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Spanish version. Wherever he went, startling evidence emerged to bolster his main contention that long ago planet earth hosted extraterrestrial beings. Within the framework of the beliefs and ideas of the last thousand years many improbable treasures, and fantastic ruins would appear inexplicable. But when we look at them in the light of the most up-to date technology then these important and startling discoveries are explicable The Gold of The Gods.

The War of The Gods. Traces of The Gods in China, Too. On The Trail of The Indians. Rarities, Curiosities and Speculations. Return to Mensajes de Civilizaciones Andinas y Americanas. Return to The Ancient Astronauts Theory. Return to Gold for Humans and Others To me this is the most incredible, fantastic story of the century. It could easily have come straight from the realms of Science Fiction if I had not seen and photographed the incredible truth in person.

What I saw was not the product of dreams or imagination, it was real and tangible. A gigantic system of tunnels, thousands of miles in length and built by unknown constructors at some unknown date, lies hidden deep below the South American continent. Hundreds of miles of underground passages have already been explored and measured in Ecuador and Pent. That is only a beginning, yet the world knows nothing about it.

Gustavo Falconi , a notary in Guayaquil. I had this document, which was written in Spanish, translated by a UN interpreter. I quote the most important parts of it at the beginning of this incredible story of mine:.

With the issue of this notarial title-deed on July Moricz put them under state control which will smooth the way for future research. The objects are distributed among various caves and are of many different kinds. I was able to make my discovery in fortunate circumstances In my capacity as a scholar, I was carrying out research into the folklore and the ethnological and linguistic aspects of Ecuadorian tribes Stone and metal objects of different sizes and colors.

Metal plaques leaves engraved with signs and writing. These form a veritable metal library which might contain a synopsis of the history of humanity, as well as an account of the origin of mankind on earth and information about a vanished civilization.

Being cautious by nature and skeptical as befitting a scholar, he kept silent for three years. Not until he had covered many miles of underground passages and found all kinds of remarkable objects did he ask President Velasco Ibarra for an audience in the spring of But the President of a country in which nearly all his predecessors had been deposed by rebellions before the expiry of their term of office, had no time for this lone wolf with his incredible tale of discovery.

Disillusioned and embittered he withdrew to his subterranean retreat. His lawyer, Dr. I had settled down in Dr. Finally one of the telegrams readied him.

He telephoned me. He knew my books! On the night of March 4 he stood there, a wiry, deeply tanned man in his mid-forties, with gray hair Fig. He is one of those men who has to be drawn out, because he himself is anything but talkative. My vehement, insistent questions amused him. Gradually he began to give a factual and very expressive description of his tunnels. Moricz invited me to visit the caves. During the twenty-four hour drive to the site we took turns at the wheel. Before we entered the caves, we took the precaution of having a good sleep.

When the dawn sky announced the advent of a hot day, our adventure began. Erich von Daniken with Juan Moricz, the discoverer of the caves,. The secret entrance to the hidden tunnel system, which is guarded by hostile Indians,. The entrance, cut in the rock and wide as a barn door, is situated in the province of Morona-Santiago, in the triangle formed by Gualaquiza-San Antonio-Yaupi Fig. Suddenly, from one step to another, broad daylight changed to pitch darkness.

Birds fluttered past our heads. We felt the draught they created and shrank back. We switched on our torches and the lamps on our helmets, and there in front of us was the gaping hole which led down into the depths.

We slid down a rope to the first platform feet below the surface. From there we made two further descents of feet. Then our visit to the age-old underworld of a strange unknown race really began.

The passages Fig. Sometimes they are narrow, sometimes wide. The walls are smooth and often seem to be polished. The ceilings are flat and at times look as if they were covered with a kind of glaze. Obviously these passages did not originate from natural causes-they looked more like contemporary air-raid shelters!

As I was feeling and examining ceilings and walls, I burst out laughing and the sound echoed through the tunnels. Moricz shone his torch on my face:. Have you gone crazy? My doubts about the existence of the underground tunnels vanished as if by magic and I felt tremendously happy. We stood at the entrance to a hall as big as the hangar of a Jumbo Jet.

It could have been a distribution center or a storeroom, I thought. Galleries leading in different directions branched off it. When I tried to use my compass to find out where they led, it went on strike. I shook it, but the needle did not move. Moricz watched me:. There is radiation down here that makes it impossible to get a compass bearing. On the threshold of a side passage a skeleton lay on the ground It looked as if a doctor had carefully prepared it for an anatomy lesson, but in addition had sprayed it all over with gold dust.

Inside the artificial tunnel system, which is haunted by swarms of birds. In two places which I measured the droppings were inches deep. The ceilings are flat; the walls form right angles and are often covered with a kind of glaze.

The bones gleamed in the light of our torches like solid gold. It was very quiet; all I could hear was our footsteps, our breathing and the whir of the birds, to which we rapidly grew accustomed. The darkness was blacker than the darkest night. We were standing dumbfounded and amazed in the middle of a gigantic hall. Moricz, the proud discoverer, had prepared the effect as cleverly as the citizens of Brussels, who use the same trick when confronting foreign tourists with their Grand Place, perhaps the most beautiful square in the world.

This nameless hall into which the seventh passage leads is intimidatingly large, but very beautiful and nobly proportioned. We were told that the ground plan measures by yards, It went through my mind that these were almost the dimensions of the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan and that in both cases no one knows who the builders, the brilliant technicians, were.

There was a table in the middle of the room. Was it really a table? Presumably, for there were seven chairs along one side. Were they chairs? Apparently they were. Stone chairs? No, they did not have the same cold feeling as stone. Were they made of wood? Definitely not. Wood would never have lasted for thousands of years.

Were they made of metal? I did not think so. They felt like some kind of plastic, but they were as hard and heavy as steel. There were animals behind the chairs: saurians, elephants, lions, crocodiles, jaguars, camels, bears, monkeys, bison, and wolves, with snails and crabs crawling about between them.

Apparently they had been cast in molds and there was no logical sequence about their arrangement. They were not arranged by species, as zoologists prefer.


ISBN 13: 9789682102714

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Erich von Daniken



Erich von Däniken



El Oro De Los Dioses/the Gold of the Gods


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