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Hammond XB2 Manual. Joined: Oct Paul Clancy OP. Paul Clancy. Hi Folks! Cant find it in google so if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be cool If not im hoping i can order from from hammond suzuki. Need to learn how to growl KC Island. Re: Hammond XB2 Manual. Joined: Dec This is a wee-bit off topic. My apologies. Listening back to some of the recordings I've made of my performances with various bands the last few years, I have realized something.

When performing with guitarists who are playing in short, staccato, rhythmic patterns, I should be playing organ instead of piano parts. I don't know if anyone else here takes this point of view.

But there are songs that seem to demand a sustaining instrument - organ, strings, pads, etc. However, I enjoy playing piano and electric piano parts so much that I don't often consider substituting a sustained voice over a piano percussive voice. Now I'm thinking of buying a B3 clone in order to inject more organ parts into my performances. Or do you vary your choices often? Joined: Mar Melbourne, FL. I don't think you'll be able to find a PDF for the manual.

I lucked out and the manual came with my used XB Pull out the bottom 3 drawbars ad crank the mod wheel all the way up adds overdrive and she'll scream for you. Disable the internal Leslie and go through a real Leslie or a Motion Sound, and she'll sound so good you won't beleive your ears.

For basic playing, you don't need the manual. But, if you want to tweak the sound at all, the manual is imperative. So God helped him and created woman. Now everybody's got the blues. Answering Gas I have my XB-2 with me at all times because there ARE certain songs that lend themselves to not only the sustained notes but the sonic texture of the organ.

Yes there are a lot of songs that demand piano, but just as many demand organ. That's why I always have both. Well, that and the fact that most non clonewheel keyboards' organ sounds absolutely suck. Sometimes when I'm playing a blues tune that I normally play on piano, I'll switch to organ, just because I might be in a bluesier mood than normal. Helps to elevate my mood and push out the daily trials.

What are the purposes of the organ solo and percussion buttons? Must order that manual cos I cant figure out the patch controls or menus Joined: May The Real MC. Organ solo mutes the MIDI output. Percussion enables a transient percussive tone - turn off all the drawbars and listen to 2nd and 3rd percussion to hear the effect, then blend in the class drawbar setting. I use mine as a secondary controller as well as the organ.

Makes it much easier. So I use the Organ Solo button all the time. If I don't want the synth to sound when I'm playing the organ, I'll turn on the organ solo. If I want the synth, I'll turn the button off. If you are not using MIDI, the button is a non-issue. As far as the percussion, MC is absolutely correct.

The percussion normally reacts just like on a real B3, in that it only percusses the first note played, and uses the 1' drawbar for the sound. There is a setting where you can change this and have the 1' sound when the percussion is on, but personally I prefer to have it as traditional as possible. In normal mode not editing the patch buttons bring up different presets. The display will show the drawbar settings, and if you press the "Record" button by itself, a numeric representation of the drawbar setting will come up.

The editing architecture of the XB-2 is rather cumbersome, but once you get the manual you can find all you need to know. Until then, just play it like you would a B3, and enjoy.

It's usually a good idea to get used to the sound of an instrument of this type before you start to tweak anyway. I don't have my manual in front of me right now, but I'll pick it up tomorrow when I go to the band warehouse to get my gear for a gig, so I'll be able to help out more if you have any questions until you get your manual.

Feel free to private message me. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. Originally posted by Mr. Nightime: I don't think you'll be able to find a PDF for the manual.

Steve www. That I would if you had the spare time ron! Ive spent the entire weekend in my music room with the organ, Im amazed how good it sounds in my 5. Figured out the organ solo button, quite handy! Ive noticed a few of the keys are a bit wobbly so im gonna order the rubber feet from hammond and replace the loose ones myself. Delighted with the board though its really gonna improve my sound. At practice with other members of the band it actually brought a tear to the eye of one of our guitarists who has been playing about 30 years and hadnt heard a real hammond in at least half that time!

Gas, Before you invest in the money for a clone, try using your ROMpler organ sounds on some tunes. Does your kurz have the kb3 stuff in it? I think it does no? If so - wicked thing to start with You don't want to spend all scads of moolah on something that you won't use. My 2 cents. Also, realize that there is a learning curve with clones that you don't have with ROMplers. You need to know how to use drawbars, percussion, overdrive, chorus, vibrato, leslie to get the sound that you want.

Some of those things you will want to move around dynamically to add expression. Good luck on your new adventure. I'm just saying', everyone that confuses correlation with causation eventually ends up dead. Virtual Music - Online Collabor Roger Nichols' Digital Recordin Powered by UBB. Forums Calendar Active Threads. Previous Thread. Next Thread. Print Thread. Copy Link to Clipboard.

Share Post on Facebook. Share Post on Twitter. Grand Poobah of Posting 10k Club. RON "In the beginning, Adam had the blues, 'cause he was lonesome. Quote: Originally posted by Mr. I'm sure he would pay you to cover your expenses. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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Hammond XB2 Owner's Playing Manual

This manual covers 3. The XB-2 display shows preset number, drawbar registrations and briefly selected percussion and vibrato settings. Drawbars and large panel buttons act as before, but SOLO button toggles between upper and lower manual. If lit up, upper manual is selected; otherwise, drawbars and vibrato button affect lower manual fed by MIDI or section below split point.


XB2-Kit mk3 User Manual


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