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Info - System Mode page 35 - Figure Sys. Info - Forwarding Datab Info - Time Synchroniza Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Linksys is a registered trademark or trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Page 9: Chapter 1: Introduction Use the instructions in this User Guide to help you connect the Switch, set it up, and configure it to bridge your different networks. Page Rj Ports for configuration purposes using the provided serial cable. You can use HyperTerminal to manage the Switch using the console port. With this and many other Linksys products, your networking options are limitless.

Go to the Linksys website at www. The following diagram shows a typical network configuration. If you will be using the Switch in full-duplex mode, the maximum cable length using Category 5 cable is feet meters. Page Hardware Installation 6. When connecting power, always use a surge protector. Enter a name for this connection. In the example shown, the name of connection is SRWP. Select an icon for the application. Click OK. The first time you open the console interface, use the default username admin, and leave the password blank.

You can set a new password later from the Password Setting screen. Boot Version. This file runs when the Switch is turned on. It loads the operating system for the Switch. Software Version. This file contains the programming code that runs the Switch. The default account is the administrator account. To add a new user, use the arrow keys to select edit then enter the username of the new account and assign a password to the account.

By default, all ports on the Switch are members of VLAN 1, so a management station can be connected to any port on the Switch. SNMP Server. SNMP Port. Source File. Specify the location of the file to transfer. A confirmation message will appear stating that All User Configuration data will be reset to Default.

Each Gigabit port has a shared mini-Gbic port. Page Figure Poe Main Menu Port power can be automatically turned on and off for connected devices, and a per- port power priority can be set so that the Switch never exceeds its allocated power budget. When a device is connected to a port, its power requirements are detected by the Switch before power is supplied. If the power required by a device exceeds the power budget of the port or the whole Switch, power is not supplied.

Select the edit action and use the left-right and up-down arrows to select the attribute you would like to set. Info tab. There are 14 tabs that run across the top of the screen: Sys. Each tab contains further screens, described in this chapter, to help you configure and manage the Switch.

Page System Information System up time. Length of time the management agent has been up. IP Address. The IP Address assigned to the Switch is displayed. The default IP address is Base MAC Address. The MAC Address of the switch is displayed. Page Figure Sys. Info - System Mode The current setting for jumbo frames can be displayed with the show system command. Use the drop-down menu to Enable or Disable the transmitting and receiving of Jumbo Frames for this switch.

Chapter 5: Configuring the Switch through the Web Utility Aging Status. This feature, when enabled, discards dynamic MAC addresses after a set amount of time. Aging Interval. This is the amount of time after which dynamic address table entries are discarded. Page Figure Dynamic Address Screen Static address A static address can be assigned to a specific interface on this switch.

Static addresses are bound to the assigned interface and will not be moved. When a static address is seen on another interface, the address will be ignored and will not be written to the address table. Maintaining an accurate time on the switch enables the system log to record meaningful dates and times for event entries. If the clock is not set, the switch will only record the time from the factory default set at the last bootup.

Figure Sys. Then click OK to proceed or Cancel to cancel. Then click Yes to close the window or No to cancel. You may also need to establish a default gateway between the switch and management stations that exist on another network segment. Selecting Static will allow you to enter a static IP address, subnet mask and default gateway using the text field provided. Page Switch Config Use the full-duplex mode on ports whenever possible to double the throughput of switch connections. Flow control should also be enabled to control network traffic during periods of congestion and prevent the loss of packets when port buffer thresholds are exceeded.

This screen allows you to edit the following information for each port on the switch. Allows you to label an interface. Range: characters Admin. When enabled, back pressure is used for half-duplex operation and IEEE Avoid using flow control on a port connected to a hub unless it is actually required to solve a problem.

VLANs help to simplify network management by allowing you to move devices to a new VLAN without having to change any physical connections. Each lag can contain up to eight ports.

You can then attach a logic analyzer or RMON probe to the target port and study the traffic crossing the source port in a completely unobtrusive manner. Set Port Actor — This menu sets the local side of an aggregate link; that is, the ports on this switch.

Set Port Partner — This menu sets the remote side of an aggregate link; that is, the ports on the attached device. Page Figure Qos - Cos Settings Class of Service CoS allows you to specify which data packets have greater precedence when traffic is buffered in the switch due to congestion. This switch supports CoS with four priority queues for each port.

You can set the switch to service the queues based on a strict rule that requires all traffic in a higher priority queue to be processed before lower priority queues are serviced, or use Weighted Round- Robin WRR queuing that specifies a relative weight of each queue. When these services are enabled, the priorities are mapped to a Class of Service value by the switch, and the traffic then sent to the corresponding output queue. Because different priority information may be contained in the traffic, this switch maps priority Note that the specified CoS value is only used to map the matching packet to an output queue; it is not written to the packet itself.

Page Figure Qos - Rate Limit Rate limiting is configured on interfaces at the edge of a network to limit traffic coming out of the switch. Traffic that falls within the rate limit is transmitted, while packets that exceed the acceptable amount of traffic are dropped. Differentiated Services DiffServ provides policy-based management mechanisms used for prioritizing network resources to meet the requirements of specific traffic types on a per hop basis. Class Name.

Name of the class map. Range: characters Type. Only one match command is permitted per class map, so the match-any field refers to the criteria specified by the lone match command.

Adding a Class Class Name. Modify Name and Description. Configures the name and a brief description of a policy map. Range: characters for the name; The maximum throughput and burst rate.


Linksys SRW224P User Manual

Connect the Linksys serial cable that came with the switch between the switch serial port and a nearby computer serial port. For Linux, use minicom. The switch default serial port configuration is set to baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. Confirm that you have a valid serial connection by pressing enter a few times.


Linksys SRW224P

Figure 1. Product Overview. Table 1. Cabling type. Switching capacity.


Cisco SRW224P 24-Port 10/100 + 2-Port Gigabit Switch: WebView/PoE



Cisco SRW224P 24-port 10/100 + 2-port Gigabit Switch - WebView/PoE


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