Consider the following set of processes ,with the length of the CPU-burst time. At this point of time a process P4 with a memory. Can memory be allocated to the arriving process. What are the most common schemes for defining the logical structure of a. What are the drawbacks of contiguous allocation of disk space?

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What is an Operating system? What is the Kernel? What are Batch systems? What is the advantage of Multiprogramming? What is an Interactive computer system? What do you mean by Time-sharing systems? What are the different types of multiprocessing? What is graceful degradation? What is Dual-Mode Operation?

What are privileged instructions? How can a user program disrupt the normal operations of a system? How is the protection for memory provided? What are the various OS omponents? What is a process? What is a process state and mention the various states of a process? What is process control block? What is meant by context switch? What is co-operating process? What is spooling? Classify Real time systems. Mention the features of real time systems Define a thread. State the major advantages of threads.

State the assumption behind the bounded buffer producer consumer problem. Discuss the differences between symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing. Define System calls. PART- B : 1. Explain the various types of computer systems. Explain how protection is provided for the hardware resources by the operating system.

Write about the various system calls. What are the various process scheduling concepts? Explain about interprocess communication. Give an overview about threads. Explain in detail about the threading issues. In what ways does it differ from the layered approach? State the basic requirements of critical section problem solution. What is the purpose of system programs? What is a thread?

What are the benefits of multithreaded programming? Compare user threads and kernel threads. User threads, Kernel threads 5. What is the use of fork and exec system calls? What are the different ways in which a thread can be cancelled? Define CPU scheduling. What is preemptive and nonpreemptive scheduling? What is a Dispatcher? What is dispatch latency? What are the various scheduling criteria for CPU scheduling? Define throughput?

What is turnaround time? Define race condition. What is critical section problem? What are the requirements that a solution to the critical section problem must satisfy? Define entry section and exit section. Give two hardware instructions and their definitions which can be used for implementing mutual exclusion. What is semaphores? Define busy waiting and spinlock. What is bounded waiting in critical region?

What are the four necessary conditions a system should posses in order to be terme deadlock? Explain associative mapping. State the assumption behind the bounded buffer producer consumer problem What do you mean by a critical section problem Define the use of Monitor. PART —B : 1. Write about the various CPU scheduling algorithms.

Write notes about multiple-processor scheduling and real-time scheduling. What is critical section problem and explain two process solutions and multiple Process solutions? Explain what semaphores are, their usage, implementation given to avoid busy waiting and binary semaphores.

Explain the classic problems of synchronization. Write about critical regions and monitors. Give a detailed description about deadlocks and its characterization 16 8.

Write in detail about deadlock avoidance. Give an account about deadlock detection. What are the methods involved in recovery from deadlocks? What is the important feature of critical section? State the dining philosophers problem and how how to allocate the several resources among several processes in a deadlock and starvation free manner. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All posts from kings.

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