Self-blood pressure monitoring may be useful for a large number of patients. It is usually indicated in diabetic patients, patients with renal impairment and in pregnant women with a history of hypertension. However, these measures fall under specific and accurate procedures. In addition, self-blood pressure monitoring does not constitute a device for adjusting the treatment by the patient: Only a healthcare professional can adjust the treatment based on results and recommendations. Self-blood pressure monitoring must be tightly controlled and the patient must be advised about the devices and online tracking tools

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Pour mesurer votre tension, respectez les instructions du site www. Pour faire votre demande cliquez ici. En savoir plus sur les consultations. Cliquez ici. Actualisation, Octobre Pour prendre un rendez-vous par courriel, cliquez ici. Oui Non. Mar A pilot double-blind randomized placebo-controlled crossover pharmacodynamic study of the centrally active aminopeptidase A inhibitor, firibastat, in hypertension.

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