Esco Resinate Phenolic Resin Laminates. Angle rotor for 12 x 5 ml Reaction tubes, with std cover, Angle of rotor: Angle rotor for 24 x efu-4a1. In-house performance testing is also conducted continuously to further improve product performance and safety. Angle rotor 24 x 1. Laminar Flow Cabinets — Vertical.

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Esco reserves the right to make periodic minor design changes without obligation to notify any person. The contents and the product described in this manual. Esco makes no representations. In no event shall Esco be held liable for any damages,. Version History Warranty Terms and Conditions Products Covered Safety Warning Limitation of Liability Declaration of Conformity About Esco Laboratory Fume Hoods Basic Product Information Operating Your Fume Hood Control System Overview Maintaining Your Fume Hood Re-Certification and Maintenance by Service Personnel Product Specification Esco warrants that this equipment will perform according to specifications for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Esco that these parts were defective at the time of being sold, and that all defective parts shall be returned, properly. If your product was damaged in transit, you must file a. Factory installed, customer specified equipment or accessories are warranted only to the extent guaranteed by the. The customer agrees that in relation to these products purchased through Esco, our limited. The customer shall utilise that warranty for the support of such products and in any event not look to Esco. Esco encourages all users to register their equipment online at www.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and shall. Policy updated on 30th Jan This limited warranty policy does not apply to products purchased before 30th Jan Failure to read, understand and. Besides that,. Familiarization and compliance with any such regulation are the sole responsibility of the users of the. Esco sells products through distributors throughout Europe. Contact your local Esco distributor for.

Please note that for contaminated devices example biological safety cabinets , it. With respect to the directive on RoHS, please note that this fume hood falls under category 8 medical devices.

Information in this manual may be prefaced with the following symbols. They are provided to help you identify. Important Information: Read and understand before proceeding. Important safety related points will be marked.

A list of these parties. Laboratory fume hoods serve to control exposure to toxic, offensive or flammable vapors, gases and aerosols.

A typical fume hood is a cabinet with a moveable. A properly used and properly functioning fume hood exhausts hazardous. All laboratory hoods work on a very basic principle of containment. Negative pressure relative to the exterior is. Experimental procedures are performed within the hood which is consistently and safely.

When exhausted to the external environment,. The bypass fume hood is the most common type of fume hood system used in laboratories today. The bypass is. The bypass is intended. The bypass limits the increase. Variable air volume VAV hoods are more sophisticated systems that vary the amount of room air exhausted while. There are a few ways VAV hoods can change the exhaust volumes.

One method. The second way makes use of a. Fume hoods with VAV systems generally do not require bypass. Some VAV hoods can be linked directly to the laboratory. International standards play an important role in harmonization and ensuring that fume hoods meet established. Consequently, you should understand the scope and application of.

Aside of standard fume hoods discussed before, there are situations where special features and modifications need. A distillation hood is characterized by a low worktop height which results in a largeworking height for the operator. This allows tall distillation equipment to be installed and mounted in the work chamber. Otherwise, it has similar.

Perchloric acid reacts violently with organic materials. Dried perchloric acid is also highly explosive. Therefore, perchloric. Interior liners are. Interior corners are coved to aid in cleaning. All procedures that use. Radioisotope fume hoods are constructed specifically to protect users from radioactive materials. They have specially. Acid digestion fume hoods have special liners manufactured of acid resistant materials such as unplasticized PVC.

Floor mounted fume hoods are used for applications which require large apparatus. As the name implies, these hoods.

This facilitates the transfer of equipment and materials into, and out. Floor mounted hoods are sometimes referred to, although wrongly, as walk-in fume. A demonstration hood has all 4 sides made of safety glass, and this hood is commonly used in educational institutions to.

Ductless fume hoods utilize activated carbon filtration to adsorb chemical vapors and fumes. These hoods recirculate. For further information on the topics discussed above, we have many documents available at our Technical Support. Here you will find the most up-to-date and more detailed information than is possible. The second label is usually located next to the fume hood power inlet. This label contains the electrical requirement. Baffles help ensure that the residence time of air within the hood is minimized.

Location impacts the nature and extent of external airflow disturbances, which may affect performance of the fume. The location should be far away from any kind of heat source heaters, blower converters etc. If possible, ensure there is sufficient access to the counterweight at the rear of the fume hood for future service. You should not position the fume hood where the distance between the aperture and any doorway is less than 1. Door openings cause substantial. If the door is fitted with air transfer grills, operator protection factor testing may be carried out to.

Please note that Figure below does not depict any typical installation. In fact it is NOT recommended that so. FH 1 is quite appropriately located with respect to avoidance of excessive air movements from surrounding areas. FH 5 is suitably located provided that the adjacent return air grille does not influence fume hood airflow.

Normally laboratory fume hood are rarely moved once they are in their ideal positions, but if the need arise to. Usually it will take 6 or more people to move it. Each fume hood preferably has its own extraction system. If an extraction system is shared, then all fume hoods. A shared system also needs a damper or other airflow control device fitted to each fume. However, with a shared system there are some disadvantages. For one, there is a hazard that it may be switched.



Laboratory fume hoods are essential devices used to protect personnel against exposure to hazardous chemicals and gases. Product News FAQ. Unique Consumables CultureCoin. Due to the custom nature of the range, some options do not qualify for the UL label. View Other Laboratory Fume Hoods.


Frontier Mono (EFH) User Manual V 4.1 (1 February 2010)

Esco reserves the right to make periodic minor design changes without obligation to notify any person. The contents and the product described in this manual. Esco makes no representations. In no event shall Esco be held liable for any damages,. Version History Warranty Terms and Conditions Products Covered

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