients were diagnosed to have aplastic anemia AA ; 65 were male during the study period. Age ranged from 1 to 15 years. Fever in 65 patients Congenital Fanconi's anemia was found in 15 Very severe aplastic anemia VSAA was seen in 29 Eight patients 8. Five Twenty two patients Conclusion: Majority of cases with AA were acquired and idiopathic in etiology.

Pericoronal radiolucencies with significant pathology: Clinico -histopathologic evaluation. Full Text Available Background: The purpose of the study was to correlate the provisional diagnosis of pericoronal radiolucencies associated with impacted, embedded, or unerupted teeth with the histopathologic diagnosis, and also to emphasize the importance of early detection for better diagnosis and management.

Methods: This is a retrospective study involving 18 cases of pericoronal radiolucencies associated with unerupted, embedded, or impacted teeth whose data during 1-year period were retrieved, and were reviewed for clinical, radiological, and histopathologic data. Also, comparison and correlation of clinico -histopathologic diagnosis was made.

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