Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Owner's Manual. Table of Contents. Indicator symbols on the instrument panel.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Owner's Manual. Table of Contents. Indicator symbols on the instrument panel. Instrument cluster overview. Side defroster outlets 2. Side vents 3. Instrument cluster 4. Center vents 5. Garage door opener, garage door opener box or auxiliary box 6.

Electric moon roof switch and personal light 7. Glove box 8. Power rear view mirror control switches 2. Instrument panel light control knob 3.

Engine immobilizer system indicator light 4. Headlight, turn signal and front fog light switches 5. Wiper and washer switches 6. Rear window and outside rear view mirror defogger switch 7. Tire pressure warning system reset switch RAV4 from Mar. Speedometer 4. Fuel gauge 7. Odometer and two trip meters 2. Service reminder indicators and 5. Engine coolant temperature gauge indicator lights 6. Trip meter reset knob 3. Tachometer RAV4 from Mar. Headlight high beam indicator light Turn signal indicator lights Automatic transmission indicator lights Engine immobilizer system.

Page Keys If you should lose your keys or if you with a built- in transponder chip. Sub key gray —This key will not work To protect items locked in the glove box number.

These chips are needed to enable the system to function correctly, so be careful not to lose these keys. Page 12 If you should lose your keys or if you need additional keys, duplicates can be made by a Toyota dealer using the key number.

We recommend writing down the key num- ber and storing it in a safe place. However, there is a limit to the number of additional keys your Toyota dealer can make for you. When all the side doors and back door are unlocked simultaneously using a key, the interior lights and ignition switch light This device complies with Part 15 of the will come on and remain on for about 15 FCC Rules. To lock: Push the switch down on the front side.

To unlock: Push the switch down on the rear side. Operating the switch simultaneously locks or unlocks all the side doors and back door.

Along with the proper use of seat belts, locking the doors helps prevent the driver and passengers from being thrown out from the ve- hicle during an accident. These limits are Toyota dealer as soon as possible to an electronic component. Observe the fol- designed to provide reasonable protec- avoid the possibility of theft, or an acci Page 19 1 this device may not cause interfer- Toyota dealer. Page 20 Close the transmitter case securely.

After replacing the battery, check that the transmitter operates properly. If the trans- mitter still does not operate properly, con- tact your Toyota dealer.

Remove the discharged transmitter bat- 3. Put in a new transmitter battery with tery. If the window receives a strong impact, this function may work even if nothing is caught. This not only keeps the luggage from being thrown out but also prevents exhaust gases from entering the vehicle.

Page 26 The indicator lamp goes off after driving neck if the cap is suddenly re- several times. If the indicator lamp does moved. You must also make sure nobody places his or her head, hands and other parts of the body in the roof opening.

Front seats. Although vehicle designs vary, upright, sit well back in the seat and prop- CAUTION many drivers can achieve the erly wear the seat belts provided. Then slide the seat to the desired To reduce the risk of sliding under position with slight body pressure and the lap belt during a collision, avoid release the lever.

Then slide the seat to the desired " To stow the rear center seat belt, 3. Insert the round end tab into the pull the belt out of its cover a little cover. You will hear a click when the 1. Hold the center of the lever and pull 3.

Lower the head restraint to the low- it up. Then slide the rear seat fully est position. Pull up the strap to 1. Hold the center of the lever and pull backward and pull it forward slightly unlock the seatback and fold the it up. Pull up the seat cushion lock release 5. To unlock the seat, hold the upper and forward. Push the seat forward until it locks. To unlock the seat, hold the upper 4. Pull the seatback lock release strap back of the seat with your hand and and swing the seatback up.

Page 45 Check for cuts, fraying, and loose to suffer serious bodily injury or parts. Damaged parts should be re- Pregnant woman. Toyota recommends the death in the event of sudden braking placed. Ask your doctor for or a collision. Page 46 It also may lock if you lean forward too quickly. A Toyota dealer. Do not use the seat slow, easy motion will allow the belt to until the seat belt is fixed, because it cannot protect an adult occupant extend, and you can move around freely.

The belt should be the lap belt during a collision or kept away from your neck, but not other unintended event. Failure to properly match the buckle and tab may cause severe injury in case of an accident or a collision. Insert the round end tab into the stowed when not in use. BELT cover. Page 51 Toyota dealer free of charge. Please contact your local Toyota dealer to order the proper required length for the extender. Bring the heaviest coat you ex- pect to wear for proper measurement and selection of length.

Page 52 To connect the extender to the seat Toyota dealer. Do not use the seat the event of collision. Page 53 2. SRS warning light result in death or serious injury. Con- drawn back by the retractors so that the sult your Toyota dealer about any re- 3. Seat belt pretensioner assemblies belts snugly restrain the occupants. Contact your Do not perform any of the following Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

Page 56 The SRS front airbags will deploy if the The driver and front passenger can child restraint system. Toyota severity of the impact is above the de- be killed or seriously injured by the strongly recommends that all in- signed threshold level, comparable to an Page 58 These Toyota strongly recommends that: non- toxic gas to help restrain the forward are usually in the nature of minor burns " Page 59 " " Do not sit on the edge of the seat Toyota strongly recommends that all or lean against the dashboard when infants and children be placed in the vehicle is in use, since the the rear seat of the vehicle and be front passenger airbag could inflate properly restrained.

Page 60 Consult your Toyota dealer about any z Attachment of a grille guard bull that houses the front airbag sys- repair and modification. Page 61 " The light comes on while driving.

This " Page 63 Toyota the child restraint system. It is dan- strongly recommends that all in- gerous if the SRS side airbag and fants and children be placed in the


Toyota 2004 Rav4 Owners Manual

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Toyota RAV4 2004 Operating Manual



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