This ANSI-approved American National Standard establishes minimum requirements for the qualification and certification of nondestructive testing and predictive maintenance personnel and details the minimum training, education, and experience requirements for NDT personnel and provides criteria for documenting qualifications and certification. This subcommittee of the SDC has the responsibility to review comments on and objections to CP , and to submit proposed revisions to the full committee. Michael Ruddy, Chair William C. Plumstead, Vice Chair George C. Belev Paul Deeds, Jr.

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If an individual is not going to be performing all techniques of a method, e. CP identifies the NDT methods only, techniques need to be defined within the employer's qualification and certification procedure. Designating a limited certification must be defined in the employer's qualification and certification procedure. If included in our written practice, is it permissible to allow for the Level III examiner to extend a technician's certification for 30 days if extenuating circumstances prevent testing before the technician's certification expiration date?

What initial training and experience requirements should be used for Level Is and IIs in the laser method LM shearography? Appendix A. Lacking the above guidance, does Paragraph 4.

Does CP require the ASNT Level III approving an employer's written procedure for personnel certification to be certified in the specific methods addressed by that written procedure? Specific method certification requirements are described in the document where applicable. As an example, practical examinations must be administered by an NDT Level III certified in the applicable method to ensure credibility in assessing satisfactory performance.

Is it the intent of Paragraph 6. No, Paragraph 6. Specific exam: written exam on NDT-related requirements of specifications or standards used by the employer, e.

ASME codes. Practical exam which requires that the candidate should prepare an NDT procedure. If the documented experience demonstrates that the candidate has previously prepared acceptable procedures using specifications and requirements of codes applicable to he employer, a practical exam is not required. Is there a required time frame to gain these hours or is it at the discretion of the employer?

If yes, will the five-year certification interval of the new certificate start from the expiration date of the previous or from the date of the specific exam? If no, what is the maximum time gap between the expiration date and recertification by specific exam?

Rationale: expiration of certification requires a new certification using all the examinations for certification, that is: general, specific, and practical. Per 6. These responses clarify the intent of CP Response Yes.

When an outside agency is engaged to provide Level III services for the employer they should provide copies of the examinations that they administered, provided that is their policy. Section 6. Response No, per Paragraph 4. It seems contrary to the way practical exams are supervised in the ACCP program.

From what I understand of the ACCP GHOP, the candidate is given the equipment, parts, and requirements and is left to inspect the parts with minimal supervision and is graded based upon results rather than precisely how the individual performed the inspection. Response Yes, per Paragraph 6. The Level III must administer develop, proctor, and grade practical examination in the method for which he is qualified.

We have Level IIs in our organization who have been delegated the responsibility of administering and grading written exams for our customers. Response No, per Paragraph 6. Inquiry Is it the intent of Appendix A that additional hours of experience in other NDT methods are required in addition to the minimum hours specified for each method prior to certification?

Response The intent of Appendix A is to allow an individual to use experience hours gained in other methods toward the experience requirements of a specific method. However, Appendix A does not require experience in methods other than the method for which certification is sought. This assumes that the individual performs hands-on testing and not just oversight duties. Response Yes, if the employer has developed a procedure in accordance with Paragraph 5.

If so, where is this to be addressed? Response 1. Must be defined in the employer's qualification and certification procedure. Inquiry If hours in a specific method for Level II certification takes several years to acquire, can NDT experience hours be used towards the specific method hours to fulfill experience requirements? Response No, the required experience must be met in the method in which certification is being pursued plus the additional NDT hours as specified in Appendix A.

The additional hours required to fulfill the total NDT experience requirement may be gained in more than one 1 method. However, an individual is still required to meet the minimum method hours prior to being certified. Inquiry If included in our written practice, is it permissible to allow for the Level III examiner to extend a technician's certification for 30 days if extenuating circumstances prevent testing before the technician's certification expiration date?

Response No. CP does not provide for extension of certifications. Inquiry 1. Appendix A 2. Response Yes, Paragraph 6. The written examination shall consist of at least thirty questions. Inquiry Does CP require the ASNT Level III approving an employer's written procedure for personnel certification to be certified in the specific methods addressed by that written procedure? Inquiry Can an ASNT Level III not certified in a particular method sign certification of personnel in that particular method, if he is designated by the employer as the certifying representative?

Response Yes, provided the requirements for the certifying representative are covered in the procedure for qualifying personnel. This is not defined in the document. Both Paragraphs 3. Inquiry The predictive maintenance PdM individual is identified in two paragraphs in this document: Scope 1. This does not exist in this standard. Is it the intent of this document to address PdM personnel qualification and certification requirements?

Inquiry If the employer does not have NDT personnel, but has PdM personnel, is it the intent of this document that there is still a need for a procedure for certification? Inquiry Does this statement Paragraph 2. Response Backup documentation including training and experience records is not required.

CP Paragraph 9. Inquiry CP addresses the initial on-the-job training requirements. Are we to assume that the hours required for each method must be met during each certification cycle? Considering that these hours are required for initial certification, must we meet the same requirements each time we recertify? The training hours shown in Appendix A are for initial certification.

Recertification requirements are addressed in Section 8. Is it the intent of CP that the development of the qualification examinations described in Sections 6. If the answer to 1 above is no, must those examinations be approved by a Level III, and if so, must the Level III be certified in the applicable test method? However, the pertinent sections of the document reflect no requirement for education or documentation of such except for instructors.

Suggest reflecting the requirements as needed to accommodate this aspect of qualification. Inquiry 4. Response Yes, Paragraph 4. Inquiry Can the eye examination for near vision given in the middle or beginning of a month expire at the end of that same month 1 year later?

Example: If an eye examination for near vision is conducted on Dec. Inquiry Improperly formatted request. Inquiry CP Paragraph 6. Inquiry Is it the intent of Paragraph 9. The employer's certification documentation shall include at least a training record, certification record, an experience record, a record of previous experience if applicable , employee's current examinations, and a vision examination record. That these records should be kept in one file for each individual?

Response No, a filing system is not specified in this standard. Inquiry The State of California, Department of General Services, Division of the State Architect has jurisdiction over construction of schools and other state-owned buildings. Response There is no need for a formal revision. Paragraph 9. Inquiry Withdrawn. Under which conditions and terms? As an ANSI standard, all requirements of the standard must be met, including paragraph 2. See also Section 3.

Inquiry Invalid. Not applicable. This is a statement, not a question. Inquiry If the examinations used to determine comprehension of training as required by Paragraph 4. Rationale: there is no specific requirement for the type of documentation records of experience. Inquiry Is it the intent of CP that individuals who meet the minimum requirements of later or the latest editions of the standard are also considered to be in compliance with earlier editions of the standard?

Rationale: each edition of the personnel qualification document stands alone. See the Response to 1 above. Yes, in accordance with Paragraph 6.

Per 2.


ASNT Standards

Through ASNT committees, we facilitate top NDT experts and business professionals in developing and defining personnel qualifications that support industries and governments needs worldwide. Information on certification program types, written practices and other NDT program-related information can be found on the NDT Certification page. The first edition of SNT-TC-1A was published in , and it provided the general format for the development of almost all other NDT certification standards in use today. Product Number Edition. Responses to a collection of inquiries regarding various provisions of Recommended Practice No. This employer-based standard establishes the minimum requirements for the qualification and certification of nondestructive testing NDT and Predictive Maintenance PdM personnel. Product Number edition.



Powered by mwForum 2. Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. By supermoto Date I tried to do some research on here and other places but I couldn't find anything which states CP was required except in some NRC documents and random employers written practice. By The intent was to produce a new document that provided strict requirements rather than simply guidelines.




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