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Correo-e: paopaoloni arnet. Data were gathered using a protocol to prepare a written task, a self-report on metacognitive aspects, a record on the use of pedagogical assistance and production prepared by students. The analysis of data revealed significant incongruence between what students say they do and what they actually do. Discussion focuses on pedagogical and methodological aspects. Ames, Carole Bacon, Charles Boekaerts, Monique Boekaerts, Monique y Markku Niemivirta Butler, Deborah De Corte, Erik Eilam, Billy y Aharon Irit Good, Thomas L.

Hanrahan, Mary Huertas, Juan Antonio Querer aprender , Buenos Aires, Ed. Husman, Jenefer et al. Theoretical advances and methodological implications.

Londres, Pergamon Elsevie. Theoretical advances and methodological implications , Londres, Pergamon Elsevie. Kamil, Michael L. Karabenick, Stuart Lepper, Mark Linnenbrink, Elizabeth y Paul Pintrich Marx, Ronald W.

Paris, Scott y Julianne C. Turner Pintrich, Paul R. Handbook of self-regulation , San Diego, Academic Press. Pintrich, Paul y Dale Schunk Reeve, John Marshall Ryan, Richard y Edward Deci Raymond, Miller et al. Schiefele, Ulrich Schunk, Dale Volet, Simone a. Theoretical advances and methodological implications , Londres, Pergamon Elsevier. Volet, Simone b.

Weiner, Bernard Weinstein, Claire Ellen et al. Winne, Philip H. Marx Ames Eds. Research on Motivation in education , Orlando, Academic Press. Winne, Philip y Dianne Jamieson-Noel Wolters, Christopher, A.

Servicios Personalizados Revista. Similares en SciELO. Referencias Ames, Carole


La enseñanza en México

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5.- BROPHY, JERE Un ambiente propicio para el aprendizaje en el aula..pdf


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