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ILL Rev. CigfU oft fie sun as. I came giving you what you want so you woufoCCeam to want what I ftave to give. Don't try to change tfie 'wind'or tfie sea,just changethesaid. Malachi Z. I am calling you to accept this wisdom that I have to give you, of the many teachings that I have inspired so many with The Mind and my mind from Isa Al Masih.

It is one of the greatest scrolls, for it was a special gift given to me for you by the Heavenly Father and his heavenly host, who are your descendants down to you. However, you refer to them as your ancestors. This scroll is a revised copy of the original scroll called The Mechanics ofthe Mind. The reason why I am bringing it forth to you again is because the first time in A. So I give it to my fellow travelers, and sons of the desert, in a spiri- tual form so that ye may overstand it more fully.

You may refer to your own Bible, Koran, etc. Also make note that the foreign words used in this scroll are coming from our divine ancient Egiptian language called Nuwaupic.

The Mind. The essence of God, we call on the Son of God to break the spell, by way ofthese facts order. I have been sent to you to break the spell and prepare you for the coming of the Messiah Jesus, the Saviour all, Muslims Jews and istians. The Noble Koran of the Muhammadans,. Reasoning over all. Koran , and in rhythm Shiyth, and his. When the Human ches for happiness invariably turn to I objects and events isfaction.

It contains grooves, the cake, and looks for- or impressions of sound ward to enjoying it as and colour. In a sense, the mind is. Being gives lite to it. Being passes a bakery and Friday,. Human says. It contains grooves, or impressions of sound and colour. Being passes a bakery and.

Being gives life to it. As well as those which. Hebrew ,. Kindness, and man7. Mind your mind for the jewels of your soul. Yet, despite repeated. The Ego. Scroll Scroll Three The Power of Thought. The 3 princi- ples are in Genesis Know ye that it is very. Jfhether a person is. Oft you we believe!

Feat He reveals deep God, ami believe in His secret things, fte ". Phil 28 To express it popularly, it is said "what goes around. Jerah and Gebbar, whom Christians call ich says: Jesus, and Muhammadans call Isa, who is known spiritually as Sananda,. Sometimes Human. Beings, reactions are not. Human Being. One is. The Noble. Koran from Allah God. The Qur'aan. Woran 56 Where it states in the. Muhammad ,. Oh my children, what I must impart upon your minds is the importance of.

Io heal one's mind will of foe Masonic Order, Shrine,. Ion how to nourish your pumped with stimulants [body as well as your soul, and depressants;. I the book: "The Breath" , from removing the stimuli Proper relaxation, visual edible and other-. Proper diet,. B9 An intake of much 25 And tuning into the. Bng are the requisite atten-. Pain in the body is a warning like a red light on the instrument panel of a. This does not mean that there is j. But, 32 It does nothing to solve often doctors are consid- I the problem, and in fact ered to have some form of may make it worse while absolute knowledge, only giving the appearance 36 Too often, frequent vis-.

Many chenii- its to the local GP general cals ingested are not useful practitioners specialist, or to the body, and cannot be psychologist are substitut-. Most of the diseases of. All foods have distinct energies. Scroll Five mind also becomes. Thou should ponde r. Bodies of Al Mabdi Shrine Jy out. What goes into. And this is what most t their children on.

Without overstanding. Hthough not categorized dieir diet on die develop-. Ilibstances should be. Itrikes the most fear in the. J63 Many substances have tained in animal flesh, by. Ithat the accumulation of 72 Cancer occurs when the. Seafood also is very.

Being's digestive system is. As they store the ener- Afro-Americans,. Meat eaters are much re violent I The human liver is pro- donally smaller than It of a meat-eating ani-.

And is not built to han- the filtering of animal. Being, as it is in. Scroll Six. Lot Concentration my. The path. It could be used a thou-. There is no limit to the applicable to a Human. Every force in nature an.

Inrce through the stream. Kirough a single restricted. Dignifying glass becomes once. B t enough to burn 36 The mind does not. Such is the power gen- 37 Its oscillating waves are.

This natural law is also. Anyone who imagines Conscious prueticett. Their mental waves are. The human who prac- tices concentration retains clear mental. The same concentra- is necessary on the.





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