Louis, Missouri. The safety of rapid IFX infusion administered over 60 minutes has been under-investigated in children with inflammatory bowel disease. In a multicenter study, the frequency and nature of rapid infusion-associated IRs were examined. The medical records of all consecutive children with inflammatory bowel disease receiving rapid IFX infusions between January and December were reviewed. Poisson regression analysis was used to identify possible associated factors with IRs. A total of rapid infusions for children median age 16 yrs [interquartile range

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As a chronic noncurable disorder often diagnosed in childhood or adolescence, inflammatory bowel disease IBD confers a significant financial lifetime burden. The objective of this systematic review was to determine the disease-associated costs both direct and indirect associated with IBD in children and young adults. A technical panel of experts in pediatric gastroenterology and research methodology formulated the review questions, reviewed the search strategies and review methods, and provided input throughout the review process.

Nine studies met criteria for inclusion, 6 of which examined direct costs, 1 of which examined both direct and indirect costs, 1 of which assessed indirect costs, and 1 of which assessed out-of-pocket OOP costs. Inflammatory bowel disease—associated costs were significantly higher compared with costs in non-IBD populations, with wide variations in cost estimates, which prevented us from conducting a meta-analysis. Overall, direct costs shifted from inpatient hospitalization as a major source of direct costs to medications, mainly driven by anti—tumor necrosis factor agents, as the leading cause of direct costs.

Predictors of high costs included uncontrolled disease, corticosteroid treatment in the previous year, and comorbidity burden. The pediatric literature examining IBD-attributable costs is limited, with widely variable cost estimates. There is a significant knowledge gap in the research surrounding indirect costs and OOP expenses.

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