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April - We are merging our Alltronics and Anatek eCommerce sites, please bear with us as we migrate Categories and Products. New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. The content of these pages is copyrighted by AnaTek Instruments.

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Try Mouser Electronics www. P I need a cross for Opto isolator moc , at least need to know if output device is triac, trans, etc. It is NOT a zero-crossing-circuit device. Digikey www. Also, an equivalent opto-triac device is Toshiba's TLP Try www. P I am looking for a substitute or equivalent for ADG 8-input to 1 output analog mutiplexer of Analog Devices; High speed is the main point.

It is an obsolete part originally manufactured by Harris. I can't find a data sheet. For a cross with similar speed, a Fet-input OpAmp might be easier to find.

Check your circuit, to see how pin 8 is wired. Being Fet-types, their input currents are lower, and they also have lower offset-voltage specs, than does HA That obsolete part is available at Lintech Components. They tend to cost less. The NTE on line reference only goes one way and in my case it's the wrong way. P What is the cross for RC Voltage to frequency converter? But the reference voltage at pin 2 is typically 1.

P Need a source or sub for bry You could try your suppliers using the actual part number. That part is available at Lintech Components. P What replacement options are there for a RM10Z silicon rectifier diode?

This is an old RF transistor, NTE have a substitute but I would continue the search for the correct one as this is not an easy one. BF or BF may do as well. Could the Maxim range be the same and if so which variation? P Looking for any info on a component what looks like Texas Instruments or , probably a triac, part of a motor control circuit, in a Kenwood Chef food processor. Response from Texas Instruments: "this is a device made especially for a customer in Our policy does not allow us to disclose any information on ASICs.

Vishay's SL04; Diodes,Inc. The full number is KSCR. The R suffix indicates a gain bracket of Fairchild's KSC datasheet is at www. P I am looking for a substitute or data for transistor MM.

This could be TMM, which is a Triac, and would test differently from a transistor. TM is rated Volts, 16 Amps rms.

Where could I find a cross-over part? Nationwide www. P I have a component which looks like a resistor but it does not have any color accept black and checked with digital meter the continuity is 0. Is this resistor or other? I believe this is what is called a Zero ohm link ie it is a link with a resistor body to enable auto insertion equipment to be able to handle it.

There are Zero-ohm components, which are used like jumper wires, and their resistor-like body permits automated PCB board insertion.

Some brands of these use black resistor-band codes, to indicate zero ohms. Certain microfuses also may resemble this, but generally have some character markings on their case, to indicate a fuse rating. P Need a cross for stk Darlington pack. Cannot find this oem part anymore. Will an IRFZ44 work? To answer my own question, yes they will work.

The STP50 and 55 are discontinued. IRFZ44 is similar in specs, as well, and should also work. They are available via Sony however I need them asap and I don't have time to wait for them to be shipped.

I cannot seem to find a cross anywhere. Other manufacturers, than Motorola, also make these "SA" devices. Mouser Electronics www. This has the isolation voltage 5Kv. Is it possible to replace the S with S? Your ICs are not the same. If you do a search on Google you will find 7, 8, and 9 may be OK but 6 is not. For some specifics on the programming of the MC68HC, see the information in the file at www. The datasheet for CXP, located at www. See NTE's website, www.

P I need a sub for mosfet fs7sm 16A. Mouser www. NTE with an insulator might sub. You could also inquire from Nationwide www. The MNP indicates the gain range of the device. Assuming your Triac has an isolated stud, NTE could substitute. If the stud is not isolated, after all, NTE is a possibility. Check at www. P Is there a replacement for Motorola??

SJ and SJ complimentary power out transistors in an old Marantz receiver? Answering my own quest, as obscure and therefore little help as it is, these old Marantz transistors were mfg'd by Motorola but are proprietary to Marantz. P I need a replacement or equivalent to A which appears to be a transistor of the larger TO form out of the amp section f a JVC stereo receiver.

It has two pins. The full number is UN This is a 0. It can be replaced by a fast-acting microfuse of similar rating. If the gate-drive voltage provided by your board is higher than 5 Volts i. Choose according to value and watch pinouts. P I need a substitute for a 2sc The number on it is HA P I need a source or cross for a K I need the code for HV transformator. The NTE device www. We have been using MJE Motorola for a replacement an d it works.

P Where can I find a catalogue of transistors, which contains the data and characteristics for NTE ? NTE's site www. The datafile for NTE is available at www.


CEB703AL MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

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Chino-Excel Technology

High power and current handing capability. Lead free product is acquired. Drain-Source Voltage. Gate-Source Voltage. Drain Current-Continuous. Drain Current-Pulsed a.

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