Purpose The social security number is needed to correctly identify the employee. Routine Use None Disclosure is Voluntary However without it it may affect the ability to accurately identify the employee and the records. SignNow's web-based application is specifically designed to simplify the management of workflow and optimize the entire process of proficient document management. Use this step-by-step guideline to complete the Af imt b form swiftly and with ideal accuracy. By using SignNow's complete service, you're able to execute any needed edits to Af imt b form, make your personalized digital signature in a few quick steps, and streamline your workflow without leaving your browser.

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Please read Privacy Act Statement on reverse before completing this form. The overall performance rating is derived from the ratings of the critical elements. A rating of "Does not meet" on any critical element results in a determination that overall performance is unacceptable.

An Unacceptable rating is the basis for initiating a performance improvement plan and requires proper documentation. Contact the Civilian Personnel Flight for assistance. Optional to complete for others. PART A. Position Requirements. Was the employee's performance Unacceptable or Acceptable on the Performance Plan's critical elements? PART B. Impact on Mission Accomplishment. PART D. Performance Award. Certification for Time-Off Award as applicable : I have considered fully the wage costs and productivity loss in granting this time-off award.

The amount of time-off granted is commensurate with the individual's contribution or accomplishment. I also considered the unit's workload and unit employees' leave projections and certify that the employee can schedule the time-off award in addition to other scheduled leave. I also considered other available forms of recognition in determining the amount of this time-off award. Note: Ensure the number of time-off award hours previously awarded to this employee this leave year plus this award does not exceed 80 hours.

PART E. Certify by having rater, reviewer, award approving official if required , and employee sign and date this form. PART F. Civilian Promotion Appraisal. This appraisal is used for competitive in service placement actions, including promotions, reassignments or demotions to positions with known growth potential, and other such instances.

The ratings on this form are used as a sort factor in determining final rank order of employees having substantially equal knowledge, skills and abilities, when the number of candidates exceeds the number of employees who can be referred to the selecting official for consideration. Appraisal factors listed below represent work behaviors that can be observed in the context of the employee's current position and are considered predictive of performance at the next higher level.

Use the following scale in making the ratings. Place the number in the block preceding the factor. Slightly Below Fully Successful 5. Fully Successful 6. Slightly Above Fully Successful. Exerts effort and shows initiative in starting, carrying out and completing tasks; spends time effectively performing work. Picks up new ideas and procedures quickly; is easy to instruct; can adapt to the demands of new situations; understands and carries out oral or written instructions.

Devises effective solutions to problems or identifies effective methods and procedures for accomplishing objectives. Sensitive to the behavior of fellow workers, supervisors and subordinates; maintains effective working relationships with others. Performs job-associated tasks well, whether they require physical, technical, professional, supervisory or managerial skills, is considered very skillful on the job. Effectively plans and organizes work; properly follows or implements management procedures, directives, regulations, or technical orders; ability to direct or evaluate or substitute for absent supervisor.

Purpose: The social security number is needed to correctly identify the employee. Routine Use: This information may be disclosed to another agency if the employee transfers to another agency. Disclosure is Voluntary: However, without it, it may affect the ability to accurately identify the employee and the records. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Sample Af Form a. Uploaded by elsalen. Date uploaded Jan 04, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: Air Force Form. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Traditional Methods of Performance Appraisal - Final. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

Award Justification. Part B may serve as Part C award justification. Signature does not indicate agreement or disagreement. Very Poor 2.

Far Below Fully Successful 3. Below Fully Successful 4. Above Fully Successful 8. Far Above Fully Successful 9. Outstanding 1. Related Interests Performance Appraisal Business. Nabeel Atiq. Shahid Sultan. Rafiq Tamboli. Sophia Kara. Navin Kumar. David Roy. Shobhit Goswami. Varuna Singh. Teju Kiran. Aravind Menon. Patricia Andrea Ugay.

Bhumi Raulji. Dolly Ramie. Ankur Upadhyay. Daniel Kerwin. Yusup Nur Syahid. Sai Sameer. Alley Moor. Lavinius Luca. Rukhsar Khatun. The Dark Knight. Nandini Singh.

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