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Election of members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors proposes to amend the Articles of Association Article 11 to reflect the previous resolution to use electronic communication.

Details concerning the proposals made by the Board of Directors:. Ed Penhoet, Ph. For 10 years prior to founding Chiron, Ed was a faculty member of the Biochemistry Department of the University of California, Berkeley.

Ed received a B. Consequently, the Board of Directors proposes that the Articles of Association Article 1 is amended to the following:. The general meeting has previously resolved to introduce electronic communication as reflected in the Articles of Association Article As a consequence, the Board of Directors proposes that the Articles of Association Article 11 is amended to the following:. General Meetings shall be convened with a notice of minimum 3 weeks and maximum 5 weeks by announcement on the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency's IT information system and on the Company's webpage.

A convening notice shall, furthermore, be forwarded in writing by e-mail or ordinary mail to all shareholders recorded in the Register of Owners who have requested such notification. The convening notice shall contain the agenda for the General Meeting. If the agenda contains proposals, the adoption of which require a qualified majority, the convening notice shall contain a specification of such proposals and their material contents.

It is proposed that the chairman of the Extraordinary General Meeting, with right of substitution, be authorized to register the resolutions passed by the Extraordinary General Meeting to the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency and to make such alterations as the Agency may require for registration or approval. The adoption of the proposals to amend the Articles of Association contained under item 2 and 3 of the agenda requires a majority in favor of the proposed resolution of at least two thirds of both the votes cast and of the voting share capital represented at the general meeting.

The other proposals are adopted by a majority of the votes cast. Information: The following information is available on the Company's website, www. The convening notice has also been made public via the electronic system of the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency and will be forwarded in writing to all shareholders recorded in the Register of Owners, who have requested such notification.

The shareholders exercise their financial rights through their own deposit banks. Date of registration: The shareholders' right to vote at the general meetings of the Company or to vote by mail in relation to the shareholders' shares is determined in relation to the shares held by the shareholders at the date of registration.

The date of registration is Thursday June 30, After the date of registration, a calculation is made of the shares which each shareholder owns at the date of registration. The calculation takes place on the basis of registrations of shares made in the Register of Owners on the registration date as well as notifications concerning ownership, which the Company has received on the registration date with a view to update the ownership in the Register of Owners. In addition, participation is conditional on the shareholder having obtained an admission card in due time as described below.

Any sale or purchase of shares that takes place in the period between the date of registration and the general meeting does not affect the voting right at the general meeting or the right to vote by post at the general meeting.

Admission card: Access to the general meeting is conditional on the shareholder having requested an admission card not later than Friday July 1, Alternatively, via www.

Please note that requested admission cards are not forwarded until the last week before the general meeting. Proxy forms can be downloaded from the Company's website, www.

Voting by mail: Shareholders may - instead of voting at the Extraordinary General Meeting - choose to vote by mail, i. Absentee voting forms can be downloaded from the Company's website, www. An absentee vote cannot be withdrawn. Please note that letters may be in the mail for several days. The shares of the Company referred to on this website the "Shares" have not been and will not be registered under the U. Securities Act of , as amended the "Securities Act" and may not be offered or sold within the United States absent registration or an applicable exemption from, or in a transaction not subject to, the registration requirements of the Securities Act and in compliance with any applicable securities laws of any state or other jurisdiction of the United States.

There is no intention to register any Shares referred to herein in the United States or to make a public offering of the Shares in the United States. The Shares have also not been and will also not be registered under the applicable securities laws of Canada, Australia or Japan. There will be no public offer of the Shares in Canada, Australia or Japan.

Access to the information and documents contained on the following websites may be illegal in certain jurisdictions, and only certain categories of persons may be authorized to access such information and documents. All persons who wish to have access to the documents contained on this website should first ensure that they are not subject to local laws or regulations that prohibit or restrict their right to access this website, or require registration or approval for any acquisition of securities by them.

The Company assumes no responsibility if there is a violation of applicable law and regulations by any person. I am resident and physically present outside the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan and, in that case, I am authorized to access the information and documents on this website without being subject to any legal restriction and without any further action required by the Company;.

Access to this information is limited to authorized persons who are resident and physically present in other jurisdictions outside the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan. Skip to main navigation. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Supporting Materials:. I therefore certify that: 1. Yes No.



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