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Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. High Plains Drifter , May 13, Anyone out there know much about the older XLR bikes?

Natnewt , May 13, I would stay away from it anyway I know its a major issue I just can't recall what it is. Do some research. ADV Sponsors. Skidding , May 13, I have a 84 XL with 40, plus KM and she is now just starting to get tired. The kid rides it now since I got a DR I have a XRR off road only bike in good shape. Lets face it, it all depends on wether it's ready to go or a beat up POS.

Joined: Mar 4, Oddometer: 32 Location: Milwaukee. I worked at a Honda shop when these came out. These were extremely popular because they bridged the gap between the underpowered , and the heavy then They were street legal, and unless converted for off road only, should still be easy to title. The engines are fairly bulletproof. A 25 year old bike will have the same issues regardless Here is a link to specs and pics Joined: Sep 26, Oddometer: Location: northern california.

However, for about the same cost you should be able to find a plated XRR which is a much better bike. Dakar dreamer , May 13, An '84 XLR was my first street-legal bike, many good memories on board that bike! I put over 12K on it over the course of 2 years--and despite riding it like a typical teenager, it was still running strong when I sold it. Only routine maintenance was done, and the typical wear items were replaced.

What's the mileage? Any service history? Joined: Jul 6, Oddometer: Corky1 , May 14, The main drawback is the dual carbs. Other than that they are, as all XR's bullet proof.

Good luck, Corky. Dakar dreamer , May 14, Joined: Mar 14, Oddometer: Bonebag , May 14, Joined: Jan 16, Oddometer: 5, Location: Wisconsin.. Hot,Cold and everything in Between. Joined: May 9, Oddometer: Both years used the ? The '84 was red and black. The '85 was orange and blue I had one. Both years had front disc and rear drum brakes. The dirt only XRR was manufactured There was something related to the oil pump that made the '85 motor more reliable.

Box'a'bits , Jun 27, The issues with all of the dual carb honda XRs of the ara was that they could be hard starters, the heads were reputed to crack often due to the valve size, and the carbs were harder to dial in if the bike was modified. I had an XRR, and all of these issues appeared on my bike. The head cracked after I sold it when it was being used in vintage MX.

That said it went well once it was going. Joined: May 16, Oddometer: 3, Location: doing hard time in charleston,wv. In a sticky situation off road last fall, I was amazed at the low end torque the engine has and how it handled off road even with it's stock gearing. I am very pleased with the bike. The dual carbs aren't a problem if you get them tuned correctly and then leave them alone. They add a LOT of power to the bike. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Honda XL350R

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Honda XL350R (1984)



Preserved Survivor – 1984 Honda XL350R


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