Photo: Mark Ewing. Record loops and overdub in real time for lightning-quick track creation live or in the studio. You might reasonably ask what a review of a stomp-style guitar pedal is doing in Sound On Sound, so let's get that out of the way right now. Firstly, the RC20XL builds on the concept of the now discontinued Lexicon Jam Man and the looping functions of the more recent Line 6 Delay Modeller insomuch as you can record loops called Phrases in Roland-speak and then overdub onto them live.

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It is the relatively inexpensive approx. After playing with it for just 15 minutes, I was surprised to discover that it possessed immediate musicality and was extremely intuitive to use. On paper, feature for feature, Mobius comes out on top as it is in essence, an Echoplex emulation — but for sheer simplicity of use, the RCXL is a winner. The main thing missing on the RCXL is multi-track functionality, i.

Also absent is the ability to multiply or cut short loops. At first, this put me off, but a different tool requires a different approach. So from the left, top row: Level knob, Guide Volume knob choose from an range of preset guide drum tracks , Loop Quantize Indicator Light, Phrase Select knob Select the phrase that will be saved or played , Loop Phrase Indicator lights lit if a selected phrase contains recorded material and whether loop will play continually or once , Microphone Level knob, Peak Indicator Light, Instrument Level knob.

Then the bottom row: Reverse Button, Tap-Tempo Button controls tempo and time signature , Write Button save a recorded phrase into memory , Exit Button halt a phrase save or delete operation , Auto Start Button if lit recording will start automatically as you start to play and finally the Mode Button sets the recording method.

The RCXL provides somewhat immediate satisfaction. Hit the left pedal to start recording; hit again to stop and your recorded phrase will play back. One of the most interesting features of this product is that it provides a massive 16 minutes of recording time — more than enough to be getting on with! Hit the left button while your phrase is playing back and you are in overdub mode — dip in and out then with the left pedal as desired to build up layers of overdubs. Hitting the right pedal will stop playback, then hitting it again will continue playback from the beginning of the phrase.

This is very useful for pausing playback, playing a non-looped section of a song, then bringing the loop back in when done. The reverse function is very cool. When the button or foot pedal if connected is pressed, playback is reversed. Now, if a whole layered phrase of overdubs has been recorded, hitting the reverse button will reverse the lot — interesting in of itself or for a gimmick. I found however by playing with this function, that if reverse is pressed before recording commences, then only your initial recorded phrase will play backwards — all other overdubs will be recorded normally.

In turn, this itself can then be reversed so that the initial phrase then plays forwards and all overdubs play backwards! The Tap Tempo and Loop Quantize are also very useful for creating accurate loop endings and cuts out some of the worry if your timing is very slightly off.

Record the phrase via the Aux In then time-stretch the phrase tempo keeping pitch to a slower rate. Very swish! So far, I have only used this unit with solo bass. Use the RCXL as part of the effects chain and it performs like a dream. The unit is completely silent from what I can hear with no hiss or degradation of signal. By popular demand, our stickers are now back in stock. Be sure to check out our new Holographic Sticker too!

Grab Some Swag. Thanks for posting this, Russ. Cool video JKBass! Great of you to visit my friend! Yes, I definitely recommend this pedal. Glad you liked the review :. I stil find the Rc 20xl to be more reliable than the RC The Rc 20xl is reliable and does not interfere with your playing like some pedals can. Does anyone know how you get the RC 20 XL loop station back to factory settings?

It seems it hold down 2 seconds, then when you want to delete something else, 2 more seconds and its back. I bought mine 2nd hand and Its filled with all sorts. I just want to clear it. Thanks everyone Bobbyrob51 hotmail. Hey Bobby, You need to erase the phrases in each preset one by one. That should erase the selected preset. Hope that helps : Russ. What do you say? Skip to main content. Share Tweet Email Comments. Get daily bass updates. Get the latest news, videos, lessons, and more in your inbox every morning.

No Treble Stickers are Back! Related Topics: Bass gear , Boss , looper. More from No Treble. Share your thoughts Cancel reply. I have one and Love it. April 19, Bruno Migliari. April 20, Russ Sargeant. Steven Guerrero. April 21, May 1, October 24, Eelco Van Den Berg Jeths. May 21,


Boss RC-20XL Loop Station w/ Manual

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Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

The RCXL is an impressive, powerful guitar-intended looper. Despite some niggling shortcomings, the RCXL is the best there is. Of its type the RCXL is streets ahead of the current competition with 11 programmable memories and a total of 16 minutes recording time - over per cent more than the previous version. That said, the metal-shrouded unit, about the size of two-and-a-bit compact effects, exudes stage-proof quality.

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