Learn more about the most common avionics databus protocols with this brief tutorial from Astronics Ballard Technology. This digital, command-response, time-division multiplexing network protocol is also used in many other military and commercial applications where fast, positive control is required. The standard defines the handshaking, data formats and timing requirements of the protocol as well as the electrical characteristics of the bus and the terminals' interface electronics. One terminal is designated as the bus controller; all others are remote terminals each with a specific terminal address. All transmissions are initiated by the bus controller transmitting a command word. Remote terminals monitor the bus and respond only to commands containing its own terminal address.

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Software configurable for transmit or receive. Eight channels. Eight or sixteen channel versions. Four channels. IRIG available. Sixteen channels. Eight channels 4 transmit, 4 receive.

Eight transmit, eight receive fixed channels. Available in commercial, extended temperature, and conduction cooled versions.

The P is a two-channel ARINC weather radar display databus PMC module interface, supporting variable frame sizes for test, simulation and embedded applications. Abaco provides extensive, in-depth support to avionics designers with a broad and deep line of avionics interfaces, test platforms, tools and software.

More Details. We deliver. You succeed. A comprehensive overview of our innovative product range — can be found in our latest Product Selection Guide. How Can We Help? Abaco Advantage What we can do for you.

Product Selector Find exactly what you're looking for. Avionics Abaco provides extensive, in-depth support to avionics designers with a broad and deep line of avionics interfaces, test platforms, tools and software. Up to 8 Receive and 4 Transmit. Up to 16 Receive, 5 Transmit. Development, Lab, Simulation, Test, Embedded. Up to 16 transmit and 32 receive channels.

RCEI Interface. Development, Lab, Simulation, Test, Portable. RP Interface. RRX Interface.


ARINC Protocols

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Avionics Databus Tutorials

ARINC technical standard for the predominant avionics data bus used on most higher-end commercial and transport aircraft. ARINC is a data transfer standard for aircraft avionics. It uses a self-clocking, self-synchronizing data bus protocol Tx and Rx are on separate ports. The physical connection wires are twisted pairs carrying balanced differential signaling. Data words are 32 bits in length and most messages consist of a single data word. Messages are transmitted at either

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