E com a sua ajuda poderemos fazer muito e muito mais! Conforme nossas metas forem sendo batidas iremos incluir mais coisas como sorteios de desenhos exclusivos, livros, revistas e outras surpresas! Convidados Pontos Ilustrados! Benjamim Marcs desenhandoaxe. Felipe Amaral iloveumbanda.

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Imediatamente, Tranca Ruas lhe disse: — Vamos entrar que estamos atrasados. Se preocupe menos e aproveite mais! Dos sete caminhos por ti ultrapassados, foi na rua que passou a ser dono de direito, abrindo Deixa eu lhe contar um segredo.

E porque? Deixe-a ir embora. Deixe essa pessoa ir e procure se amar. O AMOR Se colocando em primeiro lugar e valorizando seu eu. Por que muitas vezes, magoamos quem mais amamos?

Por que muitas vezes machucamos quem mais nos amam? Porque todos erramos, talvez? Algumas feridas ficam abertas, e precisam mais do que um simples pedido para cicatrizarem. Nada de querer aproveitar uma meia bancada, ou uma pintura esmaecida. O amor. Filha aonde andas que nunca mais falou comigo? Foi os falsos zeladores que enganam mentem e usa de mim para julgar criticar e ofender?

Por isso, sempre que sentir necessidade, desapegue e desista! Desapegue dos arrependimentos. Desista de se culpar. Desista de querer impressionar os outros. Desista de achar que pode controlar tudo. Se apegue ao amor. Se apegue ao otimismo. E com tudo isso que precisa ser alinhado.

Te explico!! Boa sorte!! Quem sonha, quem acredita e quem luta sabe fazer acontecer, e faz acontecer! E mesmo com medo segue em frente, porque quando o medo bate, vai com medo mesmo assim.

Somos grandes. A alma cigana traz consigo a magia das cartas, pedras e incensos. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now.

Visitor Posts. Edson Garcia. Boa noite pessoal!!!! Eu abri um novo grupo de Plantas, ervas , ho Patricia Vidigal. See More. Felipe De Lima. Information about Page Insights Data.

One occasion, he had to stay later where he worked, but had a commitment at the Centre. Lock Streets, had tagged with a person who was a victim of obsession and was very sick, so I would have to be attended that day. The psychic, examined his wallet and noted that if he saved dinner money, he could take a taxi, which would transport you faster to the Center.

This would be the only way to arrive on time. I was very worried, when you heard the voice of Lock Streas: - " Give the note to pay for the race even though it's smaller! Lock Streets, repeated: - " Give the note, even though it's smaller!

The driver was looking for the glasses Immediately, Lock Streets said to him: - Let's go in and we're late. This is a lesson for him to learn to respect honest people, so he won't try to fool anyone else, with Lock Streas you don't play. Maria Mulambo tranca Enjoying life is just doing what you want, what you feel like, but of course, within your limits, respecting others too.

It's doing what you want, even if then, only then, you realize you were wrong. For enjoying is also wrong and learning from it. Worry less and enjoy more! Maria Mulambo tranca Translated. Filhos da Magia was live. Pesquise por gentileza. Tranca Ruas das Almas tranca Trust, keeping faith and hope. Make sure God doesn't give a cross heavier than the one we can carry.

He gives the lesson and evidence according to the level of understanding and evolution of the Spirit. In this school called Earth there are students in varying degrees, some more advanced, others more late, but the most important thing is that everyone is learning one way or another. Let us seek to understand our limitations and those of others, without ever losing faith and hope.

Faith and hope are the essential vitamins to maintain our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Let us remember that Jesus is at the helm of this boat of life, guiding us and protecting us at all times. Lock streets of souls tranca Translated. Of the seven paths for you, it was on the street that became a rightful owner, opening the doors to the spirits who deserve help and evolution and closing for those who want to practice evil and envy against their fellow.

Make my heart purer than my own acts; make my words the transparency of humility; make my body braces of charity. For your side demand with me will not exist, I will be covered by your cover that protects and houses your children. Lord Lock-streets of souls I thank you for everything you made me learn in this life and in others that I spent by your side, I pray for you the protection for me, for my brothers of faith, for my family and why not for my enemies bless you keep it These children who one day understood the true meaning of the word Umbanda.

First of all you will need: Understanding that those who love remains. That who is good, time brings. But what is not, don't seek back.

Let me tell you a secret. Tie, doesn't make love in three days. She eats the rest she still has, and if she does. It's a forced consequence. Strength a union that often does not have and will not bring anything good as a result too. Everything looks beautiful at first, but then she starts eating like an acid. Corrode both of them. And why? Because when the person is bad with us, no lashing changes that.

When they hurt us for years, she doesn't change that. When you have an unpleasant relationship for ages, no lashing will change that. You will have tied up in your life a person who doesn't evolve and doesn't leave you too.

If the person has hurt you long before, no matter what they did to you, can you imagine what it would be like to live your life attached to someone who hurts you forever? Don't subject yourself to it. Let her go. Let that person go and seek to love yourself. Pray a lot and if it is not, it will not be and will have no lashing in the world that will change that. There are other people, other loves, other hearts. That's the biggest loving lashing you can do.

Putting yourself first and valuing your self.


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