Yes, a cube has 6 sides. How does this work? I cant seem to get the hang of this. I keep getting one side done, but i lose it when i try to do another side. Any ideas? Am I missing something or doing it wrong?

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Yes, a cube has 6 sides. How does this work? I cant seem to get the hang of this. I keep getting one side done, but i lose it when i try to do another side.

Any ideas? Am I missing something or doing it wrong? Or do I just keep trying this step until my cube looks like the picture? Hello to everyone here. You all have good questions and I will try to answer them. NOW turn the cube as instructed and look closely. You will have it guaranteed. It will look like the last diagram on the left ex. Now turn the font panel degrees until the green underneath is connected with the green on top. I hoped this helped you guys out. My name is Paul — leave a note for me if this helped.

I would love to help again. Thank you. To Everyone: What happened to me when I did this step was that I got confused that they were giving us several starter steps; there are three lines in this step. This is awesome! I get it now, the Before on the left is the pattern you start with and then you follow the steps to the right to get a piece of the cross.

Then continue on the other three sides to the left or right of the right side on the diagrahm. I used the first one twice then the second one once and the third one once. The first step third row never works out for me. I always get one red on top and two greens on the right side.

I dont get something. After this step are all 4 sides and the top going to be crossed or just the top and the four sides just have the two like the picture shown. Or just having a green in center of top side is enough?

Hint: Numbering the colors helps. Please I really need help ;. Ok, I understand the steps, but my cube isnt set up to look like that. So how do I get it to look like that in the first place??

And does the green middle have to be on top an the red middle be on the right? How do I do this? Very vague on how to do this first part… You should let everyone know that you must start with the blue side then orange, green, red and re-orientate it accordingly.

After i do the first 3 moves its meant to be green, red, green and then red like in he top left photo, but mine turns out to be green, green, red and red every time. Why is this? Which sides is it referring to? Should I turn it clockwise, counterclockwise, turn my room, or just screw it? You know you are starting with a very specific scenario in which all the things are in a fixed position.

I can complete one side of the cube, i. Any advice for me, if you would please….. Start with the first green and red with the first picture. At the end you should only have the green and red touching each other with two squares each.

Then rotate the cube and do the yellow just like you did the red. Now the orange, and finally the white. I notice though that three pictures on the left are what some of the colors will be in… for example, my orange started as the second and my white was like the third. What does repeating this step for all four sides mean?

Do I keep Green on top and rotate the whole cube around the Green-Blue axis Green on top and Blue on ther bottom, and bring the next side Yellow to where the Red was and Orange to where the Yellow was and keep repeating this for all sides? What should it look like after the first of 4 sides or are there too many combinations?

This step, along with the next step, are the most difficult to teach because there are so many possible starting situations. Luckily, after these steps it takes very little effort to solve the rest of the cube, so please be patient on steps one and two.

You must bring all of the other pieces with that color to that side. Below are the most common moves for this step. Garret: I can see how this could be confusing. You read the top row first from left to right, then the bottom row. Garret i dont get it after i do the step on the bottom i end up with the diagram on the top of step 2. How do i do that? I follow these steps, get to 6 blocks filled of the green and then it seems to take me back to the beginning.

What am i doing wrong? I get the same problem help! I have 2 Ts done and the other 2 are just missing one spot. I need help on step 2 but I like this program it is easy for kids my 10 years but hard at the same time. I tried this move a few times, and it has worked almost completely, but it always leaves the bottom left square different on all sides.

This might sound stupid.. But what do you mean with repeat it for all 4 sides.. There are six sides on a cube. I have the one white side done. What do you do if the yellow and red block, like in the third picture is up at the top with the green plus, and not on the bottom? If anyone here has completed step one, please help me out!!!

At the top my cube is missing all but one pice. The last T i have to make is only 1 cube from being complete. Here, all greens with vertical yellow side should be in a group. Take for example the first of the three rows, try to get your piece green to the position in the bottom layer as depicted in the diagram, then do the 4 moves in row 1 as shown. Again, this step is a little harder to teach than the steps to follow because of the amount of possible starting situations, but the pictures below should help you through it.

Find a corner piece on the bottom layer that belongs on the top. In our example pictures this is any corner piece with green in it.

Move this piece until it is situated on the bottom layer directly below its appropriate place in the top layer of the cube. In other words, the spot where the piece should start out should be in the same column as the spot where you want the piece to end up. Then, refer to the pictures below to solve.

Make sure you are looking at the correct starting picture. Do this step to all four corner pieces. I just reviewed this step and it seems to work fine for me. Give it another try. If you get stuck again try including a link to a picture of your cube. Works fine here. If you have a block in the wrong rotation but correct spot, use this pattern to rotate it out and then use it again to place it back in place, in the right rotation. I had the same issue and this worked for me.

Once that was cleared up in my mind, the moves went very smoothly. So when I do it in reverse it messes everything up. Could you explain that better?

I am stuck on this step, I can get the bottom 2 rows on the yellow side but when I try the first step to get the red it just screws up my yellow…can anyone help? I can get most of them but then I get stuck on the last 2 colors. I got it working just fine people. What about the corners? I have two orange corners at opposite ends. My underside is green and the two oranges sit on the blue side….

Do you start with the last step and do each step backwards? Do you start with the last step and do each step as shown? Do you start with the first step and do each step backwards?


Rubik's Cube Solver

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Rubik’s Cube (3x3) Online Solution

Whether you solve 1 layer or all 3, be sure to tell your teacher about this program so all your classmates can solve with you! After you learn this method, you can add speedcubing moves when you are ready. Take the time to read the tips closely. Center pieces have one colored tile. There are 6 center pieces. When correctly solved, each face will be the color of its center piece.

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