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After the results of 1sr round, now the teams are ready for the 2nd, looking forward some brand new surprises. Padova has been eliminated by Sir Safety Conad Perugia in Del Monte Italian Cup quarterfinals at PalaEvangelisti, and will be determined to put on the court a good performance on the home turf after the double debacle versus Perugia in Italian Cup Quarterfinals and one week ago in Superleague 1st round.

On the other hand Diatec Trentino found last wednesday the first official win in the season, by defeating Gi Group monza on the home turf, clinching the access to next upcoming Del Monte Italian Cup Final Four next january Already something to prove for Bunge after these last two losses. Now Calzedonia will have the chance to fight back, in a very difficult but stimulating challenge versus Del Monte Supercup fresh champions, Sir Safety Conad Perugia, probably the team in better shape in this start of the season.

With this bye week in Italian Cup, Alberto Giuliani and Lorenzo Tubertini had the chance to prepare in the best way possible this game.

Piacenza is coming from the extraordinary comeback in Ravenna versus Bunge, a tie break win thanks to libero Ludovico Giuliani perfect in defence, and Vibo Valentia is coming from a home loss at PalaValentia versus defending italian champs Cucine Lube Civitanova.

The Derby of Lombardia is always a good event for both teams. Will be a very interesting game with Castellana, out of Italian Cup and defeated in Modena at PalaPanini by Azimut in the first game of Unipolsai Superleague, who will try to take advantage of brand new home court in the metropolitan city of Bari, the brand new home for this season. On the other had Latina is coming from a crazy tie break loss on the home turf at PalaBianchini versus Calzedonia Verona, after trailing from in the count of the sets, being in front in the tie break, amd losing the tie break Sasha Starovic, Mvp of this game, will be questionable.

Domenica 22 ottobre , ore Live streaming su raiplay. Cappello-Saltalippi L. Kioene Padova — Diatec Trentino. We started the season in the best way with the wins versus Castellana Grotte and Piacenza, then we faced powerhouse Perugia and we clearly lost. Cucine Lube Civitanova — Bunge Ravenna. I expect a Bunge without nothing to lose, they are a good team, but we will be ready.

I expected more form my team in last game in Civitanova. Now we have to forget the previous game and think about our play, giving the best in growing up, without watching at the score. They are for sure one of the most shaped teams in the league in this moment, having continuity from last season, they did not changed many players.

We expect a tough opponent, a powerhouse as we faced on yesterday in Modena. Verona has great players, they lost on thursday in Italian Cup quarterfinals so they will play on sunday with great power, they will be aggressive. We are trying to fix some things, to be more effectives in our play and to be complete in all our mechanisms. EX: Daniele Mazzone a Sora nel We have to keep high the rhythm, putting some pressure on them.

We have to be careful in every game we play, also here versus Sora. Revivre Milano — Gi Group Monza. We know which aspects of our play we need to observe to keep high the level of our play. On sunday we will try to put on the floor the same enthusiasm and mental toughness we had in Trento. Will be a difficult game versus Milano, they are excited after the win in first game versus Trento on road, they are a well organized team.

EX: Matteo Paris a Latina nel Serie A2 UnipolSai. The home team is atop the standings of Girone Bianco, and have won the two previous matches versus Potenza Picena. On the other hand GoldenPlast is behind 2 points from Roma in the standings, after the important home win versus Conad Reggio Emilia. Aurispa Alessano — Videx Grottazzolina.

Alessano is in sixth pace right now in girone Bianco standings, and will need to react after the controversial tie break loss last week in Aversa.

On the other side of the net, Grottazzolina won the previous two games played versus Alessano. The home team is almost at the bottome of the standings with 4 points, now is back on the court after the bye week.

Will be a very interesting game. Emma Villas is in second place tied with some other teams at 8 points, and will need to come back from the loss last weekend suffered in Grottazzolina. Messaggerie Bacco Catania — Sigma Aversa is a never played game. Any previous match between these two teams. Sigma Aversa is in second place in the standings with 8 points, after the tie break win over Alessano in the previous weekend.

Bye Materdominivolley. Home team Caloni Agnelli Bergamo is atop the standings with 13 points, showing round by round their strength in attack and down the net. The federal team coached by Monica Cresta is tied with Lagonegro at the bottom of the standings with only 2 points, and will need some points to continue to have enthusiasm in the game. This will be a brand new match never played in Unipolsai Serie A2.

On the other hand the team from Salento is coming from two wins in a row, wins which gave to Taviano the seventh place in the standings with 7 points. Tuscania is in second place only one point behind the top teams, running a great moment after the win at PalaRota versus former top team Monini Spoleto.

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