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Deskripsi lengkap Recommend Documents. Solid Edge v Manual Solid Edge. Modulo Solid Edge. Solid Edge v 19 Full description. Manual Practico de Solid Edge. Manual Solid Edge Volumen 1. V5 Drafting. BS Drafting drafting standard. Solid k. Drafting Exercises.

German Pattern Drafting. Pustakmahal Noting and Drafting noting and draftingFull description. The download is MB. You should not attempt the download without a broadband internet connection. It It is unlik unlikely ely that the download will be successful successful on a dial up intern internet et connection. There help. Then, you. Then,retry retry your download. Most likely the download did not finish or did not download properly.

This can sometimes happen happ en with large files. There lem. Then,, retry your download. If you get a windo window w stating that you need a license, then the software is properly installed. Howe However ver,, you need a license that will allow the software to run. One of the follo following wing solutions solutions should help you install the license properly and allow the software to run. In this case, you will not receive the email with the license and you will be unable to run the software.

To resolvee this, you can register again and provide a valid email address. Unint Unintention entional al changes will prevent Solid Edge from running properly. If you did not not rename rename it, the software softwa re will not be able to find it, and the product product will not run.

This is where the license must go for Solid Edge 2D Drafting to run properly. If you have put it in the wrong place, drag and drop the SELicense. See the following image. You should get a message asking if you want to overwrite the existing file. This should correct your license problem and the software should now run properly.

When you see this error, you most likely have a problem with the license filename. You received instructions instructing you to save the SELicense. This is shown in the following image. Notice that in the Type column it shows the file type as DAT file. The problem you may have is that after you rename the file, the display of the filename may have the. Windows Explorer is doing this in the list display. The filename may actually be SELicense. This is because the filename is now SELicense.

How long does it take to download Solid Edge 2D Drafting from the download web page? The download time is dependant on your internet connection speed. It is suggested that you have a fast internet connection to download the product. Solid Edge 2D Drafting is a self extracting executable that you download. The size of the downloaded executable is about MB.

When the executable is run you will need an additional MB of temporary space for installation and the installed product size is about MB.

Does Solid Edge 2D Drafting use associative geometry and dimensions? Solid Edge 2D Drafting is fully associative. The associativity can be turned on and off. With the associativity turned on, making changes to geometry and dimensions will modify connected dimensions and geometry accordingly. The drawing does not fall apart when modifying the geometry. To turn on the associativity, click on Maintain Relationships from the Tools menu.

Ensure that there is a check mark beside Maintain Relationships. FAQ I create schematic drawings. Does Solid Edge 2D Drafting provide a library of schematic symbols I can use to produce these drawings?

Solid Edge 2D Drafting comes equipped with hundreds of standard symbols for creating schematic drawings for electrical, mechanical fluid power and piping purposes. This sample block library is one of the most comprehensive set of schematic blocks you will find. Solid Edge 2D Drafting also provides a smart connector object that allows you to easily draw the paths between the blocks you place on the drawing.

Can I open the files they send to me and can I see all the geometry? Solid Edge 2D Drafting has been designed with collaboration in mind. You may receive information from a company that uses Solid Edge for 3D design and drawing creation. You can open the drawings they produce from 3D models with the Solid Edge drafting software. You can open the files and perform the same 2D geometry creation as you do with the files you create initially in Solid Edge 2D Drafting.

Once you have made modifications to the files, you can send the files back to the provider where they can open the same file to see your changes. This is far superior to receiving translated files. When there no translation is required, there is no risk of loss of data because of translating the files from one file format to another file format.

You can also open the draft files and print the drawings easily. Solid Edge 2D Drafting has simple tutorials that help a new user quickly get started using the product. The topic is circled in the image. This displays the Solid Edge tutorials dialog. This will run the tutorial. Follow through the steps in the tutorial. You can then return to this dialog and run another tutorial. How difficult is Solid Edge 2D Drafting to learn? Solid Edge 2D Drafting is very easy to learn.

Icons on buttons and commands are similar to AutoCAD. Also, as an AutoCAD user you will find terms and functionality that is familiar to you. One example is the use of the 2D Model environment. This adds 2D Model into the sheet tab tray at the bottom of the application. Select 2D Model. There are many other terms you will already be familiar with such as blocks, layers and styles.

Read through the help topics for valuable information about getting started using Solid Edge 2D Drafting. DWG and. DXF can be opened by selecting the file in the Open File dialog. DWG or. There are four blocks in this file.

Once you have selected the correct block, drag and drop the AutoCAD block into the draft file. The AutoCAD block will be placed in the draft file at the drop location. AutoCAD uses a black background by default. Solid Edge 2D Drafting uses a white background by default.

If you want to operate in this mode, there are a couple of simple things you need to do. First, click on Options from the Tools menu and click on the Color tab on the Options dialog.

Notice that the colors change in the preview. See the following images. This should be done on both the working sheet Sheet1 ad the 2D Model sheet.


Solid Edge 2D Drafting



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