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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Political Ponerology Quotes Showing of By claiming to act in the name of a more valuable idea, such pedagogues actually undermine the values they claim and open the door for destructive ideologies.

At the same time, as we have already mentioned, each society contains a small but active minority of persons with various deviant worldviews, especially in the areas treated above, which are caused either by psychological anomalies, to be discussed below, or by the long-term influence of such anomalies upon their psyches, especially during childhood. Such people later exert a pernicious influence upon the formative process of the psychological world view in society, whether by direct activity or by means of written or other transmission, especially if they engage in the service of some ideology or other.

That is only logical, and we began to realize that it was not only logical, it was horrifyingly accurate; horrifying because pathology among people in power can have disastrous effects on all of the people under the control of such pathological individuals.

O iceberg de J. These people and their networks participate in the genesis of that evil which spares no nation. Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology. This would also enable us to gain an objective comprehension of man and human societies; unfortunately, it would also teach us that equality under the law is inequality under the law of nature.

The individuals who constitute this 4 percent drain our relationships, our bank accounts, our accomplishments, our self-esteem, our very peace on earth.

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Political Ponerology Quotes

This site was started in order to play a part in amplifying the increasing level of attention being paid to ponerology-related topics in the media. Surprisingly enough, there was even a ponerology-related moment on the sports network ESPN , which I also highlighted here. However, there is also something to be said for the impact of a story appearing in local news. Some people feel a closer tie with their local media outlets — whose personalities can come to seem almost like part of their family and with which they may have been engaging ever since childhood — and, therefore, might trust them more. Or they may feel that, if a story makes it to their local newspaper, radio program or telecast, it has more personal relevance to them than they do when they encounter it in a national outlet. However, I was pleasantly surprised this week. Tags: andrew m.


Political ponerology

After the war, he studied at Jagiellonian University under professor of psychiatry Edward Brzezicki. The study of genetics and psychopathy was forbidden. The original theory and research was conducted by a research group of psychologists and psychiatrists from Poland , Czechoslovakia , and pre-communist Hungary. During happy times, societies enjoy prosperity and suppress advanced psychological knowledge of psychopathological influence in the corridors of power. Though happy, these times are not necessarily morally advanced as the society's prosperity or happiness may be premised on the oppression of a target group. During unhappy times, the intelligentsia and society at large can recover this specialized knowledge to resolve the social order along mentally healthier lines.

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