The illuminated LCD display is large and easy to read. In addition to frequency information, it will also show the operating mode, memory channel, battery strength, signal strength and a number of other user-selected operating parameters. A belt clip and strap are also included. The DJ-X3T has a very distinctive design that places the speaker behind the display. Audio is heard from ports on either side of the display window.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. This instruction manual contains important safety and operating. Please read it carefully before using the receiver. Table of Contents. This instruction manual contains important safety and operating instructions.

Page 4: Features Features The DJ-X3 is a wide band communication receiver which has many various functions in a small package. Easy operation is performed with a simple key arrangement that allows you to access a wide range of communications. All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Alinco cannot be liable for pictorial or typographical inaccuracies.

Page 6: Precautions Precautions No warranty is made on the effectiveness of the "Bug Detector" function. The function should be considered experimental and for educational or entertainment use. Use of the descrambling function may not be permitted in certain jurisdictions. Check with the regulations that apply in your area before using.

Page 7: Accessories Accessories Open the box and check that the following accessories are included. Mount NiMH battery pack on the transceiver. The NiMH battery pack can also be placed in the battery recharger.

Power plug 2. Connect AC adapter plug to the AC adapter plug battery recharger. Make sure it is tightened properly. Attaching the Hand Strap Attach the hand strap through the opening between the belt clip and the transceiver as shown in the illustration on the left.

Executes scanning. Page Display Display In the illustration below, all indicators are displayed. Flashes when displaying over MHz frequency. Indicates a digit of MHz.

Indicates the modulation mode. The indication may be different from the illustration below depending on the version: North America or Europe. Squelch eliminates noise when the DJ-X3 receives less than a certain level. This is useful when the desired signal is weak or intermittent.

When you release the key, the function is off and received signals and the beep sound can again be heard. Bank No. Channel No. It is not possible to select a channel which is not programmed. Each bank No. Select a channel you want to erase. For more information, see "In Memory Mode. Page Scan Function Scan Function The scan function periodically changes the frequency to search for a signal. The DJ-X3 has four types of scan functions. The upper limit and lower limit of the range need to be set in advance.

Before using this function, you need to specify the upper and lower frequency limits. These frequencies are called a "Program scan channel", and the DJ-X3 has 20 pairs of program scan channels. Preset scan starts, and ". Scanning pauses when a signal is received.

Type of Memory scan will appear on the display. Page Memory Skip Memory Skip This function is for skipping the specified memory channel s when executing the Memory scan function. Call up the memory channel you want to skip. Select the frequency of the scrambled voice. The Descrambling function starts operating, and " " appears at the bottom left of the display and flashes.

When a listening microphone is found, the DJ-X3 notifies you with its display and a warning sound. Be sure to remove the earphone when detecting bugs.

Page 33 Caution! It is hard to find a listening microphone in a noisy environment. Be sure to recharge the battery pack completely, load new AA batteries, or supply sufficient voltage from the DC power supply. Page Keylock Keylock To prevent incorrect or unauthorized operations, you can lock the keys.

The following operations can be used while the keylock is ON. Page Resetting Resetting You can reset programmed memory channels and settings. There are two types of reset; Partial reset and All reset. The following items can be set in the Set mode.

ATT Attenuator function P. Use this function when the received signal is influenced by a strong signal. ATT function attenuates the received signal about 20 dB. In the Set mode, select "Att. You will receive a signal in monophonic even when stereo mode is selected if the receiver is set to AM or FM. You can select up to 5 banks from 10 0 to 9 programmed banks. In the Set mode, select "bL. In the Set mode, select "LAmP. Just before cutting the power off, a beep sound will be heard.

Select the time from 30, 60, 90 minutes, and OFF. When OFF is selected, this function does not work. In the Set mode, select "bS.

In the Set mode, select "Pr. Cloning starts. To return to normal operation, turn the power off, and then turn it on again. Page 48 If "comErr" appears on the display If a communication error occurs, "comErr" will appear on both DJ-X3s' displays.

If a problem persists, reset the DJ-X3. This can sometimes correct erroneous operation. This manual is also suitable for: Dj-x3 e. Print page 1 Print document 52 pages.

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