Through the pilot proportional valve to control the movement of the main valve core, a high-precision electric position feedback device and a built-in amplifier are installed on the main valve body for the valve itself. The closed-loop control allows precise proportional control of the flow direction and flow. However, some problems have also been exposed during use. If they do not cause a high degree of daring, they may severely restrict the stable operation of the equipment, shorten its service life, and increase maintenance costs.

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Features Pilot-operated 2-stage proportional directional valves with electrical position feedback of the main control spool and integrated electronics OBE Control of flow direction and size Proportional solenoid operation For subplate mounting: Porting pattern according to ISO Electrical position feedback Spring-centered main control spool Pilot control valve: single-stage proportional directional valve Main stage with position control Pilot control valve type 4WRAP 6 W7.

The control edge geometry has been optimized for the use as pilot control valve for proportional directional valves type 4WRKE. The proportional solenoids are pressure-tight, wet-pin DC solenoids with detachable coils.

They convert the electric current proportionally into mechanical force. An increase of the current results in a correspondingly higher solenoid force. The set solenoid force will remain constant over the entire control stroke. The pilot control valve mainly consists of the housing 1 , the proportional solenoid 2 and 3 , the valve control spool 4 and springs 5 and 6.

In non-actuated state both actuators are connected to the tank. If one of the two solenoids 2 or 3 is excited, the magnetic force will move the valve control spool 4 towards the spring 5 or 6.

After having overcome the overlap area, the connection of one of the two actuators to the tank is blocked and the connection to the pressure chamber is made. There is a flow from P to the control chamber of the main stage. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

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Rexroth Proportional Valve 4WRKE






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