Manual zz. EdgeSight 5. All rights reserved. EdgeSight monitors applications, devices, sessions, license usage, and the network in real time, allowing users to quickly analyze, resolve, and proactively prevent problems. See System Requirements for EdgeSight 5.

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A printable copy of the End User License Agreement is included on your product installation media. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Companies, names, and data used in examples herein are fictitious unless otherwise noted. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of Citrix Systems, Inc Citrix Systems, Inc.

All rights reserved. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Document Code: July 13, MS. Multiple versions of the agent are provided to accommodate different XenApp versions. Modifying the base MSI files can interfere with support efforts in case of installation issues.

You can customize the installation by specifying options and properties on the command line or by creating a transform. The EdgeSight 5. New EdgeSight 5. Important EdgeSight 5. EdgeSight 5. After you install and configure the server components, deploy the applicable EdgeSight Agent to XenApp Servers, end-user systems, and virtual desktops. In addition to the software listed in Server Requirements on page 15, EdgeSight Server requires the following software.

It is highly recommended that you install the following software before installing EdgeSight Server software. Reporting Services must be in place before reports can be generated and displayed.

Citrix License Server for Windows The license server can be installed anywhere on the network and can be shared by multiple EdgeSight servers. The license server and EdgeSight license files must be in place before data can be uploaded to the server. When planning your installation, the required server components can be installed on separate physical machines. The Web server can be installed on the same machine as the database server, but the machine should have at least two processors.

In all cases, ensure that the machines have sufficient memory and processor capabilities as described in Server Requirements on page 15 and that the machines are in the same domain. Both products use the same underlying server technologies. You can enable or disable agent support for either product after installation. Note that GPO push to users is supported.

If you are installing the EdgeSight for Endpoints agent or the EdgeSight for Virtual Desktops agent on virtual desktops, additional software components and installation tasks are required, as described in Chapter 4, Installing EdgeSight for Monitoring Virtual Desktops.

Discuss your software deployment environment with your Sales Representative; they can assist you in implementing an effective means of deploying the agent.

Active Application Monitoring Installation Overview EdgeSight Active Application Monitoring is an automated performance testing tool that periodically samples critical application transactions to monitor the availability and responsiveness of virtualized applications, providing insight into application performance and end-user experience. EdgeSight Active Application Monitoring software includes the following components: Citrix EdgeSight Controller used to record and create virtual user scripts and define tests.

When the test is ready for playback, the Controller instructs the Launchers to run the test for a specific period of time. The number of Launchers required will vary based on the target virtual user load. This feature requires the Visual J Version 2. Launchers are installed on clients of the Servers that will be under test. They can be installed on systems with the Controller and as stand-alone launchers.

Pre-Installation Considerations Software running in your environment may need to be configured to allow Citrix EdgeSight software to operate properly. Review the following considerations and related actions and determine if they apply to your environment. Also, review the readme file for additional release-specific requirements. See Installing the Agent on page 37 for instructions on specifying proxy server information during agent installation.

Firewalls If firewall software is resident on machines on which EdgeSight Agents will be installed, the listen port on the client machine port must be open. This is the port on which the agent listens for remote connections from the browser displaying the EdgeSight console. There is an option during agent installation to automatically set a Windows Firewall exception for the listen port if the firewall is running enabled or disabled.

See Setting Installation Properties on page 40 for instructions on specifying the listen port number. Also see Configuring Firewalls on page 24 for information relating to personal firewalls. Virus scanning software If your environment uses virus scanning software, script blocking features must be disabled to allow the EdgeSight Agent to run scripts. Also, exclude agent data files from being scanned. See Configuring Antivirus Software on page 22 for detailed information on which files should be excluded from scans.

Also, exclude the server database from being scanned. Adjust the template as required. Also, ensure that policy changes that would prohibit software components from running are not scheduled for deployment after the installation is complete. This option is enabled by default and will cause an error if the passwords supplied for accounts during installation do not meet the necessary strength requirements.

If an error occurs containing the text, Password validation failed. The password does not meet Windows policy requirements because it is not complex enough, then double check your password requirements, reattempt installation, and supply appropriately complex passwords. Attempts to perform these actions without a valid certificate result in an error message.

It is important that a valid SMTP server name is used. EdgeSight Server uses the SMTP server for many operations, including the distribution of alert notifications, server error conditions, and new user passwords. Agent Requirements Agents are available for deployment on bit and bit machines. The agents which can upload to the server include: EdgeSight for Endpoints 5.

This version of the agent is only supported for installation on XenApp 6. The target XenApp machine must meet the requirements listed in your XenApp documentation. In addition, the Terminal Services service must be running to properly collect process and network data related to user sessions.

If this service is not running, process and network data cannot be associated with a session and reports dependent on this information show no data. The EdgeSight for Endpoints agent is designed to be deployed on physical machines. It can also be used to monitor XenDesktop 3. The system requirements for the Citrix EdgeSight for Endpoint agent are listed in the following table. Both bit and bit systems are supported on all platforms. The agent collects both system-related and sessionrelated performance data.

The system requirements for the Citrix EdgeSight for Virtual Desktops agent are listed in the following table. The EdgeSight agent installers check the operating system on the target machine. This helps ensure that the correct agent is installed on various devices. Attempts to install the Citrix EdgeSight for Endpoint agent on any system running a server operating system will result in a warning notifying you that you may be installing the wrong product.

You have the option to continue installation. A message indicating the cause of installation failure is placed in the install log. During a silent installation to a system running a XenDesktop 4. Note that the agent installation does not check to ensure that the Terminal Server is properly licensed. There is no override. Both bit and bit systems are supported. NET Framework 3. Minimum 2 GB free space. The server edition must support SQL Server.

SQL Server must be configured for case-insensitive collation. Case-sensitive collation is not currently supported for this release.

The server can be installed on a physical or a virtual machine. Typical disk space usage is generally 70 MB per virtual desktop for the databases on a single disk.

We recommend having at least 2 CPUs in such a configuration. IIS 7. These components are checked by the bootstrapper program. When configuring IIS 7. This data includes metrics on network bandwidth, ICA round trip time, and client and server startup time.

Collection of these metrics depends on the following set of software components: EdgeSight Agent running on the Presentation Server or XenApp server Presentation Server 4. The feature is not dependent on the EdgeSight agents, because license servers are polled directly by EdgeSight Server.

License servers must be explicitly identified using the EdgeSight Server Console before they are monitored for license type, usage, and availability. The following software must be installed to enable the forwarding of alerts: The following management packs must be imported to the Operations Manager Server: Citrix Library Management Pack Citrix.

Currently, only alerts from by EdgeSight for XenApp agents can be forwarded. The following table lists software components that are required on systems from which users access the EdgeSight Server Console:.

Display remote reports from the EdgeSight Server Console. Display Flash-based reports and consoles. Not currently available on bit browsers.


Walk-through Guide – Installing EdgeSight 5.4 with SQL 2008 R2

Citrix has a decent KB published around how to install and configure EdgeSight. The challenging part for me was that it assumed you had already set up SSRS, and that you were installing in a non-production environment. There are also a few typos in which they have screenshots of one account esno and refer to it in the written instructions as a different account rsno. I also just never felt like I had a clear idea of what was required to configure SSRS and to accomplish a setup using a least-privileged approach. This should cover pretty much everything that I felt was lacking in the installation and admin guides released for EdgeSight. Good luck with getting this up and running!


EdgeSight 5.4

Citrix have created this great walk-through guide Howto install Citrix EdgeSight 5. There are 8 filegroup files with one transaction log 4. Note : After clicking on Install, the following entries are logged in the installation log:. Progress check random 3 The following screen shot indicates that the SQL database is created:. Progress check random 4 The following screen shot indicates that the Web server pages are copied to the installation location:.


PART 19 – EdgeSight 5.4 Installation and Configurations


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