Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Operating Instructions Manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Refer to them whenever including amplifiers that produce heat. A polarized plug has two Serial No. Step 2: Connecting the System

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Page Count: To red uce t he risk of fi re or electri c. Caution — The use of o ptical instru ments. Do not install the appl iance in a con fined s pace, su ch. Batter ies or b atterie s installe d appa ratus sh all not be. This symbol is intended to ale rt the user to. The model and se rial numb ers are l ocated a t the rea r. Record the serial num ber in. Refer t o them when ever you. Serial No. The fo llowing FCC stat ement ap plies on ly to the.

Other versio ns may not comply with FCC. This equ ipment has been tested a nd found to comp ly. Part 15 of the FC C Ru les. Thes e lim its ar e desig ned to. Ho wever, there. If this equ ipment doe s cause. You are caution ed that any changes or modifications.

Instal l in. A polariz ed plug has two. A grounding. The wid e blade or the third prong a re. If the provide d plug does.

When a c art is u sed, use caution. Servic ing is requir ed when the app aratus has been. Note t o CAT V syst em in stal ler:. This r eminde r is p rovid ed to call the CATV syst em. About This Opera ting. You can. North A mer ican m odels. About T his Oper ating Instru ctions Playab le Discs. Step 1: Positioning th e System Step 2: Connecting the System Step 3: Performing the Quick.

Step 4: Enj oying So und from all the. Soun d Adju stme nt. Enjoyi ng Su rroun d Soun d by U sing. Decodi ng Mode Selecti ng the Sound Mod e Enjoyi ng Mu ltiplex Broadc ast So und Playin g a Disc Using Pla y Mode Adjusting the Delay Be tween the P icture. Restricti ng Playback of the Disc Using the Setup Displa y Presett ing Radi o Sta tions..

Liste ning to the Radio Other Operat ions. Getting Optimal Surround Sound for a. Calibrati ng the App ropriate Se ttings. Automati cally Controllin g the TV with the Supplied. Using th e Sound Effect Using th e Sleep Timer Chang ing the Bri ghtne ss of the Fr ont. Panel Di splay.. Viewing Informatio n About the Disc Returning t o the De fault Se ttings Addi tional In formatio n.

Precautio ns Notes ab out the D iscs Troublesho oting Self-diagn osis Fun ction Specifica tions Languag e Code List Index t o Parts and Control Guide to th e Control M enu Display MP 3 files. Type Disc lo go Charac teris tics Icon. VIDEO format o r video mode. Recordi ng mode ex cept for. Level 2, or Jo liet ext ended for mat. DVD format, containing M P3.

Standard izatio n. The sy stem can not pla y the fol lowing di scs:. Also , the sy stem ca nnot play the fo llowin g discs:. The disc wi ll not play if it h as not been correctly f inalized.

For more in formation, r efer to th e operatin g. I n this case, v iew the disc by normal playb ack. DVD s create d in Packe t Write format ca nnot be pl ayed. Music discs encoded with copyright protection technologies. This product is designed to play back discs that c onform to th e Compact Disc CD standard. Recen tly, variou s musi c discs encode d with copyri ght pr otect ion te chnol ogies are mar kete d by some.

Ple ase be aware tha t among those disc s, ther e are some that do no t con form to th e. CD stand ard and m ay not be pla yable by this produ ct.

A Dual Disc is a two si ded disc produc t whi ch mat es D VD reco rded ma teri al on one si de w ith di git al. Howe ver, si nce the a udio ma teria l side does not confo rm to t he. Compa ct Disc C D stand ard, play back on th is product is not guar anteed.

Example of discs that the sy stem cannot play. Any s ubseq uent JPEG i mage f ile s reco rded i n lat er se ssion s can also be pl ayed back. Your system has a regio n code printed on the rear o f the unit a nd will only play a DVD labele d with. Be sure to read the op erating i nstructi ons. This produ ct inco rpor ates copyr ight pr otec tion te chno logy t hat is pro tect ed by U.

Us e of this copyright pr otection tech nology must be a uthorized by. Macrovis ion, and is inte nded for home and o ther limited viewing uses onl y unless otherwi se authorized. Reve rse engi neeri ng or disa ssemb ly is proh ibit ed. Inse rt two R6 s ize AA batte ries s upplie d by ma tching the 3 and ends on the batteri es to the. To use the remote, poin t it at the remote se nsor on the uni t.

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Sony DAV-HDZ273 Operating Instructions Manual



Sony dav-hdz273 User Manual



Sony DAV-HDZ273 home theater system manual


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