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Ork Bommas or Bommers are an entire family of aircraft dedicated in blowing those puny gitz to smithereens. Bommas come in all shapes and sizes but they all excel at their job. They are not to be confused with the Fighta-Bommer which is more of a multi-role aircraft than a dedicated Bommer. These aircrafts 'aim' their bombs by diving at the target, releasing their Boom Bomb at the very last moment possible which is something that tends to panic the onboard Grot Gunner.

They often perform 'Blitz' runs where an entire squadron of these guys start peppering a targeted enemy with a barrage of bombs, hence their name. Like every Ork mentality, you go much faster when plummeting downwards and if you paint it red you go even faster. Some Orks completely forget to pull out of their dive and end up smashing into the ground. Once they've blown everything up hopefully themselves not included then there's a pair of supa shootas ready to mop up any stray or squishy targets.

Their payload consists of a pair of Boom Bombs, a heavy type of high-explosive bomb. In 8th Edition Blitza-Bommers had their payloads tweaked for more anti-vehicle punch.

At points Blitza-bombers are relatively cheap, but once the bombs are dropped they might be left without much to do since they only have 3 secondary guns. Bomb large squadrons of smaller vehicles such as Vypers for maximum pain. For some Flyboyz, guns might not be as fun as fire. Orks love fire and it was therefore inevitable that someday a Mek would think of attaching canisters of volatile promethium to the underside of an Ork Bommer, thus the Burna-Bommer was born. And like their Blitza-Bommer cousins, this aircraft performs its attack runs at as low an altitude as possible.

Such a technique is, predictably, filled with potential Fail. Burna-Bommers usually feature a twin-linked Supa Shoota and a Grot-manned defence turret, armed with a twin-linked Big Shoota.

Their payload includes two Burna Bombs and up to six incendiary Skorcha Missiles. In 8th Edition Burna-Bommers have respectable anti-infantry firepower and, with the bombs, deal mortal wounds too. You get two Burna Bombs, and can drop one per turn on a unit you fly over. The Skorcha missiles, if equipped, no longer track ammo: instead they are an Assault D6 weapon with a 24" range that are S5 and AP-1, and ignore cover saves. At only 5 points, there's no reason not to take them; a Burna-Bommer equipped this way comes in at only points.

Ideally, you should maximize your bomb drops by focusing on high-value infantry targets such as full-strength squads of MEQs. Against GEQs you're better off bringing a Dakkajet. As their name implies, Heavy Bommers are one of the largest available Bommers in use of the Orks built for sustained heavy bombardment. Due to their size, Heavy Bommers can carry a much bigger payload then their smaller cousins. The main problem with Heavy Bommers is there aren't many Orks willing to pilot them , either because the controls are unusually small or the cockpit is cramped.

Combine these factors with the universal Ork instinct to fight face-to-face, most of the crews inevitably consist of Gretchin. Sometimes of course, the bombs malfunction and accidentally blow up inside the Bommer creating a spectacular fireball of Fail.

Enough defensive weaponry is on this thing to see off waves of interceptor aircraft, while it carries enough ordnance weapons to pretty much wipe out an entire formation on turn one. Just one of these can spit out enough supa-rokkits to wipe an Leman Russ company off the gameboard or drop enough grot-bombs to turn six full sized Gaunt Broods into a few scattered bugs led by a lonely Hive Tyrant who will be blown apart by your Lootas next turn.

It also comes with eight 8! Big Shootas mounted along the flanks, which can shoot at different targets. Since the Forge World 40k-scale Ork Bommer was only in production for about a minute, let's hope that Ork players see a plastic version of this beast and its variants in a future Orktober.

The Blasta Bommers are meant for executing low-flying ground attacks, and therefore they are armed with a plethora of Shootas, Zzap guns, and Rokkits. Of course this means that they have to sacrifice space normally designated for their bomb payloads in order to store ammunition and add mounting points for their plethora of gunz.

In real life, dedicated light and medium bomber aircraft were actually converted into gun-laden assault planes.

These are known as Attack aircraft, though the Blasta Bommer combines this concept with that of the Flying Fortress by mounting a number of independent machine guns along its flanks.

Apparently the in famous Ork philosopher and mekboy supreme Orkimedes was inspired by Imperial Marauders and came up with idea for the Blasta Bommer during the Third War for Armageddon. Most Imperial authorities would consider this flattering, but the AdMech would have a collective seizure brimming with Rage and screaming about tech-heresy if you dare tell them that a filthy xeno has vandalized the concept of one of their vehicles.

In 7th Edition of Imperial Armour 8, the Blasta Bommer is very much like the Marauder variant for Imperials, instead of bombs and ordinance this thing carries lots of heavy guns for ground attack. Think of this as an Orky A Warthog the Orkiest of all airplanes. It can crank out a hilarious amount of Shoota, Zzap Gun, and Rokkit hits to mow down large numbers of enemies, while having the range to buzz around, loitering out of reach of the enemy's guns.

The lack of Blast weapons means this is more suited for destroying a few hard targets over obliterating large formations, playing counterpart to the traditional Bomma. However, it is the death of Titans, MEQs, and any vehicle anywhere.

Essentially the airborne equivalent to the Grot Bomm Launcha. The dangerous job of pushing bomms out of the hangar of an Eavy Bommer is usually left to the grots. As a result, the little gits develop a burning desire to pilot their own speeding aircraft and this lead to the creation of Grot Bommers.

These Bommers are smaller than the conventional Bomma, and are therefore usually deployed from larger Ork aircraft; their speed, combined with the Grot pilot's desperation to engage with the enemy, makes them the perfect homing missile. These souped up flyers shoot Grot Bomms and have a larger transport capacity than the standard Eavy Bommer.

Unlike conventional guided missiles, the Grot Bomm is made using the finest Orky kno-wotz and rather than using complex augur arrays or machine spirits the Orks just strap a very eager grot inside. The grots enjoy their five minutes of flying before they inevitably crash into something with a massive explosion. Most never make it to their intended target as their limited fuel supply runs out all too soon.

However the ones that do reach enemy aircraft cause horrific damage. If there is an operation that needs more tactical finesse rather than blowing shit up, the Grot Bommer could also utilize rokkit pack-equipped Stormboyz for the operation.

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Ork Codex Review !

Mot de passe. Se souvenir de moi. On the tile are two weapons. My question is if i am allowed to use both attaks by activating the Blitza-Bommer? Additionally I would like to ask If I use the Laindraider. Am I allowed to use all 3 weapons of the unit?



This datasheet has Flyers Battlefield Role. Full list of Orks units sharing same Battlefield Role follows:. Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat. The ORK keyword is used in following Orks datasheets:. The FLY keyword is used in following Orks datasheets:. Army List.

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