With the Instrumentation text, you'll take a closer look at how to present flight and navigation data to your crew. Instrumentation provides an overview on construction and function of sensor and systems. This volume will present the instrument screens and help pilots interpreting and properly sense possible malfunctions. Always up to date, printed on demand and using QR codes to provide animated graphics, this book presents this knowledge step-by-step.

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Ever wonder how do different countries with different national laws work together towards a consensus on safety in aviation? What are the various protocols in place when pilots from all over the world overfly other countries?

This subject tells you what you need to know regarding international aviation law. Find out how the mass and location of loading passengers, fuel and cargo are taken into consideration so that limitations set out by aircraft manufactures are never exceeded. Learn how pilots and load masters work together to ensure safe operations of the aircraft. Learn the science behind how aircrafts fly and how aviation engineers have made flying safer and more efficient through clever design.

The knowledge attained in this subject is a fundamental prerequisite for all types of airplane pilots. Find out how aircraft radio frequencies to navigate between places without having to have visual reference to the ground. This subject explores the various navigational aids and equipment on the aircraft and on the ground as well as its principles of operation.

Explore the limitations of the human body in aviation and how these limitations play a part in the design of an airplane. These limitations also inculcate the importance of attributes of a pilot such as discipline and leadership. Flying is a mission-based task which requires serious planning to allow for safety, travel efficiency and the abiding of international rules. This subject delivers pilots the knowledge in planning and understanding of routes the are meant to fly.

When pilots fly using visual references, there are communication means and flying procedures that cover various situations depending on its phase of flight. This subject explores the requirements in communication and procedures when flying in Visual Meteorological Conditions VMC. When pilots fly using instruments, there are communication means and flying procedures that cover various situations depending on its phase of flight.

This subject explores the requirements in communication and procedures when flying in Instrument Meteorological Conditions IMC.

Regardless of what type of airplane you may fly, instruments both basic or advanced are fitted on most of them. Their principles of operation and limitations explained in detailed in this subject. This subject covers the requirements of various categories of aircraft in terms of their ability to operate safely across all phases of its flight. Aspects involving specific calculations of speeds and consideration of range and fuel endurance are explained in full detail. As large as a Jumbo jet may be, up close, it is merely a speck in the sky it flies in.

Just as nature has allowed man to operate in its territory, it too has brought down planes. This subject cover the scientific aspects of the atmosphere, weather phenomenons and how airplanes operations are affect by it.

This subject provides pilots with explanations on how to navigate with the aid of various charts. Learn more about the earth and how its properties affect the way we travel. Airplanes fly based on basic principles, but the composition of the aircraft in terms of its airframes, systems and electrics may range in terms of complexity.

This study covers how these systems work together as a whole. This subject covers the required local and international regulations of the conduct of commercial air transport. Ab-initio Training. ATPL Subjects.


ATPL 05: Instrumentation (NPA 29: eBook)



JEP607 EASA ATPL Instrumentation Manual 10365010



Jeppesen JAA ATPL Vol. 7 - Instrumentation



022 - Instrumentation


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