What we encountered was easy layout and hassle-free maintenance and modification of the PDF output. The data in the program has an XML representation, while PDF output is used to include these reports as part of a quote package for customers. Integration was straight-forward, and the support staff was helpful and responsive. Altsoft XML2PDF saved us a good deal of programming and in the future it will be much easier to make changes and enhancements.

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Altsoft is a software company that provides solutions for XML publishing, font management and computer graphics. Most of their products are Microsoft. NET based, however they present multiplatform solutions as well. The team consists of motivated, dynamic and highly talented developers, testers and managers. Among them are professionals in computer graphics, specialists in object-oriented programming languages and analysts with strong mathematical background.

They always press on developing innovating solutions and learning new technologies. Read more. Description: Merge and split PDF documents. MergeSplit PDF includes a pure managed. Call , Email or Live Chat with our experts. Skip to main content.

Component Types. NET Components. Found 2 Products. Altsoft Altsoft is a software company that provides solutions for XML publishing, font management and computer graphics. Product Type Filters:. NET Components filter. NET Classes filter. Enter terms.

Clear current filters. Hide archived products. Component Type [X] Remove. NET Classes. See all our Brands. Read more about us. All rights reserved.


Altsoft Xml2PDF

It is a processor that converts XML documents into formatted page-oriented output intended for human consumption. The formatted output file moves along the outgoing data connections, a log file with feedback on the conversion process moves along the outgoing log connections. If the formatting was successful, both files move along the success connections, otherwise they move along the error connections. Refer to Version requirements for third-party applications for more information on the third-party application required by this configurator. This configurator implements the following mechanisms to detect the presence of the corresponding third-party application. See Detecting third-party applications for more information.


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