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Un experimento con dieta vegetariana vegana Otros aspectos que conforman este concepto se encuentran en el libro mencionado. Estos aportes se han dejado de lado por los estudiosos de ese pensador revolucionario italiano.

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. The decision to come to light as soon as possible was due to the need to overcome one of the situations Hardest academics I've ever faced in life.

Rereading the book that is about to fulfill its fourth decade of having edited and that I left it kept, by the way, in the trunk of memories I can tell you, friends and friends two things: 1. After reading the work that I share today I dare to tell you that, in general, I agree with what I wrote in those yesterdays; there would need to make some clarifications in certain ideas, as well as deepen the content of others, so that I can to specify certain epistemological and methodological approaches that, because of the level at which the text was written, could not include, or consider, on that occasion.

These shortcomings I have tried to cover by publishing other books in the field of research methodology, specifically in the area of qualitative methodology and research-action, which are available FULL and NO COST in the section " Books " from my electronic page www. Life goes on Learn More. Teaching-learning methodology. An experiment with vegetarian diet vegan I include in the text some definitions of concepts, from my author pp.

HEALTH: "It is the ability that the individual has to develop all his physical, intellectual, artistic and spiritual potential according to his sociocultural context and physical environment, in order to fully realize himself as a human and social being".

The above involves maintaining a permanent interest in acquiring objective and accurate knowledge about health-disease, critically consulting the various sources of information ". Other aspects that make up this concept are found in the aforementioned book. FOOD CULTURE: " It is the set of knowledge and experiences that you have about the various foodstuffs; its advantages and disadvantages for the optimal maintenance of both the muscle-skeletal structure and the functioning of the different systems and appliances of the human organism ".

Other information related to that concept I include it in the text cited. Know which is the most appropriate place to attend to certain evils or conditions, in order to avoid greater damage to the human body. Follow treatment according to medical prescription, and go in a timely manner to appointments indicated by the optional ". In the text I also included a chapter on my experience running an Ultramarathon Experiencias y reflexiones. Experiences and reflections.

According to my way of thinking, a basic demand that any teacher, researcher or professionalist should always keep in mind during his practice is to maintain a permanent approach with the reality he studies, based on scientific theory and methodology.

In this way, more objective and precise reflections will allow us to organize and carry out processes of change through a practice based on scientific knowledge. Experiencias y recomendaciones. Experiences and recommendations. This text can be downloaded complete and at no cost from my e-page www. Continue Reading. From that workshop the above-mentioned text I participated as the General Coordinator. I include in that book the contributions of the inmates of that prison as well as those of the staff of it.

During the year I worked with prisoners I faced contradictory situations, for example: I reached agreement with the prison director that inmates "write or say with full freedom what they wanted, since no one would be censor" p. The video about my participation in that movement is found on YouTube.

I extract some paragraphs I wrote for the presentation of the above-mentioned work: " A few minutes after starting the drafting exercise to prepare his memories, tales, poetry or criticism of the judicial and prison system a guard approached to convey the message of a prisoner. My answer to the intern is found on page 20 of that text. At the end of the first session social worker Letycia Bojorges Cornejo [Lety Bojorges] told me that a prisoner wanted to chat with me, and wished this professionist was in the talk.

Already alone the three, the prisoner told us " that he wanted to write his experiences of when he was dedicated to crime, but was afraid to tell facts for which he had not been sentenced and that, if he counted them now, maybe the authorities used them to open new judgments ". On that page I explain my answer. The relationship of trust had been established with at least one interns then empathy would be with everyone.

In another part of the volume presentation I expressed: " Reading the writings of inmates different views and even opposite points. So, the only woman Patricia who was as an intern [ Instead, certain inmates live jail as martyrdom, as expressed in their texts. Some also recognize their guilt while others claim their innocence ".

Other experiences with the inmates of that prison are told in the aforementioned book, which can be downloaded complete and at no cost from my electronic page www. The song "Titanium" is performed by Sia and David Guetta. An unreleased and insolite fact of which I was witness, and of which, in an academic event, they put me as a witness. One of them I lived in an academic meeting. After the coffee break, the second part of that academic activity began on July 25 of the year.

As a moderator of the session I first witnessed the skepticism of more than 90 participating doctors.

Please note, to appreciate the fact that I will briefly tell, that those convened to this forum were professionals oriented towards social medicine and therefore should, I hoped, be more open to hearing experiences on alternative medical practices.

I had invited doctor R. Before the specialist began her dissertation, she noticed, from the smile that her colleagues outlined, the disbelief before that practice. At that time Dr. To the auditorium surprise Dr. From skepticism was passed to amazement; the test was blunt, unrebeatable. I witnessed that change in the attitude of the Galenes to an unpublished and unusual fact in our country and perhaps throughout the American continent that could not be explained from the perspective of so-called Western medicine " pp.

I show how from the careful and critical observation of the phenomena of everyday life that happen on the street, squares and public transport can arise that serve to initiate an investigation or to enrich it. In this text I also outline my experiences derived from academic and social practice to illustrate the application of research and intervention methodology in these social contexts.

Also, throughout the book I rescue and apply Antonio Gramsci's valuable contributions on the methodology of research and intervention in reality, as well as in the exhibition of knowledge, in order to facilitate understanding of ideas. These contributions have been put aside by the scholars of that Italian revolutionary thinker.

In chapter XIII I present a situation that researchers from all areas of scientific knowledge that has to do with the management of the different levels of abstraction in which knowledge is expressed, for example: "[ I mean, there are more abstract concepts than others. Who has seen the streets of our cities to state, culture, social classes, underdevelopment? Instead, it's easier to ' observe ', for example, expressions of crime, prostitution or drug addiction [ The example I use in the aforementioned book to " land " the different levels of abstraction of knowledge detailed it complete in chapter XIII: " Learning in the sky, during a flight: levels of knowledge " pp.

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