I studied with the inspiring music guru Charlie Banacos for 5 intense years. He introduced me to so many concepts of improvisation and composition, I could easily spend many lifetimes working on all of it. Because I wanted to pass along his teaching legacy, many of his concepts have been included in my books in way or another. The overall idea of Charlie Banacos Mushrooms Concept is to take any group of notes and figure out everywhere that you could play those notes as a melodic line or a harmony. In order to do this we have to know the possible chord tones and tensions that are available for any chord type.

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The correspondence courses of Charlie Banacos continue to be taught via online lessons with Garry Dial and Barbara Banacos. These courses began their fruition in the late 's and 60's and continued to be taught and developed until Charlie's passing in December of They are preserved as Charlie was teaching them and are kept in his handwriting. The courses are comprised of Charlie's original exercises for improvising musicians and composers.

His many famed and ground-breaking courses are still available, such as 'Double Mambos', '23rd chords', 'Intervallics', 'Giant Steps', 'Chord on Chord', his original ear-training exercises as well as many others. These lessons will help jazz, classical, or rock musicians who are interested in developing improvisational skills on all instruments. If you are a former student from to the present, or instrumentalist or singer from any country requesting information for the first time, please use the contact information on this site.

Find out more information about jazz guru Charlie Banacos. Ready to take the next step? Charlie's BIO. Garry Dial Biography. Jazz Language. Mike Stern Interview. Contact Information Ready to take the next step?


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Charlie taught me my favorite ear training exercise, and I would like to share it with you here. Those with access to a piano follow the steps labeled [A], guitar [B], and single pitch instruments horns, etc. Those at the keyboard [A] will use the eraser side of a pencil to strike the keys with eyes closed. Others [B, C] will need to tape record and document a set number of examples , and repeat this for several days until you have many ready for use. The exercise begins by sounding a cadence in C major. This should be repeated [A] or recorded [B, C] before each example. All other pitches will then be heard relative to C.


Charlie Banacos

More Obituaries for Charlie Banacos. Looking for an obituary for a different person with this name? Charlie Banacos. Add a Memory. Share This Page. He was a pianist, composer, author and educator, concentrating on jazz.


The “Charlie Banacos” Exercise

The late Charlie Banacos, jazz guru, influenced even those students who never met him face to face New England Conservatory is mourning the death of Charlie Banacos , jazz pianist, composer and beloved teacher. Banacos died of cancer, Dec. Born in Lowell, he lived in Dracut in his youth. The pianist "also took lessons with Jaki Byard locally, when he was young ," Netsky said. As a performer, Banacos had played with a star-studded array of artists, however, he retired from performing more than 30 years ago, Netsky said.


Charlie Banacos Mushrooms Concept

Charlie Banacos was a true music guru. So I do not have his whole story, not even close. Charlie certainly wasn't the first teacher to get students to play in all 12 keys. But he was the one to show me how magical, powerful, and FUN-damental it was, and how anyone could start doing it.

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