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Storage Networks Advantage. Learn About Registration. Learn more. Compare some features and costs. VNXe Series Overview. VNXe Software Packs. The VNXe series targets small to medium-sized businesses and IT generalists with application-centric storage up to drives. VNXe is easy to install and simple to manage, featuring:. The VNXe series is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, department level storage solutions for enterprise, and remote or branch offices, combining breakthrough simplicity with advanced performance, availability, and efficiency benefits.

Need more? The EMC VNXe series redefines networked storage for the small business to small enterprise user, delivering an unequaled combination of features, simplicity and efficiency. These unified storage systems provide true storage consolidation capability with seamless management and a unique application-driven approach eliminates the boundaries between applications and their storage. We aim to gain your respect as a Trusted Advisor and experienced Systems Integrator.

Give us a call to learn more on how we can assist in the spectrum from Solutions Architect to Next Day Components for your Information Technology projects. Break-through ease of use; designed for the IT generalist. Provision hundreds of Exchange mailboxes in just a few clicks. Application-aware management wizards for virtualization and application-centric storage provisioning. Provision 's of Exchange mailboxes in less than 10 clicks.

Provision 1TB VMware data store in 10 minutes. Optimized for virtual applications with VMware and Hyper-V integration. From power-on to provision-ready in less than 60 minutes. A single platform for file and block data services. Centralized and simple GUI for monitoring and alerting. Unisphere Remote provides centralized monitoring of hundreds of VNXe systems deployed in remote and branch offices.

Integrated support ecosystem reduces problem life cycles with fast identification, diagnosis, and resolution. Automated diagnosis and one-click tech support. Contact a Project Coordinator today for the information you need to make an informed decision. This affordable product line feature set has been field proven, providing business solutions to thousands of companies. Arrange a visit to one of our Partner Briefing Centers or participate in a Storage Networks Virtual Demonstration session to compare your solution choices, all with a focus on your business IT needs and budget.

The VNXe series is designed for IT managers who are not dedicated storage experts, delivering advanced storage features with a simple, application-driven user interface.

Virtualization delivers big benefits to your business — in efficiency, productivity and agility. The DD appliance simplifies backup with easy integration into existing backup environments —physical and virtual - automated call home support, and delivers big savings and reduced effort with x less backup storage needed for virtual environments.

Each VNXe comes with a unique serial number that can easily activate license files via an Online Portal during the installation process. Optional Software Suites can be ordered individually, or the the three Protection Suites can be purchased together in the Total Protection Pack. Use copies of production data for development, testing, and other tasks. Security and Compliance Suite Protects data from unwanted changes, deletions, and malicious activity.

File-level retention supports governance and compliance policies. Event Enabler anti-virus , File Level Retention enterprise. VNXe Series Disk Drive options can be ordered at initial system purchase, or at a later time when your capacity needs require seamless expansion.

VNXe Disk Drives. Competitive arrays in the VNXe class include:. When evaluating storage, keep these key points in mind:. Protocols: Are you looking for a file based or block based array? The ports auto-negotiate down to 1Gb for customers that have not yet made the jump to a 10Gb network. NetApp also has a modular interface architecture similar to EMC mezzanine cards vs.

HP also allows you to mix drive technologies within the same enclosure. You cannot simply expand capacity by adding drives at time. Nodes in a cluster should be the same model or at least have the same capacity. Mixing nodes with different drive technology 10K, 15K, 7. Heterogeneous nodes can be mixed within a management group, however. DELL allows you to mix drive types within the same enclosures and enclosures can have empty drive slots.

Auto-tiering is not available. The theory is that performance and capacity scale together since you purchase more RAM and CPU power as you add capacity. Unlike HP StoreVirtual, dissimilar nodes are supported in the same cluster. NetApp does not support auto-tiering of data among other drive types, however.

While you might be able to stock your own spare parts and forego hardware support after a SAN product warranty expires, software support is another issue. Support prices do increase as time passes. Pricing varies with hardware and software configurations- contact us to learn more. Carepacks can be purchased to expedite hardware replacement and extend the warranty past 3-years. As of , an active warranty or CarePack must be held to receive firmware and software updates.

Prior, HP allowed updates free of charge. Equallogic arrays must ship with a support plan and an active support plan is required to gain access to the Equallogic support portal for software and firmware updates. Let us help. Contact a Storage Networks Project Coordinator for configuration, ordering, and integration assistance.

The VNXe is nearing the end of production. The newer generation VNX provides better performance at a lower cost. Options remain available to increase the capacity of your VNXe Many of the below models are available from off lease customers as certified pre-owned products. These products are eligible for EMC support and upgrades.

The Average Selling Price reflects prior sales when these products were in production. Your cost for Certified Pre-Owned products primarily depends on your storage capacity requirements.

Call or submit a RFQ for detailed price, availability, compatibility, or replacement alternatives. Most drive options ship directly from EMC in 1 to 2 days. This listing is not complete.

Newer capacities and lower prices are introduced on a regular basis. All Rights Reserved. Try it yourself! Provisioning Microsoft Exchange - It's really this easy! EMC Unisphere Introduction. Learn More. Request a Quote below the ASP. Call or submit a RFQ. VNX Operating Environment - v. EMC for 15x3. EMC for 25x2. EMC for 12x3.


EMC VNXe 3300 - NAS server - 4.8 TB Specs

Christmas came early for Scott Lowe. To say that I'm excited about my shiny new storage array would be an understatement, and it's through sheer force of will that I have yet to fire up the unit. I want to make sure to share the experience -- the good and the bad -- with TechRepublic readers. A single VNXe chassis supports up to 15 drives. That's plenty of space and certainly plenty of IOPS. The base VNXe unit includes the following suites:.


EMC VNXe 3300 storage array configuration overview







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